Chapter Thirteen: Baron's Love

Her eyebrows rose from underneath her blindfold.

"Strange; I thought that natural law about equalizing powers within a marriage only applied to fairy to fairy marriages."

King Valorous made an incredulous sound.

"Of course, no one's ever bothered to test the limits on that before. This is incredible; you're a fairy now!"

The Baroness could feel silk-gloved hands removing the blindfold.

"That means this thing's going into retirement." The king pulled the soft blindfold away from her eyes, which opened to take in her new surroundings, despite the protests coming from Louise.

It was exquisite, of course; every polished stone a lifetime's work of a master jeweler. Each stone that made up the fairy court was actually a block of solid diamond, varying shades serving for different purposes. It was much fancier than anything she had ever seen, more than her personal tastes could handle. But such wonderful surroundings deserved some small compliment, as it was her first viewing.

"Not bad," she commented, grinning at her monarch, who returned the smile with ease.

"Remind me to see how far you can use your power after we deal with Louise. Oh, what can one do with you, Countess?"

Baron walked up, an evil smile on his lips as he embraced his wife and child.

"Since she despises humans so much, perhaps a hundred years of being one will change her tune."

Haru looked at him.

"Humans don't usually live that long, Baron. Would you have her stuck at one age, or live exactly like one?"

King Valorous snapped his fingers, grinning widely at the couple.

"I think the next few centuries will be interesting, with you two. Countess Louise DeLerouc, for your crimes, you will be sentenced to be reborn as a human, and live as one without memories of your fairy life. When you die a mortal death, you will return to your true form and face judgment, if you need further discipline."

Louise's face went even paler underneath her fur.

"No, not that!"

Haru raised one eyebrow, amused at her reaction.

"Don't worry; one grows used to being a human."


Toto and Muta had been strangely able to keep civil, possibly due to the invisible muzzles Haru had made for them before her daughter's christening. In either way, they were both with Baron as he held his daughter, and watched the love of his life wade into the Crystal Sea. All of the fairy court was with him, eager to see what Haru could do on her own, now that Louise had been sent off to start her punishment.

King Valorous had asked the Baroness von Gikkingen to do the most spectacular thing she could think of, in order to gauge her control and focus, and it appeared that she had something very specific in mind.

Haru turned and waved cheerfully at them once before diving into the sea. Baron fought his urge to interfere, trusting his love to know exactly what she was doing.

For several minutes, there was nothing. Then, the sea itself began to heave and convulse, a pillar of water rising from the sea, struggling to break free from its birthplace. With a shock, the orange cat remembered the painting Haru had done when he was still courting her.

With a last mighty heave, the pillar broke free, Haru now seeable on the pillar's back. As the water shot higher and higher into the air, it gained more definition. On both sides of the pillar, water shifted into an impressive wingspan, and a body began to take shape underneath the baroness.

Her husband stared in amazement. Haru was making a Creation! Well, she had paid pretty close attention when he explained how he made Toto. But, it had taken him several centuries to figure out the process, so how come a two-hour explanation sufficed for her?! Only five fairies before him had ever been able to make a Creation, after several centuries of trying. That was partially why he became one of the better magicians in the fairy court.

He had to admit; he was feeling a little envious, that it had come so easily to her. Even with her new power, no one had a clue on whether she would have a human or fairy lifespan, but her husband supposed that only time would tell.

The King stared in shock as the pillar of water shifted into a glorious bird high above their heads, leading its new mistress through several aerial feats, including a spectacular dive and a few barrel rolls.

Eventually, the ride had to end, and the new Creation reluctantly flew down, landing delicately next to her mistress's husband and King. The monarch held his god-daughter so that Baron could help his wife off; an ecstatic smile on her face. Once she was securely on the ground, the albino crow shrunk enough to land on her mistress's arm, working her way up to the shoulder to rub her head affectionately against Haru's cheek.

"Snow," she whispered, stroking the soft feathers. "Your name is Snow."

The crow's pure blue eyes lit up with joy.

"I like it. Thank you for making me."

Toto hadn't stopped staring as soon as he realized what Haru was up to. The white crow was truly a vision, as she looked over her new body, finding it to be to her liking.

'I knew I liked that girl,' the dark crow thought gleefully, as the light one snuck a shy glance at him.


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