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Chapter 12: Broken Promise

Haddonfield, Illinois

October 25, 2005

It was terribly difficult for Jen to fall asleep after telling Michael about the broadcast she had seen on the television just recently. Though there hadn't been any images released on the news, she could still envision the graphic descriptions in her mind. Neither Danny nor Martha had gone to check on Jen, which probably would've been for the best because they wouldn't have understood why she was so upset.

As Jen lay curled up in Michael's arms listening the beating of his heart and telling him what she'd seen, Michael was calmly listening to her speak and running his fingers through her hair gently. To him, this was somewhat troubling news considering there was someone out there either posing as him or it could be something completely new and unrelated to him. Personally, he didn't really give a damn about the victims who had been brutally and savagely killed; neither of them were Jen…or even better, none of them were himself. He also didn't care if he was being framed for killings he didn't do, it wasn't uncommon and it wasn't the first time anyone had blamed him for a murder that was not his own. Still, it bothered him knowing there was someone out there doing all this and who just might be a threat to Jen…or as much as he hated to admit it, possibly the Italian family as well. However, that latter thought was only because he knew how much they meant to Jen and how devastated she'd be if anything bad happened to them.

Once she had given him all of the details, Michael listened to her steadying breaths for a few minutes, letting her compose herself and giving her a chance to calm down. All the while, he continued to lay there on the bed with her, giving her comfort in his own way. Jen held onto Michael closely, cuddling next to him with her hands fisting the material of his mechanic's uniform. Eventually, her eyes were beginning to grow heavy and seeing this, Michael gently lifted Jen upwards in the circle of his arms. Before Jen could ask what he was doing, he began removing the clothes from her body.

She didn't really think anything of it at first, but when the cold chill began to hit her smooth skin and when Michael stood up to undress himself, Jen said, "Michael, I'm not in the mood tonight. Can we please have a rain check on this?"

Her question had caught Michael off guard. Sex was perhaps the furthest thing from his mind at the moment; although glancing at her in all her completely naked glory, the idea was quite tempting. Still, Jen wasn't in the mood and looked very tired from both the day's events and what she'd seen tonight, so he simply nodded in answer to her question. Jen smiled at him and crawling under the covers of her bed, whispered loud enough for him to hear, "Thanks Michael."

Once the mechanic's uniform had been discarded and the mask removed, Michael was beside her and under the covers next to her with his arms around her tired body. His regular breathing blew into her ear, fanning the top of her head. The steady rhythmic sound of Michael's breath eased Jen into a state of calm and eventually, the horrifying thoughts of that woman's murder were temporarily forgotten from her mind…at least until the next day.

That following morning, Michael was wandering the dark alleyways of Haddonfield as the sun rose higher behind one of the tall buildings. He'd hidden his butcher knife within one of the giant pockets of his uniform and was looking for any random thugs or perhaps a homeless person. Somehow in his wanderings this morning, there were none to be found so far. Then again, considering those were the kinds of individuals he'd been targeting for the past two years, it was a wonder if there were any left. How ironic that he might actually be saving this town without even trying. It was a truly ridiculous concept: Michael Myers rescuing the town of Haddonfield from all of its scum on the streets. It was enough to make him feel sick, not to mention downright outraged. He wanted Haddonfield to suffer from frightened screams, not breathe sighs of relief, especially around the time of year that belonged to him.

As he heard the happy voices of a young couple in one of the rundown apartments above his head, he felt the familiar stirrings of desire to brutally murder them buzzing in his head. It had been so long…he hadn't killed a teenager, an innocent or anyone who wasn't tainted by sin and evil for so long. Not since…no, he couldn't do it. He couldn't kill them; Jen would never forgive him. He had promised her he wouldn't do it and if he wanted to keep his relationship with Jen, he had to follow through with it.

However as he waited behind the alleyway watching the apartment, the thoughts of murdering the couple upstairs kept consuming his mind. Surely he could commit just one murder where the victims were normal individuals. Maybe just one senseless murder would be all it took to still the desire. Besides, with the string of murders occurring lately he could get away with it. Jen would just think it was the new killer, yet another crime he had not committed. Still, doing so meant he'd have to resort to methods other than his butcher knife. He'd have to get creative and use other weapons like sledgehammers, rope or a chainsaw. It was as he was contemplating the idea that Michael realized how much he had missed this. To being able to kill someone without a second thought and to even enjoy doing it. It thrilled him, satisfied him in more ways than one; a craving that his relationship with Jen could never fill no matter how many times they were intimate. A murderer was what he was and perhaps he'd gone soft over these past two years. Maybe it was finally time to have some fun…

