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WARNING: There will be man-lovin, Kanda's horny bastardness, tiny bit of violence, slight molestation, Lavi & Lenalee's noisyness, Lavi's loud fangirling squealing, swearing and Kanda having a girlfriend.

Disclaimer: I do not own D.Gray-man in any shape or form. If I did, I would of made Kanda do Allen so many times by now.

Title: This night

Summary: Allen and Kanda go on a mission to Edo, Japan. What'll happen between the two of them while they're there? Is Kanda just toying with Allen's feelings or will that change eventually after an encounter with a certain Noah? For Pay Backs a Bitch


"French fries, mashed potatoes, nashigoren, pepperoni pizza, pasta, beef yakisoba, beef stew, and Caesar salad, crab cakes.. And for dessert, mitarashi dango, mango pudding, cream cheese cake and vanilla ice cream. In large portions, please!" A certain white haired boy said to the Head Cook, Jerry.

Jerry just giggled as he stared at the cute exorcist in front of him, "Hm? Is that it?" He asked.

Allen nodded with a smile, "Mn!"

"I'll have it all done for you in a few moments, cute little Allen-kun!" sang Jerry as he hopped to the back room of the kitchen to prepare the large order.

Moments later, the white haired exorcist was digging his face into the food. He seemed pretty lonely since his friends we're on missions for weeks now. Although, he missed a certain raven haired boy, which 

is very unnatural for most people to think, especially him. Why did he miss him that much? Allen didn't know.. A semi large gold golem landed on top of his head, snuggling against the soft white hair.

"Why would I miss him Timcanpy? He's a total jerk.." Allen said to his golden golem, who just flapped it's wings as a reply.

He sighed, ever since that last mission with the older exorcist few months ago, his feelings seemed to be mixed. During that mission, Kanda hurt himself countless times just trying to save him, and even to when the swordsman said he won't even bother to save him.

Kanda treated to his wounds also and stayed by his side for a few nights after they retrieved the Innocence and destroyed the Akuma. Allen remembered to when he opened his eyes, he found Kanda at the wall, awake.. Looking like he hadn't slept and eaten in days and had worry in his eyes. He almost swore that Kanda had relief plastered to his face when he woke up.

Speaking to him ever so softly too..

"You worried me, stupid bean-sprout…"

He missed that Kanda.

He admired Kanda's obsidian dark eyes, twinkling in the light as he was looking over him.

He sighed again..

"Sighing, talking to yourself and eating at the speed of light at the same time will make you choke, bean-sprout." someone said behind him. That voice made Allen's heart jump, once again, he didn't know why. He turned around to see a pair of black orbs staring at him and the beautiful face of Kanda Yu.

Speak of the devil.

"K-Kanda! Your back!" Allen managed to squeek out after seconds of being speechless, because realizing how close the swordsman was to him is quite a surprise. 'Oh crap! I hope he didn't hear what I said!!' Allen panicked.

"Che, of course I am. As if I'd die easily on a mission. And what's up with the red face, bean-sprout?" A smirk spread across the older boy's face.

"I-It's none of your business! And why are you talking to me anyway?!" Allen retorted, slightly irritated.

Kanda's smirk turned into a very amused smile, "Just to annoy you." He replied as he wandered off to order his food from Jerry, leaving Allen alone to eat.

The white haired boy just started to mutter curses about the older one but hell thank god for Kanda's lack of hearing.

Then a familiar happy voice called out to him.

"Oh bean-sprout-chan!! I have something very very very important to tell you!!" A certain red haired exorcist sang, running towards him and jumped to the table, his eyes filled with excitement. Allen raised an eyebrow, "What is it Lavi?"

Lavi was just giggling like mad that he couldn't answer till he caught his breath, then he finally spoke, "Okay okay, you know Yuu-chan right? Our violent, cold-hearted, 'I'm going to kill you if you ever touch me', swordsman; Yuu-chan?" He said all in one breath.

"Um, yes?.." replied Allen.

The soon-to-be Bookman looked at the surroundings to see if Kanda was around.. Then he went to sit as the same side of the table as Allen and scooted close to the young boy. Lavi's lips we're close to Allen's ear as he started to whisper something to the boy.

"Our little Yuu-chan surprisingly has a…" Lavi waited a second or two before breaking the news.

"A what?"

"A GIRLFRIEND." He finished with a heavy accent on the word.

On what Lavi just told, he slowly processed the whole thing into his head..

