Definitely Maybe

A Naruto FanFiction by That.Other.Boleyn.Girl


Naruto. Sasuke. One night, one school, one secret... and one year to win a bet. Let the games begin. SasuNaruSasu

A/N: Long Chapter ahead! Buckle up and get ready! SasuNaru finally! No seriousness involved, but a lot of weirdness! Woohoo!

Chapter 9: Bump 'n Grind

This is the last time I trust Kiba's word on anything.

I sit in my car – Tsunade's, actually, but I'm not taking any more chances and I bullied her into registering it under my name – for a while longer, chewing the inside of my cheek and staring.

The damn place is packed.

Like, really packed. Think a kilo of sardines shoved into a coke can, and you won't be far off. All the lights are on: the verandas of Kiba's house are teeming with people, most of them my age but there seem to be a few older ones as well. Uni students, perhaps. Maybe Kiba knows them through Hana, who's studying Vet at UQ, but I get the feeling that most of them are just total randoms. Most of them don't look like they're from Vet School, at any rate.

"Hey! You!"

I jump at the loud rap on my window. There's a girl there: older than me, her ash-blonde hair sticks up in two spiky tails on her head and her eyes glare fiercely at me from under heavy eyeliner. It takes me about three full seconds to register the fact that she's extremely pretty, and another three to realise that she's talking to me.

"You jerking yourself off in there, dickhead? 'Coz if you're getting outta the car, get the fuck out! If not, budge your fucking ass, my brother's looking for a goddamn park!"

Wow. Talk about a mouthful. She's worse than Kiba.

"Nah, I'm here to stay," I say, switching off the ignition to prove my point. "Sorry babe, your bro's gonna have to look elsewhere."

I wince as soon as the words step off my lips. Babe? Bro? Who the hell am I fooling?

Not her, at any rate. She gives me the finger, snaps a "Fuck you", and stomps off.

What a great start to the evening, I think complacently to myself as I yank out my keys and shove them into my jeans pocket. I don't have my wallet, frankly because I had the feeling it was going to get stolen, and I hope no-one will steal the keys. The car's not worth enough to warrant it, but you never know.

The night air is chilly, slipping under my hoodie and shirt to run icy circles over my skin. I sigh, slamming the door closed and locking it. I haven't dressed to impress today – what's the point? I already have a girlfriend – but now I wish I'd chosen something warmer.


I turn.

"Hey Hinata," I say cheerfully, shoving my hands in my pockets to warm them. "Is Neji here tonight?"

She doesn't look at me, her fingers curled nervously around a white clutch bag.

"Yeah, he's gone to get something from the car. We just got here." Her light grey eyes are almost lost in the dim light, giving her the eerie look of having no pupils. "Do you... want to go inside?"

I smile at her. "Sure. How's everything been? I'm sorry I didn't talk much in Biology the other day, I was a bit distracted."

"It's okay. I didn't mind. I had Kiba."

Kiba. Haha. No doubt he tried to make some moves on her. I've always found it amusing how obvious he is about things. He might as well get a "Hinata can we just go out already" tattoed on his forehead, save himself some trouble.

"Kiba, eh?" I say, winking.

Her eyes widen. "Oh, no! N-no – not in that way, Naruto-kun – Kiba's just – a friend –"

She's quite unfortunately rescued at that moment by Kiba himself, who bounces up to us from across the lawn, his face split into a wide grin.

"Hinata! You made it! You look great. Did you do something with your hair?"

Haha. Hahaha. Good one, Kiba. Good one.

"N-no," she says, looking confused. "I just combed it."

"Thought so!" says Kiba happily. "Oh, Naruto! Hey, man, you made it too! 'Bout time, nuthead, Sakura's already gotten into the booze without you. I think she's in the toilet upstairs right now, generously donating her stomach contents to our sewerage system."

"Right. Charming. Better rescue her, then. Knight in shining armour and all."

We've reached the front gate, and the conversation slows as we battle through an endless mile of people. There's a lot of shoving and dropped glasses and swearing. There's weed in the air – I can smell it, it stings the inside of my nostrils like snow. Music thumps up mutely through the floorboards, a dull beat coming from somewhere in the right wing of the house. Despite the cold outside, it's boiling here. A girl giggles and, obviously drunk, drapes herself over me and then abruptly collapses. Somebody laughs. Nobody calls an ambulance.