Michael never got the chance to carry out his idea of murdering this couple. When he began to make his way toward the stairs in the back of the apartment complex, he heard the sound of a loud police car's siren wailing nearby. Opening the backdoor he'd entered, he swiftly glided back toward the alleyway he'd stood in moments ago and went behind an abandoned building that he had once used to stash some of his victims. As he'd reached the outside wall of the building, the police car with the wailing siren just pulled up to the apartment he'd been about to enter and two officers quickly stepped out of the vehicle and raced inside the backdoor he had just been in. Michael cocked his head in confusion; what were police doing in that building and why? Could it be that maybe the couple he'd been about to kill were going to be arrested for breaking the law? If so, he felt disappointed at the idea that maybe he'd mistakenly thought that they were innocent people. He could have been about to kill yet another menace to the streets of Haddonfield…wonderful.

As his breathing grew harsher out of his frustration for his lack of a murder victim, he watched as the two police officers emerged from the doorway and led out two frightened individuals, whom he assumed was the couple upstairs. However, as more people stepped out of the back door as well, Michael's breathing grew soft and once again, he found himself confused. Why were more people coming out of the apartment complex and why did they all look so frightened? It wasn't that he didn't enjoy seeing them in fear, but he did wonder just what it was that made them all so afraid. Was this maybe an arrest of many individuals selling drugs or a gang finally brought to justice? Still, a lot of these individuals didn't look like criminals, but ordinary, normal people. It was confirmed as such when he saw a police officer with the nametag of Officer Mackenzie trying to comfort a young woman who seemed on the verge of a major breakdown.

"Miss, please calm down. We have more officers showing up to check the inside of the building and we'll make certain that each of you folks gets to a safe place," Officer Mackenzie spoke in a soothing tone.

The young woman lifted her eyes up from her trembling hands to the officer's face and cried out, "It doesn't matter where we go he'll always find us. No matter where you try to hide, that monster always gets what and who he wants!"

"Well, he's not likely to get what he wants today; thanks to that anonymous tip we received. If Michael Myers does try to leave the building, he will be shot on sight."

Michael's black eyes became wide with surprise. WHAT? Did that officer just refer to him? How? What had he possibly done to give himself away or for anyone to have seen him? Surely he had been careful and looked around first before walking toward the back of the building, hadn't he? There was no way anyone could have seen him; he was just too good. Then again, maybe he'd been too caught up in the excitement of the potential bloodbath he wanted to create that he hadn't bothered to be careful. Perhaps a passerby had seen him or someone in the adjourning apartment buildings had looked out their window and spotted him. It was all entirely possible and it wouldn't be the first time he'd accidently been spotted by someone.

"Who made that call? Are you sure it wasn't a prank call being made by some kid?" a nearby man with giant glasses and scared older woman on his arm asked.

Officer Mackenzie, who was still standing by the distraught young woman turned to him and replied with a look of annoyance, "Now why would anyone make a damn prank call about Michael Myers after all the hell he's put us through recently?"

"Well it's not an entirely dumb idea. You know how kids love to make pranks about this crap!"

"Honestly sir, considering everything that has happened recently, I think even teenagers in this town are past pranks and jokes about that murderer. Besides, being who Michael Myers is and all, it shouldn't be completely surprising that he would try to commit a murder in broad daylight."

"Here's a question I have for you, officer," butted in another man who had an angry expression on his face. "If the police are so on top of everything, why the fuck haven't you caught Michael Myers yet? Isn't it kind of odd how Haddonfield has to go through at least twenty murders from this freak until you actually get his exact location and try to put him down?"

Officer Mackenzie's face went from annoyed to just downright furious. It was true that he was just as frustrated as the public was about the lack of progress when dealing with Michael Myers over the years, but for the inhabitants to Haddonfield imply that the police couldn't do their job right didn't help matters at all. Biting back a string of obscenities he wanted to shout at the man, the officer replied with the same damn line that had been used for many years, "Sir, we are doing the best we can. Please stay calm and let us do our job."

"It's sure taking you long enough though. If you're doing your job so fucking well, then why has Michael Myers still been alive all these years? Why hasn't he been put in the ground and stopped permanently? He's probably out there right now murdering some innocent person while you all sit on your goddamn ass and pray he doesn't come to your house."

