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Chapter: My heart will never change

They we're all at the dinner table, Allen was sitting. He was staring angrily at his hands, they we're clenching against his yukata. Saeko was just drinking her tea casually and the corner of her eye spotted the white haired boy.

"Che, did Yuu-baka do something to you, Allen-chan?" She asked calmly, not trying to upset the younger boy more. She placed her tea cup to her plate. The British boy looked up from his hands and stared at Kanda's mother, he just smiled happily, "No, it was nothing.. Ka—I mean, Saeko-san. No need to worry about it." He replied.

Saeko just stared at him but let it go, "Sure, whatever, bean-sprout-chan."

"So, Walker-kun, you're a friend of Yuu-boo's?" The girl from earlier ask, with a huge smile on her face.

"U-um, not really. We are just working together, and besides, Kanda hates me, hahaha."

"Oh, so, anyway! I'm Ristuka Kanda, Yuu-boo's older not-so pretty sister." She introduced herself, bowing her head to Allen, and Allen did the same to her. He smiled, "You're quite pretty yourself, Ritsuka-san."

Ritsuka blushed and cupped her cheeks with her hands, "Aw, Walker-kun, stop it! You're making me blush!" She giggled madly. Her mother bonked her head, signaling her to stop her fangirling nonsense.

"Oi, Tsutsu-baka, don't scare him. He is sure not use to having a girl like you around."

Allen sweat dropped, not use to? Hahaha, she is just as worse as Lenalee back at the Dark Order.

"Where's my girly-assed son, anyway, moyashi-chan?" asked Saeko, smoking her pipe.

His gray eyes hardened upon hearing to mentioning the raven haired swordsman. As if I care where the damn guy is! He is such a bastard. I swear to god I want to kill him for toying with me all this time! And I thought we had a chance together and him liking me. Allen thought, sighing.

Then speak of the devil, Kanda walked into the room before he saw anything else, he was tackled to the floor by a heavy mass. Also known as, his older sister.

"NYAH! Yuu-boo, didn't you know much I missed you! How long has it been, 5-7 years? I can't believe how hot you've grown. I bet you're a thrill with the ladies, eh?" Ritsuka babbled, smirking at her young brother. The raven haired swordsman rubbed his temples, "Still as happy and childish I see, Nee-san."

"Oh Yuu, you we're such a cute child and happy child! What happened to you and what made you so cold hearted to me?" She whined, making fake crying noises. Kanda just shrugged her off him and patted the dust off his kimono.

"Oi, girly-faced moron, take your seat the table, I'm fucking starving now waiting for you. What we're you doing in your room? Looking at the mirror, brushing that silk girly hair of yours or what?" His mother insulted as she glared at him again, "Now I might eat like a pig and I was on a diet! Konoyarou, Yuu!"


"Don't you do that to me, bastard!"

Kanda silenced himself and took his seat. All of them picked up their chopsticks, singing out,


The white haired exorcist took his chopsticks and just stared at his food.. Usually, he would of devoured all of this within a record time. But he only stared and sighed. Saeko was shoving all of the food into her mouth as if she hadn't eaten for countless days, Ritsuka was happily chewing on her food and Kanda was calmly eating slowly and properly.

As Kanda ate, he stared at the cursed boy from the corner of his eye.

He could see that Allen clearly upset with him. Why? Cause he wasn't eating like a glutton and that he sends death glares to him every so often, which was very rare to see from the British but it sure surprised the Japanese boy..


Was the very first word that came into his mind.

The dinner was silent, way too silent for Kanda's mother. She stared at both her son and his exorcist friend. Grunting, she stopped eating and glared at them both.

"What is wrong with you two! Not only that we have a silent dinner, which I truly hate, there is an awkward silence and electric sparks are flying between you, I hate that the most! Why can't you two just kiss and fucking make up? It'll do all of us a favor, especially me. I don't want to deal with you two bickering indirectly in front of me, it's disturbing." Saeko spoke, chewing on her blowpipe with an angrier frown on her face.

"We're not lovers, Mother. Never will be." Her son replied simply.