Till a loud "WHAT?!" echoed all through out the dining hall. Everyone's attention turned to the source of the voice who was of course, Allen Walker. Even Kanda was staring at the two exorcists, wondering what was going on. Allen practically snapped his fork in half. A METAL fork.

For Kanda though, seeing the apprentice Bookman THAT close to Allen made his blood boil and it was his turn to snap his chopsticks in half. The Finders across the table stared at the swordsman, who seemed to have a murderous aura flowing out of him.

"K-Kanda?! The same Kanda Yu who always threatens us and wants us all to die in hell?" whispered Allen back to his friend.

Lavi nodded rapidly, "Yes! I can't believe it either but I saw it with my very own two-eyes!"

"Lavi, your other eye is covered so basically it's one eye."

"OH! Right, well, whatever, that isn't my point.. Do you want to see a picture?! I took one of them secretly!"

"You had the guts to do that and not get killed!? .. Kanda would of possibly killed you if he found out. Wait, correction, WILL kill you."

"Nah, he was too busy making out with her. More like sucking each other's faces.." Lavi shivered at the thought but Allen didn't notice. Then he dug into his bag pocket and took out a photo, "Come on! Take a look at it, bean-sprout-chan! It's so adorable!" He tried to shove it to the younger boy.

"N-nah!! I don't want to see it.." Allen's face was totally flushed. Kanda?! Plus girlfriend?! No way! He wondered if the Millenium Earl and his Akuma had taken over the world already.. Since they weren't all dead yet, he is pretty sure what Lavi was saying is true.

"Why not?" The red haired exorcist whined.

"I.. just don't want to look at it." Allen replied as cooly as possible, although his face being totally red and his eyes having a TINY bit of hurt was enough for Lavi.

The orange haired boy grinned, 'Good. This means that Allen is so totally falling for Yuu-chan. This is going to be easy..' He thought as he snickered to himself, 'This plan is going to be a breeze!'

"She's some Japanese chick from the Asian branch! I've heard she's a total hottie and everything! I'm not quite sure if she's as pretty compared to Yuu-chan but she is pretty ho---" Lavi ranted, trying to rub it in to get more of a reaction from his little brother.

"Kanda! Allen! Supervisor Komui wants to see you in the briefing room!" called out Reever out of nowhere.

Allen just dashed out of the dining hall, relieved as soon as he heard, trying to get away from Lavi as fast as possible. Thank you Supervisor for interrupting!

Lavi blinked as he just realized that the white haired boy he was talking to was gone.


Kanda and Allen entered the briefing room together, seeing their cracked up Supervisor was sitting on his desk, smiling oh ever so evilly. Upon seeing that, a shiver was sent down Allen's spine while the swordsman cringed.

Man, nothing good comes out of that smile of his..

"Oh Allen-kun! Kanda-kun! It's so nice of you to come here!" He sang, standing up with the bunny mug in his hand.

Allen cringed.

Kanda shivered, "Just get to the point, stupid."

"Oh Kanda, that's such a mean thing to say to your genius Supervisor!!" said Komui, looking as if he was hurt.

"One, you are no genius, more like a crackpot who has no life. And two, just tell us our damned mission already." Kanda was getting impatient with the Chinese man.

Komui cleared his throat as his voice turned serious. He yanked down the large map from behind his desk as he sat down on his chair again.

"You two are going to Edo, Japan on a mission to retrieve Innocence. It was also sighted that a Noah was seen with a group of Akuma near the area. I want you two to check it out and scan to see if the Noah is still there."

Kanda immediately slammed his hands to Komui's desk. His black eyes burning with anger.

"I'm not going! I refuse!"

The Chinese man kept his cool and stared back at the angry raven haired exorcist, "Kanda. This a mission. I won't consider your personal feelings for going back to your homeland. You swore that you will complete any mission that given to you and this is one of those missions. Now sit back down."

Kanda just clenched his fist, after staring a few more seconds at Komui, he obeyed and sat back.

Allen stared at the swordsman, 'What's wrong with Kanda?' seeing him almost turning down a mission was weird.

"Anyways, you two will head out to Edo two weeks from now. Use that time wisely to actually get along and for Kanda to cool down and put his personal feelings aside. I'm not sure how long this mission will take either. But is that all clear?"

Allen nodded and Kanda said nothing.

"Kanda, is that CLEAR?" Komui said again, a bit louder this time.