"Sir, you are being completely out of line-"

The angry man seemed to grow even more furious and stepping in front of Officer Mackenzie, he shouted, "It's the damn truth though, isn't it? It's not just me who thinks that, it's everyone in this goddamn town! What happens if he kills another family tonight? What will you do then, huh? Will you still think you did all you could to save us? Exactly how goddamn long do we have to wait until he kills everyone in Haddonfield?"

"Sir, that is enough! Stand over there quietly and please control yourself. You are not helping the situation in anyway and quite frankly, you are pissing me off. Now shut up and go stand with the others while the police and I take care of this." To emphasize his authority, Officer Mackenzie shifted his stance to make sure the man saw his gun and that he was not afraid to use it in the event that this man may decide to take his anger a step further. The desired effect was met for the agitated man stepped back begrudgingly and stood with the other tenants of the building.

Michael processed everything with curious and cautious eyes. So someone had apparently seen him and then called the police. Damn it! He should have been more careful! This was what happened when he went for too long without taking an innocent's life. He had gotten sloppy because of the easy kills he had been committing and what's more, they hadn't even been that enjoyable. He really regretted the promise he had made to Jen about not killing any more innocent lives. Not only was it messing up his technique, but it was also messing with his mind. He wanted to kill whomever and whatever walked his way; he was tired of killing criminals, drug addicts and homeless people. It was the high school teenagers, the well off adults and occasional suburban family that he wanted to see lying dead at his feet. The best kinds of kills were the ones who reminded him of Laurie, Jamie or whoever had been in his family…they were the only murders that had ever brought him any kind of joy.

Perhaps he needed to break his promise to Jen and go back to doing what he was best at; the only thing he was ever good at. He needed to find a teenager or anyone who reminded him of his family and senselessly kill them until their blood spilled onto the ground. As he thought of Jen, of the promise he would be breaking and of the lies he may have to make to her, he found to his astonishment that it did not torment him as much as he thought it did. If anything, he felt he should've pursued this option a long time ago…maybe he should've never agreed to that promise at all. It was true that he didn't want to lie to her and the very thought of hurting her or her walking in on him killing someone were the only things that made him feel any regret or disgust. It was exactly the reason why Jen would not find out about his breaking their agreement. She would never see nor would she ever know that he was going to kill innocent people again.

With this decided, Michael felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulders and resolved to himself to wait to kill someone, anyone really later this afternoon once Haddonfield sort of calmed down again. It was too harried and too busy for him to kill anyone at the moment because of the arrival of the police, so the best solution was for him to go into the alleyways and wait it out until things calmed down. Stepping into another alleyway that was directly away from the action going down at the apartment complex, Michael disappeared behind a darkened building and began to wait patiently. The old Michael Myers was back and come Halloween night, the streets of Haddonfield would run red with the inhabitants' blood.

As Michael began to think up new ideas of how he would run his murderous rampage of that night, he did not notice that someone was watching him from above the rooftop. Jacob Wynn sat relaxed at the edge of the building's roof with a sick, psychotic smile on his face. That phone call he had made to the police about Michael being near the apartment building had caused the lovely chaotic effect like he knew it would. The people of Haddonfield would be scared out of their minds now that there had been a 'Michael Myers sighting' in broad daylight and it would just make things more difficult for Michael. The best part about what Jacob had done was that he had ruined one of Michael's chances to kill someone and had nearly exposed him to the public. He knew that Michael had to be going crazy with fury at not having had his desired kill.

Jacob wasn't too heartbroken about the police not discovering Michael though; after all, he still had till the day after Halloween night to cause serious damage to his masked rival. Everything was going according to plan; soon he'd have Michael at his disposal to kill and then the Curse of Thorn would be his. He would be the chosen one, the true and only chosen one to own the curse. Standing up, he glanced at his cell phone and began to walk to the other end of the building where a ladder was attached for him to climb down. He would let Michael alone for right now, he had better fish to fry at the moment.

Miles away at HCC (Haddonfield Community College), Jen was randomly looking out the window in her English class, ignoring Mr. Warlock's endless talk about Hamlet, their latest reading assignment. Who the hell cared about discussing whether Hamlet was sane or crazy when there was a killer on the loose murdering innocent people? The thing that bothered her most was the way those poor innocents had been killed. It was so violent and gruesome, not to mention just downright sick. Who could possibly be so cruel as to inflict that much pain or torture on someone? Granted, Michael was guilty of murdering others and she was certain that he had probably involved some torture in his earlier kills. Still, Michael had promised her those days of him murdering innocent people wouldn't happen anymore and had compromised to merely dispatching of scum. She would've preferred that he didn't kill people at all, but she took what she could get. It was much better than the slaughter he had once performed on others.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her arm and turned to see Danielle looking at her with concern. Danielle glanced up at Mr. Warlock and then looked back at Jen and whispered, "Are you OK?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Jen lied quickly.