"Che! Don't kid with me, boy."

"I'm not Mother, I'm only speaking the truth."

"Watch how you choose your words, Yuu-baka."

"Why should I?" Kanda asked, not even looking up to her.

"Because, the moyashi is about to cry." Saeko answered, turning her head to Allen's direction. The cursed exorcist was looking down at his fists, his white hair covering his eyes and slight of his cheeks and you could see that he was trembling.

Why.. Why am I crying right now? In front of Kanda and his family out of all people..

Allen turned to Saeko was bowed his head lowly in apology, "I'm sorry Miss Saeko but—may I skip dinner for tonight? I'm still a bit tired and I have to start investigating tomorrow." He said politely. The woman's eyes softened and nodded, "You can go moyashi-chan. And if you want, there is a spare room near the zen garden."

Allen tried to break out a smile but couldn't. "Thank you" Then he left the room.

Ritsuka stared long and hard at Kanda right after the British boy left, "Did you do something to him?" She asked, chewing on her chopsticks.

"I didn't."

"He seemed really upset, Yuu-boo. What happened between you two?" Ritsuka ranted on, her curiousity annoying Kanda. He let out a soft growl and looked over to her, "It's none of your business!" Kanda snapped, slamming down his chopsticks, muttering a quick "Gouchisousamadeshita.", stood up and left the room as well.

Saeko and Ritsuka just gawked.

"I swear, that boy has more mood swings than any woman could ever have."


"Sorry, he's just too girly."

"At first I thought Walker-kun was a girl when I walked in on them. Is my younger brother gay, Okaa-san?" Ritsuka said, with hopeful look in her eyes. Usually, a sister would be disgusted but she isn't! She actually wants Kanda to be gay.

"Che, don't ask me that, Tsu-baka. He could be gay, who knows. We'll see once the days pass by."

"I can't wait to start drawing a doujinshi about them!"

"You have a dirtier mind than your brother."

Ritsuka smirked proudly at her mother, "Where else do you think he got most of his dirty ideas from?"

"Me?" Saeko chuckled, raising an eyebrow.

"HAH! You've got to be kidding."

"I'm not. Is that a challenge, Tsu-baka?"

The girl took out paper, pencils and other drawing tools, "Then bring it on, Mother!"


Allen was at the spare bedroom, far away from Kanda's. He laid on the bed, clutching the blanket as fresh heated tears we're forming in his eyes. Part of him is telling him to stay away from the raven haired swordsman but the other part of him doesn't want to be apart.

He buried his face to the pillow and screamed into it.

"This is all so confusing! I hate him, I hate him so much!"

Timcanpy squiggled out of his master's pocket and landed next to Allen. Snuggling his hair and flapping it's wings softly.

"You're right Timcanpy, I should just forget about him and worry more about the mission." Allen murmured, patting his golden companion gently, "Tomorrow, we'll go start investigating. I'm pretty sure it'll take my mind of these things." He smiled at the gold golem and closed his eyes, a tear escaped.

'I hate this feeling.. I hate the feeling that I can't help but still have a little thing for him. I guess, I just can't stand being away from him. Lord, why did Kanda have to do this to me? Doesn't he know that it hurts?'

He then looked over at Timcanpy and sighed.

"Night, Tim."

And he slowly drifted off to sleep.

Kanda was at his room, sitting by the window, looking out to the dark sky. The moon full and bright, with it's light shining down on him. His dark obsidian eyes shone as he watched the pink petals pass by. He was thinking about the certain young exorcist. His eyes narrowed at the slightest, "When did I start to feel this way about the bean-sprout anyway. I always hated him, but what made me feel this way about him." He asked himself.

Ever since that mission where Allen nearly got a near death experience, he just cared for the boy. More than anyone else at that moment. He said he would leave anyone die to complete his mission, and yet he risked himself saving that certain one. Is that how this whole thing started in the first place?


Why did he care for Allen this much?

Kanda dug his nails into his palm, "Why do I care about him. Why do I want him?"

