Devoted Love

Devotion to a Murderer

Notes and Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Halloween characters or Freddy Krueger…but Jen is my character! This story takes place two years after the events of "Love of a Killer," except for the prologue. I hope this story will be received as well as the first one was. Now here is the prologue…enjoy it and Love it!!


Haddonfield, Illinois

October 31, 2003

He walked stealthily through the burned wreckage of the barn, glancing around at its destruction. He'd been driving a few miles away when he'd gotten the call about the burning barn and how he should go check it out. He'd accepted the challenge of course, after all, there was always a chance that perhaps he had been involved in the incident or had something to do with it.

When he'd driven to the destroyed barn, he'd been pleased to see that all of the cops and firemen had gone away and left it completely abandoned, just enough time for him to look around. There wasn't much left to see, save for some destroyed farm machinery and a bloodied pitchfork. He examined the blood carefully and rubbed a cotton ball against it to produce a sample. He placed the bloodied cotton ball into a plastic bag; anxious to see whether or not it connected to the man he was looking for when he spotted a mutilated corpse lying nearby. His mouth dropped open at the sight of a hideously burned man and his many body parts being strewn about the floor. One of his arms had knives attached to the fingers and beside it, lay his head. The eyes were wide open and the mouth seemed to be barely moving.

He let out a small gasp and he weakly croaked, "I'll get you…I'll get both of you…"

The man slowly stood up and stood before the mutilated man with a slight look of disgust. Clearing his throat to get the freak's attention, he asked, "What did you mean, you'll get them both?"

The head looked up at him and with a growl it uttered, "What's it to you, fucker?"

"Just curious as to who you meant. I happen to be looking for someone and this seems like his kind of work," the man replied.

The head snarled at him and croaked, "Do you even know who I am, you fucking idiot?"

The man raised an eyebrow and replied coldly, "No, I'm afraid I don't. However, will you kindly inform me so I'll know? I wouldn't want to be in trouble, now would I?"

The eyes on the mutilated creature narrowed at him and growled, "I'm Freddy Krueger, the Springwood Slasher and I can make your dreams a living hell!"

The man crossed his arms and answered, "Well, Mr. Krueger, is it? Now that I am aware of your…identity, would you mind telling me who did this to you? As I stated, I'm looking for someone by the name of Michael Myers and this appears to be like something he would do."

Freddy laughed weakly and said, "Ah yes, that was what that bitch called him…Michael Myers, that fucking masked fucker!"

The man knelt by Freddy's head and asked, "What do you mean, that bitch? Are you saying there was someone with Michael Myers?"

Coughing, Freddy snarled, "Yes, a witch by the name of Jen Blackwell."

"Jen Blackwell? What business do you have with her?" the man asked, interest peaking in his voice.

Freddy's head shuddered a little and he answered, "I'm after Jen Blackwell because of what her family did to me…they made me like this…made me look like this monstrous form. I would've had her dead if her masked boyfriend…what's his name? Oh yes, if that masked boyfriend of hers, Michael, hadn't been there!"

"So, is Michael the one who mutilated you?" the man asked calmly.

Freddy's growl deepened and he hissed before answering, "That witch Blackwell did most of the work, but her Michael was the one who decapitated me!"

The man raised his eyebrows in amusement and muttered, "Yes, that's just like Michael. When his knife fails him, he resorts to other methods."

Glancing back at Freddy, he asked, "One more question, Mr. Krueger. Do you know where they're hiding?"

Freddy gave a weak bitter laugh and snarled, "If I knew that, do you think I would be lying here right now, you idiot?!"

The man sighed and said with slight irritation to his voice, "Of course, I should've known better. Damn it!"

Freddy coughed out some blood and narrowing his eyes at the man, he growled, "So why the fuck are you asking me these questions anyway? You're after Blackwell too, aren't you? Well, I'll have you know she's mine. No one is allowed to kill her but me!"

The man gave a slightly sadistic chuckle and replied, "I told you before, Mr. Krueger, I'm after Michael Myers. As far as Jen Blackwell is concerned, well…it's quite interesting. In all the years I've known him, Michael Myers has never had himself a companion before. Yes…this will be very interesting indeed."

Freddy snarled and said, "What do you mean 'interesting?' And are you just gonna stand there staring at me or are you fucking gonna help me?"

The man stood up and said, "Well, Mr. Krueger, quite frankly the sight of you sickens me. I can see why both Michael and Ms. Blackwell would want to…chop you up. Clearly Michael's left a job unfinished, so I'll be more than happy to finish it for him."

Freddy's mouth gaped open as the man stood and took the bloodied pitchfork in his hands. Before Freddy could speak, the man continued, "One more thing. Thank you for the valuable information on Ms. Blackwell. You've just shed some light on my search for Myers. With this new information, I should be able to find him soon, hopefully."

Freddy managed to cry out, "What the fuck are gonna do to me?"

The man gave an evil smile and said, "I'm just going to end your already worthless life. Again, thanks for the information…I'll think of you fondly when I've found Michael Myers."

As Freddy let out a croaked scream, the man sent the sharp knives of the pitchfork onto Freddy's decapitated head. As the man dropped the pitchfork, his grin widened as he watched blood seep down onto the burned straw. He loved the sight of blood; it excited him to no ends. Freddy did not speak again after that and without certainty, anyone could see that he was truly dead now.

Letting out a satisfied grunt, he pulled out his cell phone as he walked out of the barn. He dialed the number and tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for the receptionist to answer the phone. It had almost seemed like a year till she finally answered the damn thing.

"Hello, Smith's Grove Sanitarium office," a bright, cheerful voice answered.

The man took a breath and said, "It's Dr. Jacob Wynn. You know who to patch me into and be quick, I need to talk to her, right away!"

"Yes, Dr. Wynn," the cheerful voice replied.

The late Dr. Terrance Wynn had been Jacob's father. He'd been the administrator of Smith's Grove Sanitarium, but also the head of a secret Druid cult called, The Thorn Cult. Jacob had admired his father from the time he was young and couldn't have imagined a better man to be his father. In fact, he'd decided when he was as old and strong as his father, he'd be just like him. Well, he had thought that until his father had associated himself with Michael Myers.

"Yes, I'm here. What do you need?" asked a soft voice at the other end of the line.

Jacob shook his head from his thoughts of that bastard Michael Myers and replied, "I've recently discovered some valuable information about Myers. Apparently he's taken on a companion as of late. I want to look up the name, Jen Blackwell and find out everything you can about her."

"Jen Blackwell…right I've got it. I'll do what I can," the gentle voice replied on the other end.

Jacob smiled and said, "I knew I could count on you," before he hung up. After he placed the phone in his pocket, he rolled down the sleeve of his right arm and grinned at the Thorn tattoo on his wrist. It was exactly the same tattoo Michael had on his wrist.

Walking towards his car that was parked nearby, Jacob muttered, "Myers, your luck is about to change and your companion Jen Blackwell will lead me right to you."