Kiba's going to have a crapload to deal with in the morning.

I keep shoving, no longer bothering with "Sorry"s and "Excuse me"s. I could've said "Fire department" and no-one would have budged an inch anyway. By the time I've dragged myself into a free corner to breathe, Kiba and Hinata are nowhere in sight.

But then again, I'm short. Not much is ever in sight for me.

"Looking for someone?"

"Shit!" I yell, jumping a mile and looking around wildly. "What the fu –"

I realise who it is and my voice dies away rather lamely.

It's Sasuke. Though it doesn't look like him – it's as if someone had taken Chouji's words literally and dumped him in an entire vat of black paint. Black jeans, black hoodie, black choker, black eyes. On anyone else, I would've cracked up laughing; on him, it seems to fit. The look lends him a dangerous mystique that both attracts and repulses me.

"Emo enough there?" I say, hiding my discomfort behind the light banter.

He looks confused. "What?"

"I said – oh look, never mind. What are you doing here?"

His lip quirks. "I'm at a party. What do you think I'm doing here?"


"You get invited, or did you invite yourself?" I say, folding my arms. Somehow, I don't think Kiba would've asked him along. No offence.

"I know someone." His arms, braced with his hands in his pockets, arch gracefully from his hips. "Anyway, this is one dodgy party. No atmosphere at all. Just people standing around getting drunk."

"There wasn't supposed to be so many people," I bite back, leaping to Kiba's defence. "And isn't that what you Americans do anyway in your spare time? Get drunk?" (A/N: Naruto's POV, not mine. I'm not anti-American. Just letting you know.)

He snorts, looking around. The paleness of his skin leaps out from the semi-darkness.

"We don't just get drunk, Uzumaki, we get laid. Not much chance of that happening here, though."

"What, 'cause Australian chicks have higher standards?" I pout at him mockingly, widening my eyes. "Oh, such a pity, Sasuke. Poor baby. Don't worry, Mummy will change your diaper soon and give you a lollipop."

He stares at me, before finally looking away and rolling his eyes. "You're so stupid."

"That's my job!" I chirp back at him, treating him to my highest-wattage grin. "Anyway, I'm gonna go find Sakura. Catch you later."

I don't get more than two paces into the swarming crowd when he joins me. I look at him in surprise.

"Quit following me, buddy! Don't you have drinks to spike or something?"

"I'm bored. And we Americans don't need to resort to drink-spiking, the girls recognise quality when they see it."

I'm left with no doubts as to what quality he might be referring to. He's smirking and looking down, for starters.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. I get the point. The girls just love you. And I suppose that's why you Americans are all so keen to jump ship to Australia, then."

"Don't get a big head, Uzumaki. We come here simply because the girls are cheaper. One dollar American is one and a half Australian, after all. More bang for your buck. Or our buck, rather."

I turn – not as easy as it sounds, when you can barely move – and slog him in the shoulder, laughing.

"Go away," I say. "I have to go find Sakura. I don't have time to swap crap with you."

He sobers slightly, his eyes darkening at the fringes. "Why, what is your obsession with this Sakura chick?"

"She's my girlfriend, dumbass. Ugh, shit, sorry, didn't mean to step on your foot –"

"You have a girlfriend?" Sasuke asks, as a girl with blonde streaks and a miniskirt swears at me and attempts to stab me with her stiletto.

"I said sorry already – fuck, that hurt! Jesus! I said sorry!"

"Sakura's your girlfriend?" Sasuke asks again, raising his voice a little.

"Yes, dammit, that's what I just said! Ouch, crap, that'll leave a bruise. Gah. Bitch."

I hobble the remaining way to the stairs, with no kind feelings towards any kind of shoe worn by the female race. Weapons of mass destruction, the whole lot of them. Bush should turn his attentions to them next, after he's done pulverising Iraq. DWDFF: Declaring War on Dangerous Feminine Footwear.

"I didn't know you had a girlfriend."

"Well la-di-dah," I snap irritably. Still in pain. "I wasn't aware I had to notify you of the fact. Have a cry."