"Because he cares for you, he wants to be with you and I know somewhere in you that you want to be with him too, little brother." A female voice spoke up from behind him.

The raven haired boy nearly jumped and turned to see his sister, leaning against the door frame, with a calm look on her face and her arms crossed over her chest. Kanda just glared at her and turned back to face the outside breeze, "You don't know anything so you shouldn't butt your nose into it. You know nothing." He snapped.

Ritsuka just sighed and walked over slowly to him.

"Yuu, I know that I don't know much of you and Allen's relationship. Though I want to help you be sure of your feelings. Allen Walker is like a little angel that's been sent for you."

"That's just it, Nee-san. He is an angel. You can't help with this. Don't get yourself into things that you don't know much about." Kanda repeated and Ritsuka felt like hitting him right about now. She groaned in frustration and ruffled her black hair, "You're such a bakayarou, Yuu. I'm trying to help you! Just tell me what's your relationship with Allen? Like before you started to have these feelings for him?"

Kanda gaped at her as he was being stared down.

"Tell me, teme."

"I hated him, simple as that." He replied and looked away, "I don't have to tell you anything else. I can deal with this myself."

"Seriously, stop being a bastard. But fine, I'll respect your personal life." The girl sighed then an idea popped in her head and she smiled, "Ne, Yuu-boo.."

Kanda cringed as he glanced over to her, irritated, "What?"

"There's a festival going on tomorrow, you should take Walker-kun with you. I'm sure he'll enjoy it."

"I'm here for a job, not a vacation."

Ritsuka snorted and pinched the raven haired boy's cheek hard, "I don't care. Loosen up you mother fucker, and to when I say take Walker-kun with you, I REALLY MEAN TAKE HIM WITH YOU! If you don't, I will tell Mother about how you broke her favorite comb years ago and you told her a bird took it."

Kanda paused.

"You wouldn't."

"Why wouldn't you try me?"

And then he gave up, groaning.

"Fine, I'll do it."

A slight change in Ritsuka's mood was slightly scary. Her eyes sparkle and she jumped with joy with pink bunnies and flowers all around. She clapped and clapped then ran around the room squealing with all of her might, "YES! YES! OHHH YEAH!! Ah huh, I got Yuu-boo to do what I wanted, ah huh, ah huh!" She sang while doing her awkward victory dance.

Kanda placed a hand over his face, trying to hide his embarrassment.

She's worse than Lavi. Nee-san will be the end of me.

"Now, you better do this after your little what-cha-ma-call-it, or else I will tell Mother and you will be dead in a matter of seconds!"

"Fine fine. Now leave me alone."

Ritsuka smiled and embraced her younger brother, placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

"Thank you Yuu-bear, oyasumi na sai. I love you, little brother." She said quietly.

A small smile forced it's way to his face,

"I love you too, Nee-san."

And with that, a new day will start.


Allen woke up early to get dressed back to his uniform and went to see Saeko to excuse himself for the day. She was sitting at the main hall, smoking her pipes.

"Shitsurei shimasu." He called out, as the maid opened the sliding door.

"Kanda-sama, Master Walker is here."

The woman rested her cheek to her palm, looking extremely bored as she puffed out smoke. She stared at the white haired boy and yawned, "What is it, Allen-shiro?" Her eyes looking very irritated.

The British boy nearly felt himself shrink. She looked very cranky this morning. He coughed and spoke up, "Um, I'm going out to go start on my mission. I'm here to excuse myself." And then he heard a snort from her.

"Che, don't be so formal with me. And where's the girly moron? Isn't he suppose to be going with you?" She asked out of curiousity. Saeko then noticed the angry yet upset look in Allen's eyes, "Ahahaha, no, it's okay. I can let Kanda rest here while I go start my investigation."

Saeko wanted to say something but let it go.

"Fine, just don't get molested. There are a lot of perverted men around here, and especially with a pretty face like yours, you are bound to get jumped on. And be careful about that Akuma problem of yours."

Allen giggled happily slightly, "Thank you for your concern, but I'll be fine. I am an Exorcist after all." He smiled innocently.

