Heart In A Headlock

Heart In A Headlock

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Author's Note: I started this fic back on a different username, and it's always sort of stuck in my head. I have a feeling it will stay with me forever unless I do it justice. It's incest-y, so if you are not a fan, don't read it. Or if you do read it and feel it's necessary to review, please keep the flaming to a minimum. My Narnia fanfic is pretty much strictly movie-based since I haven't read the books since third grade. Anyway, enjoy!

Chapter One: I'm Sorry, Lu

Clear blue skies. Not a cloud in sight. It hadn't rained in days, and quite frankly, Edmund Pevensie was growing tired of the sunshine. Edmund was sitting glumly at the window seat watching the very little to nonexistent traffic in the street below. Abruptly his younger sister Lucy came dashing indoors from the backyard, hollering his name. "Ed! Edmund, come look at what I found!"

He craned his neck to see her. He glowered at her with his usual grumpy expression as she dragged him outdoors into the warm sunlight (he hated the sun at that proper moment) and to the cement by the shelter built for protection against any airborne nuclear attack (the war was another thing Edmund hated, yet seemed to be dragged into). There Lucy flopped down onto her stomach with a lopsided grin spreading across her round face.

Tilting his head to the side, Edmund inquired in a snarky tone, "What is it that you found?"

Lucy exclaimed, "An anthill! Look at them all, Ed! There's so many, and they're all so busy! They move so fast, too!" She was entirely engrossed in awe at the conventional creatures. Edmund, on the other hand, was not. He could not figure what was so great about a bunch of ants. Lucy had seen them before, but he guessed her weekend was a total bore too. Or maybe she was merely trying to annoy him. He wouldn't put it past her - she did it all the time and did a wonderful job of it.

Edmund sat down on the pavement and began plucking up grass from the side of the cement. It was then that a small, hopping form caught his eye. He watched it, a brown toad, with a mischievous smirk creeping onto his lips. He glanced sideways at Lucy, who was still watching ants, and leaned forward with his arm outstretched. Placing his hand flat on the ground, palm face-up, he waited. Within seconds the toad hopped onto his hand, and he immediately closed his other hand over it, muttering, "Perfect."

Slowly he got to his feet and stood behind Lucy. In one swift action he pulled back the collar of her shirt and dropped the toad down her back. Feeling the slimy and bumpy toad hop inside her shirt, Lucy Jumped to her feet and screamed, grabbing at her back. She was too afraid to reach under and get it, so she just ran about the yard screaming. The fear was apparent in her eyes and she was on the verge of tears, but Edmund was doubling over with laughter.

In time Peter and Susan came running out. Peter watched the scene for a split second before advancing on Edmund with a furious look glinting in his eyes. "What did you do to her?" he roared. He grabbed Edmund's shirt collar and pulled the younger boy closer to his face.

Afraid he would be hit, Edmund ditched his smirk and hurriedly explained, "I put a toad down her back, that's all!"

Peter gave him a nasty look and shoved him on the ground. He then ran off to help Lucy with the toad. Edmund sat up and brushed dirt off his shirt. He looked up only to meet the piercing eyes of his older sister Susan.

Peter had managed to get the toad untangled from Lucy's red shirt, and he carried her sobbing form over to Susan, who took her into the house to comfort her. Giving Edmund a last few words, "When are you going to grow up?" he followed the two girls inside.

Edmund gathered to his feet and inhaled. Despite almost getting battered by Peter, all he could do was laugh. It was funny! He laughed aloud to himself for a while before heading toward the house. Casting the sun a dark glance, he shut the door tightly behind him.

The rest of the day Lucy hid in hers and Susan's bedroom, playing with her assorted toys. Edmund spent the rest of the afternoon building a track of books through the living room and then knocking them down, observing the chain effect it created. At dinner Lucy wouldn't even meet his eyes, and he started to feel guilty when she declined his offer to play checkers. Peter and Susan didn't help either with the way they kept staring until Edmund glanced up, at which time they would turn away with expressions of utmost disappointment. Even their mother gave him a slight frown when Lucy moped away to her bedroom after dinner. Susan must have tattled, Edmund thought to himself.

That night while in bed, all Edmund could think about was Lucy's sad face. And Peter's words. "When are you going to grow up?" He tossed and turned in his bed. Maybe he could just say sorry and she could give him a hug like she always did - as much as he disliked hugs. Finally Edmund sat up and went to the bathroom, making a face at Peter's sleeping form on the way out.

When he finished in the bathroom, Edmund sulked out into the dark living room and sat down on the sofa, head in hands. He sat there with his eyes closed in peace for a moment or two until he heard the soft thud of a door closing. He watched the doorway and soon a small, dark figure appeared. Lucy. Edmund sat up a bit and called out to her, "Lucy?"

She made her way over to Edmund and stood in front of him. Her sadness was still present, and maybe even a little anger. Edmund sighed and hoisted her up off the floor, setting her on his lap. "Luc.."

Lucy interrupted him with a question that made Edmund's stomach twist into knots, "Why are you mad at me, Edmund?" Her voice was full of confusion.

Edmund furrowed his brow and tried to find his voice, "Me? Mad at you?" He paused. "I'm not. I thought you were mad at me, Luc."

She shook her head, "No. I wasn't mad at you, Ed. I just wondered why you were so mean to me today. What did I do wrong?"

"You didn't do anything wrong," Edmund quickly replied. "It was just…a joke." He realized how pathetic that sounded now. It made him sound like such a bully. A bad brother.

"Oh," was her soft response.

Edmund brushed her brown hair back and muttered, "I'm sorry, Lu." He wrapped his arms around her small body.

Lucy smiled, and it was obvious even in the dark. "It's okay, Ed."

Edmund carefully leaned back and lay down with Lucy. He pressed his face into her hair. She rolled over, pressing her elbow into his gut for a bit, and then nestled her head on his shoulder, gazing up at him. He gazed back at her and placed a kiss on her jaw line. She kissed him back, except hers was by his nose, just under his eye. He grinned and tightened his arms around her, closing his eyes and relaxing.

Her head on his chest warmed him, and the words, "I love you, Lu," formed in his head. He must've said them aloud because she murmured, "I love you too, Ed."

Sleep drifted over them like a blanket, and there on the sofa they laid for the next seven hours until daylight.