"Maybe I will," he says sulkily.

"Well don't do it here, then. You'll wreck my reputation."

I laugh, shaking my head as Kiba pins Sasuke with a death-glare. He's arrived with a vodka in each hand, obviously with the mission of getting me hammered. Well, guess Kiba will always be Kiba. The alcohol is, however, momentarily forgotten: Sasuke's here, and that changes things.

The sulk goes out of Sasuke's eyes instantly, replaced by a cool superiority.

"Your reputation, Inuzuka? I didn't realise it could go any lower. Not the way this party is going."

"I'm sorry, were you even invited, dickhead?" Kiba retorts.

"I don't need an invitation," Sasuke counters smoothly. "You should be honoured I'm here at all."

Kiba snorts. "Your Mummy know you're up this late, Sasuke? Have you missed your bedtime story already?"

I'm tempted to let this go its course – Kiba comes up with the best insults sometimes – but I need to get upstairs to Sakura, and this isn't helping things.

"Look, you two fight it out, alright? I'm going upstairs to check on Sakura. Don't go at it too hard though, Kiba, or you'll have to clean the blood out of the carpets tomorrow morning. Damn nuisance. Trust me."

Sasuke looks at me as if I'm mad. I give him a thumbs-up and, before Kiba can shout out a "What the fuck, man?", I'm already halfway up the stairs.

Sakura's flat on Kiba's bed, face-down, her pink hair loose over her shoulders. It reaches her shoulder blades, sticking to her sweat-slicked skin; she's not moving. Must have had at least two vodkas, at a guess. Maybe three and then a beer.


No answer. Then again, I hadn't expected one.


"She's out like a light," offers Kiba, sliding into the room after me and smirking at Sakura's back. His hands are empty. "Had one vodka and bam, down for the count."

"Bet it was you who gave her that one vodka," I say. I sit down next to her on the bed, combing some of the hair out of her face. I think she's asleep.

"Could've been. I just knew she couldn't handle it. Thought it'd be funny."

"Yeah, 'cause watching girls pass out is just hilarious."

He squints at my sarcasm. "Hey, man, not my fault you weren't there. Next time you just need to come earlier if you wanna catch your girlfriend giggling and trying to pole dance. Fucking hilarious."

I whirl on him.

"She what?!"

He shrugs, grinning. I catch his canines: they glint next to his lips. "I'm fucking serious, she tried to pole dance. Paris Hilton moment, I swear. Didn't think she was that kinda girl, but meh, go figure. I think Shikamaru got it on camera, I'll get him to send you a copy if you want."

"Oh God. I think I need to get her home."

"What, you gonna drive her home?! Now?! You're not serious."

"She's smashed, Kiba! I'm not gonna leave her alone here where some idiot may peep in, find her all nice and asleep, and then take advantage. If this was Hinata, you'd drive her home too."

"Hinata wouldn't get smashed in the first place."

I roll my eyes. "That's not the point, Kiba."

He huffs, throwing up his hands. I catch a smile on his face, but the lights are out and I can't be sure. Kiba's always pulling my leg.

"Fine, I'll get Lee to drive her home. He lives in Brookfield, and he's leaving the party anyway."

Lee? I don't know a Lee.

"I'm not gonna let some random drive Sakura –"

"He's not a random, he's Lee. Look, just don't worry, alright? Sakura's gonna be fine. With you as her beau, she doesn't have a choice. Stop fussing like a girl."

"I'm not –"

"What you need is a drink, my friend," he interrupts, clapping me on the shoulder and yanking me up by the elbow. "Relax a bit, this is standard procedure. Lee's a good guy, he goes to our school, he's in my Chem class. Not that kinda guy." He frowns. "A bit hyper, but that's not necessarily a bad thing."

I sigh, giving up. "Fine. Okay. I'll take your word for it, Kiba."

"Of course you will. Now I have the privilege of getting you drunk too."

"I don't need you to get me drunk, I'm perfectly capable of getting hammered by myself, thank-you," I smirk, shoving my hands into my jeans pockets as he steers me out of his room. A certain guilt stirs in my stomach – getting smashed the day after a funeral? – but I push it away. "Getting drunk is my expertise."