He then bowed and left the room.

The raven haired woman sighed as she watched the boy leave.

She sighed, "An Exorcist after all huh.. That's what I'm concerned about.."

Saeko tapped her pipe to the ash tray,

"Such young pure souls tied to such a fate. Allen Walker doesn't deserve such." And for once ever, she cared.


Allen was walking around town, at first people stared at him weirdly but after flashing them his innocent beautiful smile, they began to think otherwise. Timcanpy seemed to have disappeared from his side. He groaned and rubbed his head, "I hope he didn't wander off, eaten by a cat or something.. Or worse, gone to get Kanda.."

As he was looking for his golden colored companion, a little Japanese girl tugged on his pant leg and looked up cutely at him. Allen smiled at her, "Doshta no?"

She smiled back at him, "Are you looking for something?"

Allen blinked, "As a matter of fact, I am."

The little girl dug into her small yukata pouch and took out a certain gold flying object.

"Is this it?"

"Oh! Arigatou gozaimasu!" The British boy gently took Timcanpy from the girl's hand, "Where did you find him?"

"He was playing with me and my neko-chan!" She replied cheerfully, "My mother told me to return him to you." Allen looked over his shoulder to Tim, who was trying to hide away, "I told you not to wander around! Don't you ever listen?" Then he looked back at the girl, "Ah, tell your mother thank you for me. And, have you seen any weird looking monsters around lately? Big round looking things, grey, scary, ugly, mean looking things? They blast guns and they're called, Akuma."

The little girl shook her head, "Nope. There was no Akuma here since forever! And and, can you play with me sometime when I see you again, Mister?" She said.

Allen couldn't just take her word for it so he just smiled at her and said, okay.

"Sure, I'll play with you the next time I see you."

He then continued on with his search.

The British boy was asking everyone he could find, but everyone was telling him the same thing the little girl told him earlier. No Akuma for a long time in this area. He was starting to get annoyed, was this mission just pointless?

Everyone he asked.

"No Akuma"

"No Akuma"

"No Akuma"

Allen ran his hands through his hair, ruffling it in a frustrated manner.

"I am starting to get suspicious about this mission now." He muttered to himself, a dark gleam appeared in his eyes. He then jumped as he felt a familiar chilling presence behind him.

"Suspicious of what, bean-sprout?"

The British boy just groaned, "The mission. Everyone I asked so far said there was no Akuma around this area for half a year. " He replied, not even bothering to look back to see the raven haired exorcist's face. Then something just hit him in the end. Allen and Kanda, both.

Both of their eyes winded at the realization.

They turned to each other,

"You don't think that they--!"

And you never saw anyone run faster in your whole life.

Ritsuka was humming ever so quietly by herself as she heard a stampede coming.

"AH! Okaa-san! I hear some kind of angry MOB!" She screamed out as she saw a whole lot of dust in the distance. And an angry Kanda and Allen barged in through the front door. With furious rage, flame forming in their eyes.

She smiled, "Oh! Nevermind! It's just Yuu-boo and Walker-kunn!!--"

The girl can't even hear herself think because the two male exorcists we're screaming,


Ritsuka called out calmly, "And they are on a rampaaagggeee!"

Saeko grunted in annoyance and screamed back, "I don't give a shiiiitt!" In a singing voice then got serious again, threatening tone, "BUT THEY WILL TOTALL PAY FOR THE DAMAGES TO MY FUCKING FRONT DOOR! OR ELSE I WILL HAVE THEIR HEADS PLACED TO MY FUCKING WALL!"

The raging pair didn't even hear the threat, they just continued to run to the nearest form of communication.. The phone.

In such a hassle, they plugged the golems to the phone and immediately asked for the Dark Order. And also giving them a visual transmission. Allen was tapping his foot impatiently. And finally, the call was answered. Komui appeared on the screen and the white haired boy started to spazz.


The Chinese man nearly dropped his test tubes as he looked back to see that his golem was on, "Oh! Allen-kun! Kanda-kun!" He sang. Then the death glare doubled as much. Komui coughed and cleared his throat, "So, have you found anything about the Akuma and Noah whereabouts at Edo, yet?"

