-1Chapter 1-

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"Are we sure this is the right place?" Lexxa ask the other two that are in their new 'sanctuary'.

It has been almost two years since the destruction of there other home. Most of it had been in hiding waiting for the next step.

Other times like tonight they are seeing activities that seem out of the normal. Mutant related.

Like tonight. Brennan and Lexxa are out looking for mutant related robberies in prestige buildings where they seem to be doing some mutation experiments.

The descriptions of the people involve seem to be different each time but they follow the same pattern. According what they have heard it is a feral woman and a telekinetic man. They have guess probably in disguise.

The woman seem to be doing most of the hard work. But tonight Brenan and Lexxa are ready for her.

"According to our anonymous informant that is the right place." Shalimar tells them.

"You guys if you do see them be careful. The girl seems to be as power and fast as Shal here." Jesse says.

"How about her companion?" Lexxa ask them.

"He can hold his own but he prefers to fight from a distant." Shalimar tells them.

"You here that?" Brennan says.

They stay quite for a few minutes.

"We have to go guys." Lexxa informs the two before she closes communications.

"I should have gone instead." Shalimar tells Jesse.

"Yeah with a broken leg. I don't think so, Shal. Besides those two can fight good. They have you to fight here." Jesse tells her.

"Funny." she says sarcastically.

The other two…

"We can sure use Shalimar right now." Lexxa says quietly. "You can barely see a thing here."

Before Brennan can answer something. More like someone jumps out of nowhere and falls on her feet right between them.

"Good." she says. "That will make it easier for me to kick your ass."

Both Brennan and Lexxa turn to see the blond feral. Before they can take a good look at her she began to move fast. She jump up and kick both of them in the same time. Then she went after Brennan when Lexxa turn invisible and move out of the way quickly. But when Lexxa saw that Brennan hit's the wall hard and has a dazed look she tries to grab the feral from behind but she moves away quickly.

Before Lexxa can react he is quick so hard that her vision goes blur as she falls to the ground. All she is able to notice is the blond girl nodding at something and disappearing.

Back home

"I can't believe she kicked your asses." Shalimar says teasingly but still mad. "I knew I should have gone."

"You are hurt Shal. That's why you didn't go." Brennan says with worry for her girlfriend.

"But I bet I would have lasted longer than you two with her." she says joking at him.

Bang! A load noise is heard as something hard hit's the metal table.

All three turn to the other woman. She is piss off.

"I can't believe that brat beat us." she says in frustration. "We are suppose to be the best of the best and a little girl beat us up."

"Calm down honey." Jesse says walking towards her. "I know why don't we all get clean up and go out to dinner. All four of us." he says giving a look to Shalimar.

"You guys already had this plan out." Brennan tells them.

Shalimar walks over to him and hugs him. She nods looking up into his eyes.

"Come on it will be fun." she tells them.

"I am still steamed up." Lexxa tells them.

"Then you take out your frustrations on the lobster." Jesse tells her. "Please lets go. I am tired of being stuck here all the time."

"All right." Lexxa says giving in.

Brennan just smiles at them.

The Restaurant

"Wow this is a really nice place." Brennan says.

"Fancy too." Lexxa says.

After they order Jesse feels an attraction to look towards the entrance to the restaurant at that moment Lexxa and Shalimar excuse themselves to go to wash there hands with Jesse barely noticing them get up.

In the entrance is a beautiful woman with long black hair and light brown skin color. She had the most beautiful hazel eyes frame by long lashes. What intrigue him the most was her secure walk as she is being led to a table near by.

There sitting at the table is a tall muscular man with dirty blond hair and emerald eyes.

"Jesse? Jesse!" Brennan says snapping his fingers in front of his friends eyes to get his attention.

"What?" Jesse says turning back his attention to him.

"Nothing." Brennan says shaking his head as he looks at the object of his friends attention. "She is not worth you ruining your relationship with Lexxa."

"No its not that. She looks familiar and so does that guy." he gets up and walks towards the woman's table.

"Jesse?" the man ask.

"Alex, its that really you?" Jesse ask surprise to see his childhood friend.

"Yes it is. Its been so long." the man says. "You remember my cousin."

Jesse turns to the stunning woman that caught his eyes just a few minutes ago.

"Wow, Betty you look amazing." he tells her.

She puts on a fake smile.

"I prefer being call Elizabeth now. Faith also works." she says coldly.

Jesse turns to Alex with asking eyes. He just shrugs.

"Why don't you two join us in our table? That way we can catch up." Jesse says cheerfully.

"I think we are perfectly fine here, Martin." Elizabeth says not looking at him.

"No I do think we should join them." Alex says.

"We are here to talk business cousin." she says in a low whisper.

"We can talk about it at home." he tells her back.

Jesse then sees his two girlfriends come back and turns to them again.

"I should go now. If you guys change your mind the offer is still open."

Jesse then nods at them and goes back to his own table.

When Jesse leaves the table the man turns to his cousin.

"Why are you so mean to him?" Alex as the woman.

"You should know why." she snaps at him. "Besides those two over there are the same people from earlier tonight." she says signaling at Brennan and Lexxa. "And blondie there is a feral."

"Which would mean that we need to get close to them to see what they are up too." Alex finally finishes.

"Alex, I don't want to be near him." she says with a growl.

"Well you don't have a choice." he says taking her hand and leading her to the other table.