"Are you sure? You look really freaked out."

"No I don't."

"Yes you do. You look like you're about to jump out of your seat and run for the door."

Jen was about to protest again, but settled for being honest. What was the point in lying about her nervousness over what had happened recently in Haddonfield? "Well, how could I not be with all the awful things happening around here lately?"

Danielle looked sympathetic and whispered back, "I know just how you feel. My parents are all ready to buy our house a home security system. They actually didn't want me to leave for school today in fear that I wouldn't come back."

"I'm not surprised. To be honest, I'm amazed there hasn't been a curfew issued or something."

"I'm sure your parents are probably freaking out about that like mine are."

Jen bit her lip and almost drew blood, fighting to not physically recoil from the ache it brought her whenever she thought of her parents. No matter how many times she went on without thinking about them or despite the fact that it had been almost four years ago since Freddy had murdered her family, it was still a fresh and deep wound in her heart that would never go away. There were so many things that could never do with her family and so many moments or life experiences that would never be shared with them. It hurt her so much and the pain was still so raw. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she began to berate herself for allowing thoughts about her family to attack her at a time when there were already plenty of other scary things to worry about. Besides, she couldn't fall apart in class and not in front of her friend.

Mustering up the patience to speak, she finally responded, "Yeah, they're freaking out a lot too. Everyday this week so far they've been talking about how the police aren't doing everything they can to keep people in this town safe. I hope some form of action takes place soon."

"With the rate things are going, I think the police would be wise to do so. There's no telling when Michael Myers will show up."

Once again, it bothered Jen to hear someone talk crap about Michael when he wasn't the one going around doing the killings. Still, she had to remember that even if she said something about how Michael was innocent, not only would no one believe her but it would also bombard her with questions and extreme suspicion from others that would wonder why she was trying to defend Michael at all. No, she had to stay quiet and play along with the public's opinion that Michael Myers had been murdering a lot of people lately and that everyone should beware of him. Sighing, she replied, "Yeah, I know. You never know when he could show up or harm people."

"I don't know about you, but he scares the crap out of me."

"He scares me too. He really is the stuff of everyone's nightmares."

"Excuse me, Ms. Blackwell and Ms. Lewis. Is there anything special you would like to share with us," Mr. Warlock's voice boomed loudly.

Jen and Danielle looked up to find Mr. Warlock standing in front of their desk with his arms crossing and frowning with his copy of Hamlet dangling from his right hand. All of the classmates in the room were watching them with interested eyes, curious as to what would go down. Jen's face began to turn red immediately and Danielle's cheeks were right pink as she averted her gaze. Jen really didn't know what to say and hammered her brain for ideas.

"Well?" Mr. Warlock gave both of them a hard stare, which made Jen flinch a little.

Surprisingly, Danielle was the one to speak up and said nervously, "I'm sorry for our whispering, Mr. Warlock. I was behind on my notes for one of my classes that I take with Jen and she was just trying to help me catch up."

As Jen felt immediate guilt for Danielle pinning the blame on herself, Mr. Warlock raised his eyebrows and said, "While I admire your willingness to help one another, remember that you are in a class that is currently in session. You are not in study hall and you are most certainly not in high school anymore. If you come to my class, come in preparing to learn. If I find either of you talking during my class again, I won't hesitate to separate the both of you or throw you out of my class."

Jen bowed her head in embarrassment and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Warlock. It won't happen again."

"I apologize, Mr. Warlock," Danielle added in, looking equally embarrassed.

Mr. Warlock seemed satisfied with this and stepped away from their desks and started, "Now, as I was saying…"

For the rest of the class period, Jen and Danielle didn't say anything else to each other, but unlike Danielle who seemed to be glancing down at her journal writing notes down, Jen couldn't concentrate on the class. She was still too preoccupied with thoughts of what was happening in Haddonfield and the mysterious new killer who was stalking and killing people. This was becoming a huge problem and something sinister had definitely made its way into town. Whomever this new killer was, he/she needed to be stopped and soon. Otherwise no one would ever feel safe in Haddonfield again, if that were even possible considering all that had happened here.

When the class ended, Jen and Danielle walked into the hallway together and she said to Danielle, "I'm sorry that you took the blame for what happened in class."

Danielle smiled and said, "Don't worry about it, Jen. If I hadn't said anything, we'd probably be more humiliated than we are now."

