Title: Daddy Dearest
Pairing: Robin x Zoro
Rating: T
Words: 516
Disclaimer: Fiction as in made up.
Summary: A peek into the life of Zoro as a dad

Note: A bit delayed but for the reader who requested more of Zoro as a dad. A companion piece to 'Light'

Robin woke slowly, letting consciousness seep into her like sun slowly warming your skin. She became aware of the lack of a body beside her and a quick glance confirmed that Zoro was already up. Robin stretched languidly knowing where she'd find him and turning to look at the baby monitor – now off – she knew she was right. In the beginning she would jump out of bed and rush down the hall filled with anxiety but these days she remained calm knowing that Zoro had things under control. Instead she took her time getting up, washing her face and getting dressed before making her way down the hall to where the nursery was located.

The door was propped open and the soft strains of Olivia's special lullaby played from the tone dial on the dresser. Robin couldn't help but smile at the now familiar tableau in front of her. Zoro sat cross-legged in the middle of the room – still avoiding the perfectly good rocking chair in the corner. He cradled Olivia in one arm making her look absolutely tiny despite how much she had grown in the past few months. His free hand traced along downy skin smiling as her tiny hands grabbed at his finger. His voice was soft and filled with an undeniable love that was reserved for his daughter. Leaning against the door Robin listened as he told Olivia about Kuina and all she had taught him. Olivia had always loved the sound of Zoro's voice and she stared up at her father with big blue-green eyes.

"Kuina she helped to shape me but the real influence in my life has been this crew and more importantly your mother. She's incredibly strong and brave, I respected her the first time I saw her."

Robin chuckled softly and entered the room.

"I'm pretty sure you wanted to kill me the first time you saw me, Mr Swordsman." She teased.

"Maybe, but I still respected you and I don't think it's a good idea to tell her that." Zoro replied looking up with a soft smirk.

Robin just smiled and moved over bending down to capture Zoro's lips in a simple kiss that still managed to make her skin tingle. They whispered soft good mornings before Robin dropped a quick kiss on Olivia's forehead before straightening up. Her hand trailed across Zoro's shoulder as she moved away to the dresser to pull out some clothes for Olivia to wear.

"I've got it, Robin. Why don't you go get some coffee, we'll be up shortly."

"You sure?" she asked putting a dress down.

"Go. I can dress my own daughter."

Laughing Robin left the room Zoro's voice just reaching her ears.

"Your mother really loves her coffee. You don't want coffee though, it is nasty."

Zoro emerged with Olivia twenty minutes later and Robin could tell from the flush of his cheeks that he had struggled with the dress. Yet despite the struggle he still looked so proud of his small daughter that Robin didn't have the heart to tell him the dress was on backwards.