Good day, ladies and gents. Well, this is kind of my first fan fiction (and probably my last, don't worry) so don't be too harsh on the critisizm. In case you couldn't tell, this is an Armored CoreXEvangelion Crossover, so you know who is going to be piloting what. However, considering the two timeframes of Eva and AC, I forced them to compromise on both time and scenario. Also, ifyou see any mistakes, please let me know.

Neon Genesis Armored Core

2015 - Angels 2-18 attack. Around this time, the first MT is developed and mass produced.

2016 - NERV is disbanded, while MTs are adopted by various countries, including the United States, Germany, Japan, and Asia.

2017 - SEELE collaborates with a third party organization to begin a new project, based off the MT prototypes.

2020 - The first Armored Core (AC) is developed. Its first training exercise consisted of 5 MTs and three turret placements. The AC was virtually unscarred in the encounter.

2022 - Improvements were made in the AC field, and soon were able to be made from the ground up by simply attaching each part of the body separately.

2022 - Seele disbanded due to controversy as to where the project should go, and with their power developed their own companies.

2023 - The world is ravaged with war. Soon, countries became obsolete as alliances were broken and borders crossed. The only authority that exists at this point is the companies established by the disbanded Seele members.

2025 - The Raven's Nest is established, where ACs are the main force. The pilots are Ravens, mercenaries who take on any job that the companies offer them.

2026-2028 - Plot hole

2029 - Raven's Nest is replaced with Global Cortex; however neither the ACs nor the Ravens have been fazed by this change. The companies formed earlier have condensed into three separate organizations: Mirage, Crest, and Kisaragi.

2030 - Present.


Chapter 1: Initiation/First Blood


"I'll go over the exercise one more time." the instructor says, "Eliminate all of the terrorist MTs in the area. If you go out of the area of operations, you have officialy abandoned the mission."

"Yes sir." the pilot replies. He goes over his weapons set up one more time, although his rifle and single missile launcher isn't worth checking up on. Shinji sits back in the seat, closing his eyes for a second before the instructor pops up again on the radio. "We have arrived at the mission site."

"I'll do my best!" the AC pilot next to him says, in the same kind of AC he is in.

"Here we go," Shinji mutters to himself.

"Dropping ACs," the instructor says, "good luck."

The two steel-colored ACs drop to the ground as though they were rocks. Rocks with guns. And radar.

"This is Apple Boy, moving out." The other test pilot said.

"This is Star Crossed, engaging targets." Shinji announced.

Both AC's began to boost jump across the city, firing their rifles and missiles at each enemy they encountered. Soon, the two AC's were split away from each other, leaving Shinji to fend for himself. On his right were two MTs, both reverse-jointed with machine gun mounts, firing on Shinji's position. Just before the MTs' guns made contact with Shinji's AC, he boosted up into the air and fired his missile launcher at each MT, one at a time. The units go down, and Shinji lands and begins to boost hop to Apple Boy's position.

"I could use some help over here!" Apple Boy shouts to Shinji.

"Alright, I'm coming, hang on!" he responds. He looks at his radar to determine what the trouble is. Only a few meters from his position, Shinji determines that Apple Boy is surrounded by four MTs. I guess he does need help, Shinji thinks.

Boosting above a building, Shinji fires three rounds of his rifle and brings two MTs down. He lands right next to Apple Boy, who finishes off one with his rifle and prepares his missile launcher to polish off the second. Shinji boosts backwards, lands right behind the AC, and uses his laser sword to split the MT in two perfect halves.

The instructor pops up on the radio once more. "Looks like all targets have been neutralized. Good work boys--!"

"What's wrong? Sir?" Shinji inquires, taking note that the instructor cut himself off, while Apple Boy was still congratulating himself on a job well done.

It was short lived though, as the instructor's voice comes up on the radio again, although not as calm as he was before. "Gents, you're mission has been updated. There has been a report that there two enemy ACs in the area."

Apple Boy doesn't take the news lightly, as he yells a couple of profane words he thinks are under his breath. "Okay, who is it?" Apple Boy demands, already sounding upset.

"Looks like its AC Einhander and AC Flashback." The instructor regrettably informs the two pilots. "He has not contacted us as to why he is in the testing area. Your orders are to hold him off until back up reaches the area of operations."

"You're kidding, right? Just because I'm not a Raven yet doesn't mean I know what Einhander is. We don't stand a chance! What kind of a test IS this?!"

"This is not part of the test," Shinji cuts in, completely sure of himself. "This is real."

Apple Boy then boosts into the air and lands on the top of one of the buildings. "Fine, I'll snipe from up here, you cover them on the ground!" he orders.

