Nicole winced. "MEETING!" she yelled, grabbed Kylan, Mira and Fern, and drug them into the kitchen. Simple and Clean was blasting throughout the dance hall.

"Okay, we have a situation. Anyway we can get a hold of Zephyr or Shiny?" Nicole asked in desperation.

Mira opened her mouth but was cut off by Nicole, "That doesn't involve time travel…."

Mira shut her mouth and pouted. "What about Skyeheart?" Kylan suggested, "We could send him to find them."

Fern stared at Kylan, "That's not a bad idea… Where is he Mira?"

Mira grinned, "Skye's in the coat closet."

"Why?" Nicole asked.

"Why not?"

Silence followed.

"Okay, Go grab him and let's get going." Kylan said finally.

Then the doors opened again. A tall silvered haired male entered followed by a slightly shorter brunette male, and an auburn haired girl.

"Oooo, More guests!" Nicole exclaimed giddily completely forgetting the current situation.

The entering trio was quickly pounced by the overly ecstatic authoress.


The taller of the guys, Riku, looked a bit confused, "Um, This is Shining Zephyr's Surprise party right?"

"Yup. You, Sora and Kairi are seated at table…. Uh….seven!"

"Uh thanks…" Sora replied giving the hyper-active girl an uneasy look. They quickly shuffled away from Nicole and to their table.

"Nic!" Fern called her authoress over, "We sent Skyeheart. He'll be back-" the doors opened revealing a wet Ryoku, Zephyr, and Shiny. "Now?"

"I'm SO GLAD YOU GUYS MADE IT!!" Nicole sighed with relief. She bounded over to the DJ Booth, Push Kylan out of the way and grabbed a Microphone.

"Hey Everyone! The Guest of Honor has ARRIVED!!" She announced, the crowd erupted into various cheers of 'Happy Birthday' and shouts of happiness.

Shiny blushed, "Aww, I don't know what to say! You guys…."

"How about, Let's Get this Party on the Road!" Fern shouted over the crowd. More cheers echoed through the hall. Kylan played dance music and the party sparked to life.

"Three Cheers for Shiny! Huzzah!" Silence followed Nicole's statement… "What?"

"Go get the cake already…." Fern muttered pushing Nicole in the direction of the kitchen. Nicole scampered into the kitchen, and reappeared with a gigantic cake. It was coated in silvery icing with purple lettering which stated 'Happy Birthday Shiny-sama!!'. Seventeen unlit silver candles were place in a circle around the words.

"Okay, Zephyr? Would you do the honors and light the candles?"

Zephyr nodded eagerly and took the lighter from Mira. She lit each candle carefully and then stepped back to admire her handiwork.

"Okay everyone, Happy Birthday to you…" The crowd of many characters erupted into song, singing to Shining Zephyr.

So That's how it ends, The party was a blast, no one died and everyone (with the exception of the CSI NY crime lab) made it.

Happy B-Day Shiny!