"Whatever." Kanda murmured. The Supervisor smiled, "I'm glad we have an understanding. You two are excused." The older boy just got up and left. Allen just watched him walk out and slammed the door. Komui cringed, "He's so scary…"

Allen bowed to the Supervisor and left himself, "Please excuse me!"

Now the room quiet.. Rustling was heard under Komui's desk and a red haired exorcist popped his head out, "GOD! Why did I have to hide under there?!" He shivered, seeing in between Komui's legs was not pretty, even if he was wearing pants.

"Hehe, sorry! There wasn't any other hiding place that Kanda-kun wouldn't spot you at! Really Lavi-kun, you should consider dyeing your hair."

Lavi just stared hard at the older man, but he ignored the comment anyway. "So, how did it go?" Yes, he was too busy reading some doujinshi of the two favorite exorcists under the desk instead of listening to the whole briefing.

"Hey.. Where did you get those?!" Komui pointed to the book in the red haired boy's hands.

"From Lenalee, she's a really good artist you know." replied Lavi, "So, how did it go?!"

"They're on their way to Edo in two weeks!"

The apprentice Bookman smiled, "That's good! That'll give me and Lenalee more time plan to play match maker with those two!"

Upon hearing his sweet little sister's name with "AND", he froze, "You AND my sweet little virgin Lenalee?"

Lavi gulped, "N-no! It's not like that I swear! P-plus, it was her evil idea in the first place! She dragged me into this, I swear!" He said as quickly as possible.

"It better not be that way! And.. Lavi…"


"Where's the dozen bags of Mexican coffee beans you promised me if I successfully sent them to a mission to Edo?"

"…….. Woopsie? I.. kind of.. forgot.."

"You will have to get punished for breaking such a promise.."

"W-what?! NO WAY!"

"Punished, Lavi…" said Komui darkly, with an evil tone in his voice.

"AHHHHHH! RAPE RAPE RAPE! BONDAGE!! AHHHHHHHHH!" Lavi shouted till his lungs we're going dry as he tried to rush out of the room as quickly as possible.

"Heeheehee…" Komui evilly laughed again.



Kanda was walking down the hall; extremely pissed at the moment. The white haired boy tried to catch up to him from behind, "Hey Kanda! Wait up for a minute!" He called out, but the swordsman just continued on walking.

"Don't ignore me, you stupid idiot! Hey!" Allen managed to grab his shoulder, making Kanda stop.

"What was up with you back there? Why is it so bad to go back to your homeland?" He questioned but received no answer except for, "It's none of your business, stupid bean-sprout…"

Kanda thought about his mother.. He ran away from home to become an exorcist with his master Froi Tiedoll. He didn't even bother to tell his mother or even contacted her after all these years. It made him feel terrible. He'll feel even more guilty if he sees his mother at Edo. Actually, he would be dead meat if he ever did come face to face with his mother again. He could just hear the yelling now.

"But Kanda----" Allen spoke softly.

"Yuu!" Someone called out from a distance.

Kanda looked up and before he knew it, he felt arms wrapped around his neck. He smiled. He knew who it was, "Hey.."

The girl giggled, nuzzling the swordsman's pale neck, "Hey yourself, Yuu!"

"What is it this time?" He asked as he smiled down at her and kissed her cheek.

She blushed, "Is it so bad wanting to spend some time with my swordsman?" The girl hugged Kanda again and Kanda hugged her back this time. She then noticed the embarrassed white haired boy behind her lover. "Oh my! Who might you be?" The girl asked as she got herself out of the raven haired boy's arms, making her way to Allen. She bent down a bit to reach to his height. Allen is still very short.

"Anata no namae wa?" She asked in Japanese.

Allen cleared his throat and replied back with the same Japanese accent, "Allen Walker desu.."

"Ah sou desu ka! I've heard quite a lot about you. Watakushi wa Momoko desu. Ikutsu wa?"

"Ano.. Juu-roku sai desu.." replied Allen shyly. His Japanese wasn't very good, though he tried his best and he only tried to study some basic Japanese to impress Kanda. People, he IS 16 now.

Momoko just squealed with joy as she squeezed the younger boy into a hug, "Ahh! Kawaii desu ne! Ne ne ne Yuu?" She said. Allen was turning blue from the lack of air going through his lungs. "He's 16 too! So adorable!"

Kanda twitched at Allen, "Momoko.. Let go of him, he can't breath. And Allen, stop trying to flirt with my girlfriend." So, he did admit it afterall.

