Introduction/Disclaimer: To anyone who still remembers who I am… I know. I'm a terrible authoress, I should be flayed alive and tossed into the river. Were I to float you should burn me at the stake for witchcraft. I have neglected Gin Aki and If We Could for what seems an eternity. Not for lack of love I assure you. I love my characters more than my writing skill will allow me to express. But well you see, I fell in love. Well not the way you might be thinking. Rather, I fell in love with the experience of interacting within a fanfic rather than simply writing about one within the confines of my room. I met a group of people who loved the seishi as much as I do and we formed the Role-playing Game Tenrai no Yuugi in the community Gaia Online. True I formed the plot of the game, but the world and the characters belong as much to the players as they do to me. Like many fanciful creations. Tenrai evolved into something onto itself. The plot twists the and different minds of the players made for one of the greatest stories I'd ever been a part of. Alas all things come to an end, and Tenrai no Yuugi is no more. Artistic differences are to blame but, geeky as it might sound, I still long for the late night RP-ing sessions and greatly mourn the untapped potential that died before it was revealed. And so I create this fan fic, it's more of a narrative of what's already written. Like most fic writers I'll probably take liberties with the characters and in more than one instance I will make the tale my own. But as our belligerent Sam would say: "Fuck you. No one asked you to stay." Crude, but it gets the point across. I hope you will all enjoy reading this story as much as I did creating it. And so…the curtain rises…

Chapter 1 - The Book Is Nyan-Nyans.

Location: Mt. Taikyoku
Time: 6:30pm Konan Standard Time

A gaggle (yes gaggle) of Nyan-nyans wandered idly through the corridors. For some reason Taiitsu-kun was in a bad mood. Well to be fair, Taiitsu-kun hadn't been in a good mood since she turned 500,000. Apparently the joke Byakko had played on her at her birthday party had resulted in the toppling over the 500k candles on the cake. The ensuing flames set fire to half of Atlantis which Seiryu, in all his divine wisdom, put out by causing the sea to rise. Neither kami was ever worshipped in that section of the planet again, except of course by those weird little land mammals that venerate that date by running around as if they were on fire and then hurling themselves into the sea where they inevitably drown...but I digress.

After failed attempts to fix the old baba's face followed by spontaneous visits to the moon courtesy of the creator's mallet, the Nyan-Nyans had been banished from the main hall. So now, the overly chipper group of little girls was only mildly happy, and that was very sad for a Nyan-Nyan indeed.

"This is boring," exclaimed Nyan-Nyan1 to which the others quickly agreed.

"Yeah, ever since the gods were all summoned, all Taiitsu-kun does is lock herself up in her room," complained Nyan-Nyan2, and several half hearted agreements bubbled through the little group.

"I miss Chichiri," cried Nyan-Nyan1.

"I miss Tasuki," cried Nyan-Nyan2.

"I miss Nuriko," cried Nyan-Nyan3.

"I miss Hotohori," cried Nyan-Nyan4.

"I miss Miaka!" yelled Nyan-Nyan5, after which the writer of this fic made some random heavy object fall on the lonely Nyan-Nyan. The others stared at their companion who was now squished under an upside down SUV, but then resumed their walk through the halls. They suddenly stopped before a large set of double doors that led into the mirror room.

"We had so much fun when they were all here," sighed Nyan-Nyan3 recalling the movie-like sessions they enjoyed gazing into glass.

"Yeah, it's all over though," said Nyan-Nyan2.

The group trekked into the mirror room and just sort of stared at the large empty looking glass before them.

"Lets turn it on and see what they're doing!" squealed Nyan-Nyan1 as she ran towards the mirror. The tip of her small index finger glowed and she pressed it against the smooth glass. The mirror came to life flickering with white snow.

"No, no, you haven't got it tuned!" exclaimed Nyan-Nyan4 as she scampered towards the flickery mirror. She too pressed her fingers against the glass and the image focused somewhat.

"It's showing the wrong universe," pouted Nyan-Nyan1, "let me try."

"It's not the wrong universe, it's just a little blurry!" insisted Nyan-Nyan4

"It's showing a cat mowing the lawn, it is the wrong universe!"