"Maybe so, but you didn't have to blame it all on you."

"I don't mind. It was the best I could come up with and besides, we're still here, aren't we?"

"You're right, Danielle. I guess I just have a thing about other people taking the blame for me." Jen glanced down at the ground quickly after saying that and knew that what she'd just said wasn't a lie at all. She didn't like it when others took the fall for her. Danielle must have read what was on Jen's face for she spoke up again.

"Look, if you really feel that bad about it, you can make it up to me by buying me a coffee after class."

Jen managed to smile and replied, "Deal. One coffee coming your way tomorrow after Western Civilization I class."

Glancing at the clock on the wall, Danielle gave Jen a quick hug and said, "Well, time to go to Introduction to Music class and you onto work. It'll be a miracle if I survive having taken five classes this semester."

"You'll manage it, you're a good student. I'll see you tomorrow and good luck on your music test."

"Thanks. See you, Jen." Danielle waved to Jen, who waved back.

The moment Danielle disappeared from her view, Jen turned to walk down the stairs toward the front door and slipped on her sunglasses to guard against the bright sun. The entire time she walked back to Danny's Pizzeria, she tried to stay positive by thinking about the good things in her life so that she wouldn't think about the horrifying things happening in Haddonfield or the painful things from her past. Why shouldn't she be happy? She had a lot going for her in spite of everything. It was true that she had to tell lies about half the time everyday about her past and about her love life and it did bother her a lot. At least though she had friends that she could lie to after having been without them for so long. It didn't hurt that she had found three very decent friends too; all of whom she could tell genuinely liked her. She also had Danny and his family, who had been beyond kind to her and had obviously begun to treat her as a part of their family. Jen loved them and they loved her.

And then there was Michael; she had him in her life too. While the start of her relationship with him was definitely the most controversial and the most frustrating, his love had done wonders for her and at the end of the day, he made her happy. She did desperately wish that she could have a normal romance with him, but this was what she had chosen and they were making the best of it. Though she preferred eating in a restaurant with him as opposed to sneaking in other people's houses or eating outside at Haddonfield Park, they had still shared sweet moments and their evenings spent together had been anything but boring. Then again, when you ate your dinner across from a man who wore a blank white mask with fake hair, then you pretty much could guarantee that you'd be anything but bored.

Jen chuckled a little at her own private joke as she ran across the street toward where Danny's Pizzeria was. Walking through the front door, she smiled at and greeted Martha, who was manning the cash register at the moment and then headed upstairs to drop off her backpack and change into her uniform t-shirt. After tying her hair back in a ponytail and slipping the pumpkin charm necklace under her shirt, she went back downstairs and immediately took Martha's place up by the register and waited for customers to come in.

For about an hour, Jen's mind was completely focused on her work. Helping customers to a booth, taking their money or giving change back at the register and then wiping down the tables when customers had left. Though most people would be annoyed by those many tasks, Jen found it did not bother her at all. She was used to this now and found she could work like clockwork when she really needed to. However, that useful quality was about to fail her when she glanced briefly up at the television screen hanging on one of high walls while she was wiping down a table that needed to be cleaned. On the television, there was a grim looking reporter staring right into the screen.

"This morning about approximately 9:40 AM, police received an anonymous phone call about a Michael Myers sighting around downtown Haddonfield. Apparently according to the caller, Michael Myers was spotting around an apartment complex trying to break in. When police arrived and went inside the building, they did not find Michael Myers, but police have not ruled out the possibility that Myers wasn't actually there. We've also gotten word that Mayor Yates is expected to make a public announcement at some point this afternoon around 4 pm addressing the latest activity that has happened in Haddonfield. We will fill in you in on more details as we get them," the reporter spoke with a monotone voice that was obviously stressed from the endless reports about Michael Myers.

So much for the calm peace Jen had managed to achieve at work. Continuing to wipe down the table, she thought over what the reporter had said. There'd been a sighting of Michael? Yet had that actually been Michael or was it someone posing as him? It wouldn't have surprised Jen. After all, if someone was trying to frame Michael, why not take it a step further and dress like him as well? As she thought about someone trying to impersonate Michael physically, Jen felt a cold chill run down her spine. What if she ran into the killer and thought he was Michael? What she went into his arms and embraced him, only to have a knife plunged down her back? What if she told who she thought was Michael that she loved him and the killer would use that information to expose her relationship with Michael to the public first before killing her? Jen was so disturbed by all these possibilities that when she felt strange hands covering over her eyes so suddenly she started to scream.