"You are in no position to be giving commands, Apple Boy!" The instructor yells, "Now just do what I say and--"

"I'm picking up a blip on my radar," Shinji announces, bringing his rifle to bear. "I'm going in."

"No, don't--" Shinji shuts off the frequency to the plane above, leaving only contact with Apple Boy and the enemy ACs advancing on his position. I mustn't runaway, he thinks to himself. I WON'T runaway.


"NERV disbanded?" Misato says.

"Yes. It appears man has advanced further in tools for war than we expected." Fuyutski explains, "So NERV has been issued as obsolete by Congress and has issued our extinction."

2016, one year after the second angel attack. Fuyutski is talking with Misato in a giant room with strange hieroglyphics on the wall, AKA Gendo Ikari's office. Misato, standing opposite of Commander Ikari's desk, makes a twitching motion with her eyelid when Fuyutski's sentence ends. "So this is it? After the fight with Zeurel we're tossed aside? And we are fighting for these people?"

"Were fighting, yes." Fuyutski corrects, "But we can't compete with what the companies have--"

"Sir, if I may interrupt, those guys did nothing but build a robot that can hold a gun and fly."

"Indeed, the Armored Core Project is under par with the Evangelions." Gendo agrees, "There have been no reports of any kind of defense that resembles an AT Field. However, we have been wanted to be eliminated as quickly as possible. They only needed an excuse."

"So they would rather depend on some new toys than NERV?" Misato questions, hiding her rage quite well."

"Correct." Gendo states. Misato closes her eyes for a moment, before finally opening her eye and saluting to the commander before walking out.

When the Commander and Sub-Commander were finally alone, Fuyutski finally asks the commander, "Do you really think that it should end like this, Ikari? What about Adam?"

"Adam will come with us. As for our ending, this is merely a new beginning."

"A begging that leads to salvation? Or damnation?"

"The future is never set, Fuyutski. In any case, I would rather take our spoils and retreat than have to face SEELE."

"Indeed, had we not been disband, we would surely have fallen victim to the Eva Series."

"And Adam would have revealed its true form."


"So, what will you do now?" Shinji asks, as he and Rei sit on a bench next to the ER room that Asuka resides in NERV.


Rei had been looking down on the floor, pondering the very question Shinji had proposed, until Shinji had called out her name. She raised her head and was now looking into his eyes. "I do not know."


The two were quiet for sometime. The hallway was empty, which wasn't unusual. It was usually busy during an Angel attack, but now it was quiet, with all the lab equipment packed up and shipped out already. Suddenly, Rei pipes up. "What will they do with the Second?"


"The Second, what will happen to her?"

Shinji looks down to the floor, unsure of what to say. He was never really informed on the situation in the first place. "Well," he began, "I guess they'll move her back to Germany, and see if they can get her out of her comatose state."

"I see..." Rei looks at the name on the door. A. Langley Soryu. "...that is good."

Well, if you consider that good... Shinji thinks.

"What about you?" Rei inquires.

"Me? Well...I guess I'm not sure where I'll go, either. Since I'm no use anymore I could always go back my Aunt's and Uncle's. But I don't want to go back."

"Have you heard of the AC Project?"

"AC? What could they possibly do with Air Conditioning?"

Rei did not laugh nor frown. Her face remained neutral, as always. "Ask Major Katsuragi. She'll know." With that, Rei left.

Shinji looked a bit bewildered as she saw Rei walk down the hall and into an elevator. "That was...the most she's ever said to me in one sitting..." he said to himself.


"This is Fixer, engaging the targets."

"Fixer, let's fall back! I just--"

"You already told me once, Bouquet." Fixer interrupted the other AC pilot, "Rest assured, milady, it won't happen."

"But Fixer--"

"They're greenhorns, Bouquet. What's the most they could do?" he jests.


Shinji activates the over boost on his AC and braces himself for the impact. The adrenaline rush he feels next reminds him of the days in the EVA as he rushes through the city streets, advancing towards the two targets. He turns left on a street corner, and suddenly he is hit by ground torpedoes.



"See, what'd I tell you? A little Raven who hasn't flapped his wings yet."

"I just don't get why they want him so badly..."

"As long as it pays, I could care less."

"That's the typical mercenary motto."

"That's the Raven's creed, darling."

"Since it looks like you're not having any trouble, I'm going to step out of this one."

"Fine, more payout for me."

"Come back to us alive."

"Yeah, yeah." Fixer says half-heartedly, now focused on the beating of the prey AC. "Alright, give me a reason to pay my deduction fee, pal."


Shinji boosts behind a building to avoid an incoming multi-warhead missile. He quickly turns around and fires a missile in retaliation. He is soon greeted by Einhander's ground torpedoes again. Shinji boosts jumps into the air to avoid them, but is greeted by another multi-warhead missile. His AC lands on its back with a thud.