"Tch, keep up the tough talk, Naruto. Keep it up. Maybe tomorrow, pigs will fly."

I can't find anyone. This place is so crammed that even when I stand on a chair, all I see is a sea of heads. Once, I think I recognise Ino's blonde ponytail, but Kiba has the lights going all over the place and I miss it when I look again. I sigh, feeling lonely and a little frustrated. Kiba's gone hunting for Hinata again (was there ever a more determined Romeo?) and I'm just standing there, thinking to myself that even Sasuke's company is better than this, when –

"Hey, baby."

Holy shit.

It's Sasuke.

Did my ears just fail me? Did I just hear –

"You look a little lost."

I squint a little, and relief washes from my head to my toes. Not Sasuke, thank God. But someone who looks almost identical; dark hair; dark eyes; even the same dark clothes, but he has on a tank top that exposes his midriff and his jeans ride low on his hips, baring his hip bones. Definitely not Sasuke.

"What did you just call me?" I say, slightly aggressively, staring at his jeans. I can't help wondering how he manages to walk without them falling down.

He smiles, but there's something artificial in it – as if he's just fumbled around in a bag and pulled on a mask.

"I called you baby. Why, what's the matter? Can't stomach it?"

"I'm straight." I make an effort to push past him, but he throws an arm around my waist and pulls me back. "Hey, buddy, what the fuck?"

"I said, you look a little lost."

"And I said, I'm straight, so unless you want a foot up your ass, I suggest you leave me alone."

"A foot?" He frowns. "Not exactly what I had planned. Wrong region of the anatomy, babe."

You can't be serious.

"You're wasting your time," I say. "I just told you, I'm straight."

"Nice try. But I saw you eyeing that guy before. If you're straight, I'd eat my –"

"Eyeing that guy? What guy? Look, just fuck off, alright?"

He smirks and blocks me again. "That guy with the black hair. You ditched him at the stairs, but I could tell you were drooling. He looks a bit like me."

"What, Sasuke? You must be kidding me. The guy's a damn bastard. Now get outta the way."

I manage to shove past him and plough into the crowds, determined to lose him. He doesn't let up, though; he's following me closer than my own shadow.

"Hey, no need to be so rude, babe. Don't you even want to know my name?"

"No," I say flatly.

He chuckles as if I've just told a mildly entertaining joke. "You're good at playing hard-to-get, aren't you?"

A guy on my left looks at me with interest; for a moment, I catch his brown eyes gleaming curiously at me, and then I've pushed past him and I'm in the right wing of Kiba's house, just outside the dance floor. The music throbs thickly like syrup through the air, pulsing from the eight speakers.

Tank-top's still behind me. Irritated, I push towards the bar, desperate to lose him.

"Where are you going?"

"None of your business," I snap at him under my breath.

"How is it not my business? If I'm gonna sleep with you, I gotta know where you're going."

Okay. That's it. I've had enough.

"For starters, numbface, I'm not gonna sleep with you. Even if I wasn't straight, you'd be the last on my To-Do list. Second, I'm sick of you following me, so if you don't mind –"


Well, fuck.

"Shut up, Sasuke," I say irritably, not looking at him. "Can't you see I'm in the middle of something?"

Before I can say anything else, I feel a hand on my shoulder; Sasuke's using me to pull himself up into a standing position. I wonder briefly why he needs me for support, but then his breath flits past my cheek and I catch the tell-tale scent of alcohol.

Great. A drunk Sasuke. How brilliant. What I've always wanted.


"Who are you?" he says lowly, squinting past me at Tank-top. The words come out clearly enough, but the way he's swaying – I can tell by his grip on my shoulder – betrays him.

"I can deal with this, Sasuke," I hiss at him out of the corner of my mouth.

He ignores me. "Who are you?" he says again.

Tank-top arches a brow. "My name's Sai, and that's my property you're touching just now."

Sasuke's eyes narrow, and his grip on me tightens. I wince. He's almost certainly left bruises, but right now is probably not the best time to bring that up.

"Your property?" His voice comes out as a dangerous drawl. "I dispute that."

"You 'dispute' that? What, we in law school now?"

"Look," I interrupt, in one last desperate bid to rescue the situation, "Sai or whatever your name is, just fuck off, alright? I'm not into you. I'm straight. So just leave."