When Allen was let go, he retorted back, "I was not! I'm not a girlfriend stealer or anything! That is so out of my league! And you never told me you had a girlfriend!" His face flushed.

"Aw, that makes him even cuter!" squealed Momoko.

Kanda just rolled his eyes, "As if I'd tell you anything about my personal life."

The girl just giggled, "Don't be so jealous Yuu!" She jumped on him from behind and gave him a light peck on the cheek, "You know that I always love you. And you know where you can find me right?"

The swordsman simply nodded.

"Then I'll see you there!" Momoko waved goodbye to him and the younger boy and ran down the hall. Allen stared at the raven haired exorcist, he was smiling.. A sincere smile.

'And I thought it was going to be me to make Kanda smile like that..' Allen sighed.

"What's wrong with you, bean-sprout?"

"It's nothing."


"Jealous of you?! Ha, as if!" 'More jealous of your girlfriend, baka.. Wait, where did that thought come from?! EEEP!'


For the last couple of days, (I'm too lazy to count how many but for sure it's more than a week.) Allen was sitting on his bed, grumbling and muttering things on how stupid the swordsman can be. Then he stopped once he thought about the girl that meant so much to Kanda. She was pretty, and flawless.. She was the perfect match for him. She was everything Kanda would look for in a woman.

The white haired boy turned to mirror and looked at himself, "As if he'd come to notice someone like me.. A cursed, disgusting, stupid and naïve bean-sprout.." He sighed. At the first time they met, Kanda was always disgusted by him.. And even now he still is.

'Wait, why should I care what that stupid idiotic bastard thinks of me anyway.. I-it's not like I like him or anything! ..I wonder how what's he doing now though..' Allen grabbed his shirt and headed out the door.

"I should train to pass the time and to get that damn stupid idiot out of my mind.."


Momoko rose up from her bed, clutching the blanket to her chest and yawned. She looked beside her expecting to see her raven haired swordsman but saw no one. Kanda just then came out of the shower, with a towel around his waist and one resting on his head.

He walked over near the bed and bent down to pick up his clothing.

The girl blinked, "Yuu, where are you going?"

"Back to training, I have a mission couple of days from now." He stated flatly.

"Aren't you staying here a bit longer?" asked Momoko

Kanda put on his pants and started to button up his shirt, turning to her, "No." He then pinned her down to the bed once more and kissed down her pale neck, "Last night should make up for the lost time that I'm going to be gone on the mission." He breathed against her skin, causing her to moan quietly.

"A—and Yuu, what are you searching for all your life?" She asked.

A someone. He doesn't know what for, but just a someone.. He just feels like, incomplete. Not knowing why he feels that way.. But for sure, Momoko wasn't that someone he was looking for, no matter how hard he tried.

"It's nothing important." Kanda replied simply.

Momoko looked at him sincerely, "Okay then.. Just come back and see me when you get back from your mission."

A blunt "Yeah" was the reply received from her lover before he left the room.

He headed towards the training level to the forest area, he heard sounds of crashing, slashing and heavy panting as he got closer.

Allen was using trees as punching bags. He was punching them so much that his fists and feet we're practically bleeding already and he was still going at it. 'I don't need that stupid jerk! I need to get 

stronger to defeat the Earl and possibly kill Kanda one day!' Yes, he was still pissed at Kanda for pissing him off for most of the week. Teasing him and everything. He was totally taunting the younger boy.

Kanda was watching the young one train from afar.

He grinned widely when he heard a frustrated, "URGH! Kanda, you stupid idiotic self-centered god damned bastard!" roar from Allen.

The white haired exorcist finally took a break and sat under the tree, trying to catch his breath. He looked at his bleeding hands. And then, Kanda finally approached the bean-sprout and kneeled down in front of him, staring at Allen's bleeding hands.

Allen looked up to see Kanda looking at his hands, "K-Kanda?"

"You push yourself too much, stupid." said the older boy, grinning.

"So what? Why should I care if I do?" Allen tried not to blush as Kanda took bandages and started to wrap them around the younger boy's arms and feet. 'His hands are so soft..' He thought as he felt Kanda's fingers brush against his skin, making him shiver.

"What we're you doing here?" Kanda asked

"T-training." Allen replied weakly as he tried not to think about Kanda again.

"Ha, thinking about me at the same time?"

"What?! Why would you think that?"!