"AC pilot Star Crossed," the pilot spoke, this is AC pilot Fixer, AC name Einhander. Our employers have asked that you be returned to them alive. However, if you either resist or piss me off, they have given me the option of hacking all your limbs off your body, with the exception of your head."

Shinji smirks a little as he stands his AC up. "Well, you're quite generous. Well, let me think on that for a second." Without a second to give, Shinji lifts up the rifle and hits Einhander's head part dead on.


"Gah, shit!" The force from the shot had scrambled not only his display screen, but his radar as well. It took three seconds to restore his visual, but the AC in front of him was now gone.

"The hell? Where'd you go?"

"Did you know that dogs can't look up?"

As the radar on Einhander was restored, Fixer realized too late that the AC was right on top of him and descending from 150 feet above him.


Shinji fired two rifle shots as he descended quickly, then activated his laser blade and slashed at Einhander, cutting off his ground torpedo missile launcher. He then landed right behind him, and fired a small missile at the cockpit. Letting his missile reload, he slices at the cockpit again, possibly damaging the boosters.

"G-God damn it! How did you know where to shoot to blur out my radar!?"

Shinji stopped his barrage of boom and slash as he watches Einhander fall on its face. He hears Fixer curse a little more and complains about his forehead bashing into the screen. "Don't know, really." Shinji finally replies. "I figured I could've just taken your head off, but I guess that's too much to hope for. All I know is that today is not my day to be stopped. When I find the person I've been looking for, then you can take me away."

Shinji leaves Fixer and heads for Apple Boy's position, who is still on the building.

"Awesome work there!" Apple Boy cheers. "I knew you could do it!"

"Yeah, that's why you didn't do jack squat when I needed you the most." Shinji retorts. He referred to the part of the fight where he was being punished by ground and multi-warhead missiles.

"Well, you see, uh...I...I wasn't in range! Yeah, that's it! Damn FCS..." Apple Boy tries to laugh, but it only comes out as a nervous chuckle. Shinji made a come-on-just-shut-up-already face as he boosted upwards onto a building. "Switching to channel 7."

"--ssed? Star Crossed, are you there?"

"This is Star Crossed, go ahead instructor."

"Damn it, Ikari. Do you realize what would have happened if you had stayed down? You would've been--LOOK OUT!"

As soon as the instructor said that, the building that Shinji was standing on began to collapse. He boost-jumped and landed on Apple Boy's perch. "What was that? An Auto-Demo Apple Boy questioned.

"I don't think so." Shinji boosted off of the building and landed on the streets with a large thud. He activated the thermal sensors and scanned the smoke for any kind of life form. He picks up a yellow/red colored figure shaped like an AC. Shinji brings the starter rifle to bear, getting a lock-on on the core.

"I...won't be defeated. I already told...her...I would come back..." Fixer gasped. Either one of his lungs had collapsed, or the cockpit's oxygen supply had busted, leaving little room to breathe. The AC retracted the CWG-HG-80 torpedo missiles and brought its CWM-GM14-1 hand gun to the determined target. However, the unit shut down as soon as it did so, and went into a kneeling position.

"Well, that was a little close for comfort." Apple Boy sighed. "I really don't need this."

"That's the day in the life of a Raven." the instructor prompted. "Always something new."

"So, mission accomplished, sir?" Shinji asked, still staring at the downed AC.

The instructor did not respond to the question. "We'll have a recovery unit take care of Fixer, right now we need to worry about how much shit you're in. Disobeying orders, cutting off communications with a superior officer, and engaging an enemy without first consulting your commander." Shinji could only sigh as he could determine that this was going to be his last time piloting an AC. "I understand sir, I'll gather my things--"

"Damn right you're getting your things!" the instructor yelled. Shinji was surprised when the cacophony was not harsh, but positive. "Yes sir."

"After you get your things," he continued, "you'll be bunking with pilot Bouquet and we'll give you the roster of missions--"

"Wait, what are you talking about, sir?" Shinji was, undoubtedly, very surprised by this very strange set of orders.

"I'm saying you're moving in. Welcome to the nest of an elite few: Ravens."


Auto-Demo: Set timers on a building set for demolition. A sure-fire way to clear some property to expand the Whataburger business. XD

Author's Note:

Yes, yes, Fixer was made into Shinji's bitch xD

Well, my first post on probably isn't up to snuff with everything else on here, but I still enjoyed typing this up. I've written the first three chapters ahead of time so as not to keep people waiting. But if you don't like it, please share what I could do to improve on it before I write chapter four. Latr!