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Chapter 1

"Anor….ahhh senpai…"

"Just tell me already. There's no point in dragging it out. Either way, I'm probably going to get mad." Chiaki told her from the kitchen while she worriedly sat on the living room floor.

It is not even 8 in the morning and she has gone and done something stupid. Why, oh why do I put up with the hentai?

"Senpai, Nodame didn't do anything. Nodame just….well, Nodame knows she is not supposed to bother Senpai while you are busy with work but Nodame really doesn't know who else to ask. I asked Tonya but she is with her upcoming exam. But this is my big performance at the conservatory since that recital all those months ago and Nodame wants to look like she deserves to be up there. Ever since that recital, people have nicknamed me 'Mozart'.

"Mozart? That sounds like a compliment more then an insult."

"Mukya, that's what Nodame thought so at first. But then Nodame found out that they called me Mozart because of that outfit I wore and not because of what I played. That is why this time, Nodame must wear something so beautiful, it will make Senpai drool and declare that I must be Senpai's wife."

"Gyabo!", as an apple was hailed at Nodame from the kitchen.

"In your dreams you hentai"

Chiaki stopped cutting up the apples for the fruit salad and reminisced about her recital at Rowal. The music still rang crisp in his ear. To think that she has come this far since we left Japan. The thought was short lived as Chiaki remembered her ridiculous costume for the recital and almost laughed out loud thinking about it. Only this hentai would decide to wear something like that.

Chiaki turned around to his companion and found her now munching happily on the apple he has just thrown at her head. "Well, it definitely was your fault wasn't it? No one told you to overeat all that junk food that you make your mom send you every month."

Nodame stared down into her lap to hide the sly grin that was fighting to come out of her lips…she never told him that her dad also sends her a batch of food every two weeks. Therefore, ensuring that a box of goodies was received every two weeks.

"But Senpai, it makes me think of home. Besides, it is not like Chiaki sempai doesn't help Nodame in eating it too." Chiaki right temple twitched a little.

Chiaki turned back towards preparing the food. "Well, just lose some weight and wear the dress that your mom made for you to wear at the recital that you couldn't get into at the time. I hate shopping. Especially with hentais."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Senpai! Pleeeease!" Chiaki left arm flew out from under him as he realized Nodame had now latched onto his arm pleading. She threw her face in front of him and pouted.

Good god, why do I put up with this?

"Don't make that face. And wipe your mouth. Can't you even eat an apple without it getting all over your face?" Chiaki put down the knife and pulled a small piece of the fruit out of her hair. This hentai will be the end of me…

"I'm not changing my mind. I told you that I'll be very busy until the performance in two months. The orchestra still needs to work on three more pieces and I will not accept anything less then perfect. Besides, it doesn't matter what you wear Nodame. Your music will tell everyone that you deserve to be there."

"Really Senpai?"

If you really knew how much your music affected me…Chiaki shook his head out from the thought and grunted a yes at her. If she knew, she would bug me to marry her more then she already does now.

Nodame whistled happily back into the living room and turned on her Puri Gorota. Chiaki continued to make their breakfast. Nodame now knew better than to intrude into the kitchen and help with cooking since the fire a few months ago. All he asked her to do was to watch the pot until the sauce boiled and to call him once it did. The next thing he knew the entire kitchen was on fire. The damage was so severe Chiaki had to move out cause of the renovation noise was distracting him from studying. Without much choice, Chiaki had moved back into the apartment next to Nodame. Well, it was easier to deal with Nodame's hospital visits…And so, just like the way it had been in Japan and when they first moved to Paris, Nodame intruded herself into his apartment everyday. Well, I wouldn't say intrude. That word sounds so unwelcomed….maybe welcomed…Nodame welcomed herself into my apartment everyday.

Chiaki had long ago discarded the idea that Nodame was an unwelcome leech. Well, the unwelcome part anyways. He realized fully that Nodame was very much an important part of his life and one that he needed to have to function properly.

"That's why I'm telling you to separate those things clearly. Be honest already." Stressman's voice rang through Chiaki's mind. Chiaki still wasn't sure if things were as they should be or if he was truly honest but he had to admit that he was truly happy at the moment. Nodame never seemed to complain about it to him so he never saw the importance of making things clear.

Why fix something that isn't broken? Besides, I did give her that necklace. It's not like I would just buy gifts for anyone. Rui said I bought that necklace to show Nodame that I wanted her to myself. Rui is a girl and so is Nodame; albeit a weird one but still a girl. She should know how I feel. No, she knows how I feel. She must. Words aren't everything. Not everything has to be conveyed with words. Nodame should understand that. I am able to see her love for me through her piano…

A loud grumble startled Chiaki out of his thought. What in the world was that?

"Senpai, is the food ready yet? My stomach sounds like there is a war going on in there."

Chiaki rolled his eyes before turning around and walked in Nodame's direction with the food.

"Mukya! Food! Waaaahhhh….Senpai's love for Nodame has definitely hit a new level. Look at all this food! And to think that's this is only breakfast! I wonder how Sempai will tell Nodame how much Senpai loves Nodame when dinner rolls around."

"Baka…." Chiaki never bothered to finish his sentence. Nodame wouldn't have heard it anyways. She was too far off enjoying the food. Chiaki wouldn't have known how to end that sentence anyways. He did enjoy cooking. There was something about putting things together that would seem plain on its own to become something so wonderful and tasteful. Especially when the food is being eaten with this weirdo…Everything, from food to music to life, just seems to be more flavorful.

After breakfast, Chiaki cleaned up and prepared to set off for orchestra practice.

"Senpai, Nodame is leaving for school now."

"No wait, I'll take you to school."

"It's okay Senpai. I promised Tonya I would go with her and she's still trying to pick out an outfit when I called her two minutes ago. Don't worry though, Nodame won't be late."

"Okay then. Be careful. And remember to be back for dinner."

As Nodame walked out, he could hear her singing words to herself, "Senpai loves Nodame so much. Senpai really is the best husband in the world…."

Chiaki couldn't help but smile all the way to work.

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