"Hey stop that, you're pouring too much energy into the glass you're going to break it."

"I am not."

"Ew, now it's all slimy. I told you not to put so much into it."

"It'll wear off soon."

As their two sisters argued, Nyan-Nyan2 and 3 settled down on the pillow that was usually reserved for Taiitsu-kun. Nyan-Nyan2 suddenly felt something jab at her from beneath the cushion. She reached down and pulled out two scrolls, one blue one red.

"Hey guys lookit what I found!" Nyan-Nyan2 called out.

The mirror abruptly stopped flipping back and forth between universes as all the Nyan-Nyans gathered 'round the scrolls.

"What are they?" asked Nyan-Nyan1 as Nyan-Nyan2 unfurled each scroll.

"It's the universe of the four gods!" squealed Nyan-Nyan4, "Taiitsu-kun must be re-writing them see? They're blank except for the warrior symbols."

"Lemme see," said Nyan-Nyan1 yanking the scroll.

"Hey I didn't get to see the scrolls yet!" yelled Nyan-Nyan3

"Be careful you're going to rip them," shouted Nyan-Nyan2.

"Stop yelling we are not!" shrieked Nyan-Nyan4.


Four very quiet little girls suddenly stood in the mirror room. Bits of paper were clutched in their fists.

"Uh-oh," whispered Nyan-Nyan1, "you guys ripped them."

"We're in trouble..."

"Quick let's put them back together!" said Nyan-Nyan4. Instantly the little girls got to work. Little glows of ki shone within the chamber as they glued the pieces back together.

Quiet mumbles such as:
"Amiboshi...I remember him he was nice, I think I'll put him next to Chiriko..."

Revealed what kind of a job they were doing. After a several minutes they stepped back and examined their work.

"Uh, aren't they supposed to be the same size...and shape?" asked Nyan-Nyan3.

"Taiitsu-kun's not going to like this..." warned Nyan-Nyan2.

"Maybe if we roll them up she won't notice," donated Nyan-Nyan4. Once rolled the scrolls looked even less convincing.

"Okay, who glued Amiboshi and Tomo in with Suzaku?" demanded Nyan-Nyan1, "Great, now we have blue paper in the red scroll!"

Very quietly, Nyan-Nyan3 picked up the scrolls and floated up towards the wood beams overhead.

"What are you doing?" asked Nyan-Nyan2.

"Taiitsu-kun won't get mad if she can't find them," stated Nyan-Nyan3 as she used her powers to hollow out a nook in the ceiling directly above the mirror. After stowing away the mangled scrolls, she floated back down to her sisters, "lets get out of here!"


With a pop the little girls were gone and the cool marble floored room was quite once more...almost. The mirror continued to glow showing the picture of a town and people. The image rippled as if the glass was slowly liquefying. Finally, the mirror erupted in a series of nasty sparks and energy beams. It shook the walls and loosed the spell that kept the it mounted upon the wall. With a crash, the looking glass tumbled down to the floor intact, but still spewing energy. Far overhead the scrolls jarred loose and fluttered down onto the explosion. When the paper touched the liquefied glass it let loose a blinding light. The carefully glued seams then came apart releasing even more energy into the eruption of sparks. The mirror's surface now bubbled violently and at the same time it was absorbing the tattered scrolls. Soon, it had swallowed them into its churning depths. Pictures of faces then rippled in and out of focus.


Each soul was suddenly snatched from their world and hurled through the emptiness. They sped through the nothingness between the worlds, through the fabric of space and time as the mirror's power sought to place them within the world the scrolls had fallen into.

The bubbling surface of the mirror then contracted. A clear signal that it's power was failing. As the energy contained within it faded, the glass solidified and rattled in it's frame. The fourteen seishi veered off their steady course and began to slow. The mirror struggled to finish its task but it was clear that it could not handle the strain. The glass suddenly shattered with a crisp, clean breaking sound. The chamber darkened once more, only the silent smoke attested to what had just happened.

High above an alien universe, the atmosphere became heavy with the ripe smell of energy. A flit of light danced among the lavender tinted clouds as glowing pieces of blue and red paper fluttered down from the sky to the city below…