The Art of Letting Go – Harry Potter was getting married to Ginny Weasley. But how come his gaze keeps flickering to the blonde watching him swear his life to another person? And how come it hurts so much when he thinks about the past and what he could have had? HP/DM pairing.

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bPrologue – The Wedding/b

Harry Potter was getting married.

He stood in front of his closest friends and allies in a finely made black tux, his hair as messy as usual, and his eyes the same green as his mother's. Yet in his eyes, something lay missing – that certain spark that he usually had, the spark that should have been there. After all, it wasn't every day that he was going to be married.

Yes, he thought, it wasn't everyday.

All of a sudden, the music began. And like an angel, his bride glided towards him, a veil covering her face. She was a vision swathed in white lace, her red hair in an intricate bun at the top of her head. Her deep blue eyes were visible even from her veil and they were shining – full of happy tears.

He watched her as she moved, slowly getting closer, her smile growing larger, until she was finally at his side.

He lifted her veil and saw her grin. He smiled back. She was what any man could ever ask for…but why couldn't she be the one he truly wanted?

He liked her a lot – but was it enough to marry her?

Were traditions and beliefs enough to give up the one he truly loved?

He turned his head to the small group of people attending his wedding and spotted the shock of platinum blond hair that belonged to the guy he loved so deeply.

Was giving up Draco Malfoy the right thing to do?

His heart suddenly stopped beating as he saw Harry look at him from his place at the altar. Deep inside, his heart was breaking but he refused to show it to the world.

He gazed at Harry Potter head on, no expression on his face save for the cold smirk gracing his features, as if mocking him.

See what you're giving up, Wonder Boy.

See what you're giving up.

Harry saw his smirk. He knew the question behind it. And Merlin's pants, he didn't want to give Malfoy up.

He closed his eyes and a tear fell down his eye.

I don't want to give you up, my Dragon.

And the memories came flooding back.

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