Neither Sasuke nor Sai makes the slightest move to suggest they heard my words at all. I might as well be a toy or a twenty-dollar-note they're fighting over.

Humiliation burns up my cheeks as I suddenly realise that the face-off has drawn a crowd.

"You're Sasuke, aren't you?" Sai says, after a moment of mutual glaring. "Well well. Frankly, I thought you had better taste in guys, Naruto."

A few of the onlookers clap and hoot. A girl in a sequinned top giggles.

"I'm straight, for the final time!" I say, exasperated. This is just going round in circles. "What part of the word 'straight' don't you understand?!"

"Shut up, Naruto."

Sasuke is really starting to get on my nerves. I open my mouth to say so, but Sai beats me to it.

"Are you with him?" he asks, aiming the question at Sasuke but jerking his head at me.

Sasuke says 'yes', at the precise moment that I say 'no'.

"Fight!" someone yells from the crowd; the chant is taken up by a few others, and the girls laugh. Fight? I doubt Sasuke can even stand in his present condition, let alone fight. My cheeks heat up again. I can't believe this.

"I don't like guys!" I yell. "I'm straight! I have a girlfriend! Now both of you, fuck off!"

"In denial," Sai drones without looking at me.

"Are you sure that's not you?" I mumble back, baring my teeth.

"Hey, hey, hey, what's going on over here, man?"

I've never been more relieved to hear Kiba's voice. As he shoves his way through the crowd, with Hinata – looking stunned – in tow, I can almost hear angels singing in the background. Even the chants die away to a half-hearted mumble as he arrives on the scene.

"What's with this yell – Naruto?!"

"Hey," I say, giving a weak smile. "How's it goin', cowboy?"

Sasuke's fingers dig into my skin again and I fall silent. I chance a glance at him; to my surprise, there's no hint of drunkenness in his dark eyes, only a sharp sort of fury, like a hurricane trapped in a glass jar.

"Naruto?!" Kiba demands loudly, a confused anger in his voice. "What's going on?!"

Sai shifts. To my surprise, he's smiling again; that fake, plastered smile. He takes a step back, and his eyes – so like Sasuke's – flick to Kiba's furious face.

"No need to have a heart attack, Inuzuka. I'm signing out already."

"Who are you?" Kiba retorts pointedly.

"Doesn't matter, I'm leaving anyway." He pauses, and looks at me. "If you're ever looking for a good time, Naruto, just remember, I'm available."

He winks; I resist the urge to smash his face in. From behind me, Sasuke growls.

And then in a moment the boy named Sai is gone, melted into the crowd; the tension leaves in a single whoosh and chat breaks out again, coupled with laughter and the general dispersal of people. I don't move, my head lowered in embarrassment as the onlookers drift away – some to the dance floor, others to the bar on my left – and then Kiba's right before me, waving a hand in front of my eyes.

"Hey, man, what the fuck was with that?!"

"Nothing," I say, attempting to shrug it off. "The guy hit on me and Sasuke got all pissed off. No big deal."

"No big deal? You guys looked like you were getting ready for a brawl."

"Sasuke's drunk," I say by way of explanation.

It's then that I realise that his vice-like grip is no longer on my shoulder; I turn, and to my surprise, there's no-one there. He's gone.

And then I look down.

"Oh, you're not serious," I groan. He's flat on the floor – guess the alcohol got to him after all. I suppose it was a lucky thing to have happened when no-one else was watching, otherwise his head wouldn't be the only thing hurting afterwards. His pride would have taken a good battering as well.

Kiba follows my gaze and rolls his eyes. "Ugh. Can't hold his liquor, I suppose. Always knew he was a girl."

"W-we should probably get him h-home," stutters Hinata; her voice is unexpected and I almost jump. "N-Naruto-kun, do you know where he lives?"

I shake my head mutely, and then my eyes widen. "Oh, hang on. I think I do. He told me he was staying at Kakashi's place."

"Kakashi?" says Kiba sceptically. "You mean, Hatake's place? Why's he staying with a teacher?"

"No idea," I say honestly.

We stare at him for a while longer.

"I'll call a cab," says Kiba finally. "Naruto, you stay here with him, make sure he doesn't get run over or something."