Kanda snorted, "You sent us to a wild goose chase, fucking stupid Supervisor."

"What ever are you talking about?" Komui said, trying to seem innocent.

"You very well know what we're talking about! Get Lavi and Lenalee over there right now!" The white haired boy demanded. Surprising the raven haired boy behind him.

In the background at the other end, rustling in the background and loud voices we're heard.

"Is that Allen-kun?!"

That would be Lenalee.


Kanda twitched, and that would be Lavi.

Vein pops appeared all over the beautiful head of the swordsman, "As if I'd ever miss you, mother fucking insolent stupid idiotic moron of a bitchy fucking BUNNY! SO GET YOUR BASTARD FAGGOTLY UGLY FACE OFF THE FUCKING SCREEN BEFORE I MURDER YOU!" He screamed. Who knew you could put so much swear words all in one breath? Well, it turns out Kanda can. His eye was twitching ten times in one second like supersonic.

Then the Chinese girl and orange haired freak came into the view.

"You know you love meee!" sang Lavi.

"Fuck you, I'd rather die in a hole."

Lavi pretended to have a hurt look, "That hurts Yuu-chan! Why are you so mean to me! I thought we we're best friends for life!" And Kanda just glared through the golem.

"Who said we we're friends!?"

The apprentice Bookman smiled, "Me!"

Kanda was about to charge at him, till Allen held him back, his hands to his hips. With the "Kanda look" plastered to his face. Lavi and Lenalee both shut up and stood still, trying to smile innocently.. Totally not working.

"Did you two do this!?"

"Well um, it was kind of a bet at first.. To see if you two will get together soon or not?" Lavi laughed nervously, shrinking while hiding behind Lenalee, "I think I see demons.." He whimpered as the two male exorcist glared HARD and LONG at him. Sending daggers through the transmission.

The Chinese girl laughed nervously, "Um, well.. We decided to work together so.. Yeah.. That's how it turned out."

Allen turned into stone and tears started to build up in his eyes, "How could you two do this to me! And and, why do you think I'd ever end up getting together with.. THAT!" He pointed his index finger accusingly to the raven haired boy behind him.

Pop! Goes his vein.

"I am not a fucking THING, stupid bean-sprout!"

Allen retorted back at him, "WELL TO ME YOU ARE A FUCKING THING NOW SHUT UP AND LET ME RANT RIGHT NOW, KANDA!" He roared. Even the ever so great Kanda Yuu took a few steps back, well, maybe more, to his own dark corner.

Komui gulped.

Lavi screamed like a girl.

Lenalee flailed.

"Lavi, I will kill you, the very moment I get back there, WHICH WOULD BE IMMEDIATELY!" He threatened, fire burning in his eyes. But then he heard a nervous laugh yet joyful? Lavi was smiling a bit behind the trying to look innocent Chinese girl.

"You see.. Bean-sprout-chan.. We kind of told the boats and any part of transportation not to let you guys go anywhere out of the country till we say so.."

Now that blew off Allen's fuse.

Komui cringed.


Then Allen blew up like a volcano and spazzed. Kanda was amazed how colorful the white haired boy's vocabulary was. And very vulgar too. He tried not to laugh in amusement. Lavi was now scared to go ever near Allen Walker ever again.

Kanda was trying his best to hold in his chuckle.

"YOU GUYS DID WHAT?!" The white haired boy snapped. Lavi whistled and pretended to look at his watch, which was invisible on his wrist. Lenalee took that as an opportunity, "OH! What do you know! Ahahaha" She laughed nervously, "Look at the time! We must REALLYY be going Allen-kun! We'll see you some other time! JA NE!" The Chinese girl covered up in a incredibly fast speed of speaking then was about to shut off the golem.

"BYE YUU, BYE MOYASHI-CHAN! HAVE FUN IN BED TOGETHERRR!!" The red haired cheered as the transmission was cut off.

Allen was cursing so much that even Cross Marian would be proud of him.



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