"I heard you yell out, 'URGH! Kanda, you stupid idiotic self-centered god damned bastard!' So I pretty much guessed." The older boy tried to imitate but failed miserably and sarcastically. Allen's face immediately turned strawberry red, "You really ARE a bastard! You we're spying on me---!!" His sentence was cut off when he felt soft wet lips brush against his fingers. Kanda was kissing on his hand.. On his LEFT hand.

"K-Kanda!" yelped Allen, jerking back slightly but his hand was still in Kanda's grasp. He was really surprised what Kanda was doing. And the older boy still continued his gesture to the young one.

"What is it, stupid bean-sprout?" he asked calmly.

"W-why are you doing that to my hand.."

"It's cause I want to."

"But didn't you say before that my left hand was disgusting?" Allen said with a soft voice, looking at the other direction. 'Kanda's speaking like that to me again.. That soft voice..'

The swordsman lifted his lips from the boy's hand and looked up. The boy was looking at another direction, so he decided to cup Allen's face in his hand and pulled his face closer. An amused smile formed on Kanda's handsome face.

Allen heard Kanda speak what he didn't expect..

"Did you really think I meant what I said about you?" The swordsman spoke in a soft tone and he was gazing into his eyes.

Allen's heart jumped, "W-what..? What do you mean?"

Kanda then let go of the disfigured hand and stood up, "Nothing, stupid bean-sprout." He grinned, "I'm going to go train. We have the mission in a couple of days."

The white haired boy growled lowly, "It's Allen! Get that through your thick skull, KANDY."

The older boy just grinned in amusement. 'A petname? How sweet.' Although retorting isn't exactly Allen's thing. His face leaned close to the younger one's, "You nicknamed me after a sweet now?" He whispered Allen's specialty. He then pinned Allen to the tree behind them, trapping the boy in between his hands, breathing huskily, sending shivers down the white haired boy's spine. Allen could feel Kanda's breath near his lips.

The boy blushed deeply red.

"You know, bean-sprout.. I just happen to like sweets. Actually, I would love to have a bite of something sweet right now.." said Kanda, his grin getting wider. His other arm was making it's way circling around the boy's slim waist.

Allen froze in place, 'Oh god! Kanda, you bastard! Why do you have to be so seductively sexy right now?! I-If you weren't so good at seducing me, I would of slapped you hard by now! And and, oh my gawd, he's touching me.. Like.. That…..' Oh how hard it was trying to tell his body to move but it won't budge. Damn Kanda and his ability to become some kind of seductive God. He watched as the older boy was leaning closer and closer slowly, torturing him completely.

The raven haired boy smirked slightly, hearing the younger boy's whimper and squirm excited him. Allen's knees began to feel weak, he felt like his strength was being sucked out of him.

"K-Kanda.." The British boy whimpered and moaned out for him as he could feel the slight touch of Kanda's lips against his skin. His eyes closing shut and a shade of pink appearing across his face. He made the most intoxicating expression and noises that Kanda couldn't resist. The Japanese boy tried so much to keep his self-control in check.

'God.. He has no idea how much that's turning me on right now..' A low deep growl escaped his throat. His lips left butterfly kisses from the neck and up to the white haired boy's jaw, making his way to those lips, 'Come on Allen, moan for me..'

Kanda was practically begging for Allen to do it again and again.

Just as his lips we're about to meet with the other boy's, Lenalee just happened to come by and screamed out, "Allen-kun!" Which caused Kanda to break apart from him.

Allen was half relieved and half damned. He panted heavily, his eyes slightly opened, face totally flushed with embarrassment and bliss.

"I need you to help me with something!!" yelled out Lenalee.

The white haired exorcist slipped away from Kanda's trap and ran towards the Chinese girl, grabbing his coat along the way. And as they disappeared from the scene.

Kanda cursed under his breath that they we're interrupted, but at least he was satisfied, for now.

"The most fun I ever had, bean-sprout.. I'm looking forward for more."

He ran his thumb over his lips. He could almost feel those sweet thin pink lips against his own. Kanda couldn't help but smile as the cursed boy's face appeared in his mind.

"Much more fun.."

Although a voice in his head is telling him that it just wasn't right. Though he tried to ignore it.

"I'm an exorcist, I won't concern myself about these kinds of feelings."

Kanda always wanted a thrill. And Allen was just giving it to him.

As for you, how do you want me to be?

Chapter End.

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