"Run over?" I quip with a snort. "By what? A rogue shot glass?"

He ignores me.

"Hinata, you go upstairs – I have a computer on in the study. Get onto Google and see if you can find Hatake's address somewhere. Otherwise the bastard here" – he kicks Sasuke to make his point – "isn't going anywhere anytime soon."

They leave, and I look back down at said bastard. He's still curled up on his side, his hair falling over his face; no response to Kiba's kick at all. I can't help thinking that, bet or no bet, he doesn't seem too concerned for someone who's supposed to be fearing for his life. I could stab him right now, for instance, and the world would be none the wiser.

Well, can't leave him there, I suppose. He might get trodden on. Not that he'd notice.

With a sigh I bend down, looping his arm around my neck. He groans a little at that, and his eyes flicker open; he's still dazed.

"I – Naruto?"

"Up, teme," I answer, and tug him forcefully to his feet. He follows the movement clumsily, lurching against me. "Can you stand?"

"I don't think so."

"Sit down, then. Kiba's calling you a cab."

He collapses onto a nearby barstool, then promptly buries his head in his hands. His eyeliner's smudging – his face looks like an abstract black-and-white painting. Despite myself, I'm starting to feel sorry for him.

"A water, please," I say to the bartender, with a meaningful glance at Sasuke.


I turn to face him, resting my arm absently on the countertop. "What?"

"I'm not drunk."

"Like hell you aren't," I say. "You're going home, at any rate. Where do you live? Hinata's gone to look up your address."

That produces a reaction – an unanticipated one. He lunges forward, almost knocking over his chair, and grabs me by the collar; for an insane moment I think he's about to kiss me, but his lips stop short.

"She's gone to look up my what?"

I can't help it; my eyes drift to his, and I'm jolted again at the sober edge in them. Maybe that drunken collapse was feigned, I think wildly. He certainly looks alert to me.

"Your address. To take you home."


Why? Why? 'Cause you're fucking drunk, dumbass!

"You need to ask?" I say aloud instead, deciding not to make him angry.

He pauses. It's a very long pause: the seconds stretch by like hours. He's so close, I can feel the heat of him – his breath, his scent, his presence; they press against the edge of my mind like solid objects. His eyes rest on mine and for a strange, timeless moment I wonder why they are so dark, so soulful, like a campfire burning low, the smoke transient and twisting upward in shadowy spires. Was it like this with Gaara? Did I feel for Gaara this same fascination, this impossible cryptic tug on my being, that Sasuke seems to draw out in me so easily? And then Sakura – in the context of this, what do I feel for her? No – I don't even know. No-one knows. Not me, not Sasuke, not anyone. Against Sasuke's eyes, Sakura's smile pales and fades. Against Sasuke's eyes, I cannot even remember with certainty her face.

"Sasuke," I say. "I..."

I don't know what to follow it up with and I stop. His eyes reach into me, seeking me out. I'm falling – I don't know where I am anymore – there is just his gaze, his even gaze that probes deep into me, and his closeness...

He kisses me.

There is no roughness; nothing to remind me of Gaara. And yet it is not soft; nothing to remind me of Sakura either. I close my eyes, not knowing what else to do; my feelings are as alien to me as if I were an outsider, standing a little to the side, watching myself kiss Sasuke. His hand leaves my collar and moves to the back of my head, pulling me closer, his taste consuming me like shadow.


And then he's up, tugging at my arm – I let him drag me, dazed, unfocused – the bartender cries out a "Wait! Your water!" but I don't hear it, not really. The bodies pressing against me; the stifling lack of air; and then the staircase, and he's pulling me up it, his eyes desperate. Round the corner – two girls giggling – we pass them, another corner again, and he slams me against the wall and kisses me again, hard, so hard I can taste the frustration in his mouth.

"Naruto," he whispers when he pulls away. "Oh God, I can't do this, but –"

And then a door, and he's tugging me, and a room – Kiba's room, I think vaguely – and then he's on me, my back against the sheets of Kiba's bed, where Sakura lay just hours before – just hours! It feels like years – his body warm, his breath warm, and his eyes blazing.

"Sasuke," I say again; but this time he doesn't care.

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