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Listening to her breathlessly whimper out the term she had so affectionately called him over the years only made Chiaki grin wider as he snaked up from sucking on her neck and once again, finding her lips. Nodame could feel his smile against her lips as his kisses become more urgent and intense. Chiaki was set on making her happy. But at that very moment, he couldn't help but wonder if he was enjoying it more or her.

Pulling in her bottom lip and nibbling it gently, Chiaki pulled his lips away from hers. Slowly and torturously began lining her face with small kisses before moving back down to her neck. He had fully admitted to himself five minutes ago that the constant thoughts about her neck the past few months were in fact an obsession. The feeling of her smooth column against his face warped his mind into unfathomable euphoria. This obsession, much like his obsession to music, will receive Chiaki's selfless devotion. His right hand moved away from her hips where he had been massaging gently to touch parts of her neck that his lips weren't feasting on; the other hand still grasping tightly onto her waist to feel her against him.

Chiaki was so lost in his need to fully memorize and taste her neck, he did not realize Nodame had somehow unbuttoned his dress shirt and was now skimming her fingers along his shoulders. The shirt hung loosely around him as she dragged her fingertips across his broad chest. Chiaki's senses fluttered at his acknowledgement of her hands on his skin as he let out a small groan.

Stopping his kisses, Chiaki pulled away and placed his forehead on hers. His breath was ragged and hot on her face. Both eyes met silently as the lust between them spoke for itself. Descending his face down, lips met once more.

"Mmmm…Nodame, you taste like vanilla…"

His comments elicited small giggles to erupt in her throat as Chiaki continued to taste her. Hearing her, Chiaki pulled away and stared at her, confused.

"What's so funny?"

Waving her hand in the air, she lightly swapped it back and forth. "Nothing Senpai, Nodame had vanilla cake earlier. Senpai's words just made Nodame laugh."

Rolling his eyes, Chiaki finally moved his hand to her stomach and stroked it affectionately as he turned over and laid down on the bed beside her closing his eyes.

"You're going to be the death of me Nodame."


Turning herself over to face Chiaki, she half sprawled herself across his body facing him. As he laid there, his arms came around her and pulled her body closer. As she felt one of his hands come up to the back of her neck and stroke it gently, Nodame continued to watch Chiaki. She had never seen his face so peaceful before. Even when he was sleeping, Chiaki always seem to carry a hint of agitation as if even his dreams also annoyed him. But right now, as Nodame watched him quietly, Chiaki looked tranquil and serene.

Slowly, Chiaki opened his eyes and caught hers. Seeing the intensity of his eyes burning into hers, Nodame felt her heart speed up again. She felt like she should try and say something to calm her nerves down but her voice seemed to be caught in her throat as all she could do was continue staring into Chiaki's eyes. Slowly with the other hand not rubbing her neck, Chiaki's gently swiped a few strands of her hair off her face before tentatively picking up the heart necklace around her neck and stared at it. Neither one of them said anything as Chiaki rubbed the heart between his thumb while Nodame continued to savor the closeness between them. She relished every second as she took the time to memorize his face, his scent around her, and his body and hands on hers. This time, she was able to do it with Chiaki wanting her to and not having to deal with him calling her a hentai later like all those other times when she would sneak into his apartment and watch him sleep.

Sensing Chiaki's eyes looking at her, Nodame met his gaze. The corner of his lips curled up slowly into such a sexy smile, Nodame almost let the drool run out of her mouth. With his fingers still around the heart pendent, she felt him tug gently at the necklace towards him effectively pulling her lips down to meet his. While closing the gap between the two slowly, both continued to gaze at each other lustfully. As his lips met hers again, Nodame closed her eyes and felt the rush of love run from his to hers. The sensation was overwhelming. She could do nothing but let Chiaki take the lead while she melted into him.

Leaning further into the kiss, Nodame moved her body closer to his; Her inner thigh rubbing down on his leg touching the one place on Chiaki's body that had all his blood rushing to at the moment. Feeling the sensation run through him, Chiaki let out a loud groan in his throat as he wrapped his hands into her hair and kissed her harder. His tongue danced around hers while sampling every crevice of her hot mouth. She tasted so sweet. Chiaki grinned slightly thanking the gods for his little hentai as she was just as relentless with her tongue on his.

Seeing the reaction that Chiaki had given her from just touching a certain sensitive spot, Nodame grinned against his lips and set out to cause more destruction. Pulling herself away from his lips, Nodame began to line his neck with kisses while her nimble fingers worked at the last button on his shirt. When the last button was finally free, Nodame felt Chiaki sit up so she could pull it off. Throwing it half way across the room, Nodame looked at Chiaki with a glint of mischief. Acknowledging the weird glint in her eyes, Chiaki felt a slight shiver run down his spine. Not waiting for Chiaki to change his mind, Nodame, for the better word, attacked.

Pushing him back down, Nodame straddled Chiaki. Bending back down towards his neck, Nodame returned his favour from his long dedication to her neck earlier. Mimicking his actions, Nodame kissed and sucked on his neck. Tracing her lips down, she laid light kisses at his collarbone right at the base of his neck. Feeling his body tense, she circled her tongue around the bone before sucking on it gently. Nodame could feel his body shake softly while a soft growl sounded through the room. Seeing at how much he enjoyed it, Nodame continued to suck, lick and nip at that one spot. She understood she had found a sensitive spot feeling Chiaki's most sensitive part become even harder against her thigh. Grinning mischievously, Nodame ran her fingers across Chiaki's chest grazing her fingers across his stomach before she began to drag her finger nails across it. Snaking her body further down, her lips began to explore his upper body.

Chiaki's mind twisted and turned. Her hands and lips touched, kissed, grazed and licked his body in a way that made the young conductor groan in utter bliss. Chiaki didn't mind Nodame's boldness. In fact, while all he could feel was the utter sensations she was causing on his body, he had to wonder why it took him so long to allow her to do as she pleased with him. Chiaki had never been ashamed of his body. He had always been keen on taking care of himself. Feeling Nodame's hands and lips on him certainly told him she was enjoying him as much as what she was doing to him.

Chiaki's body trembled as he felt Nodame wrap her lips around his right nipple. While one hand continued to stroke his stomach, the other came up and rubbed his other nipple that wasn't occupied with her tongue. Nodame felt a bit of pleasure soar through her to see how she was able to make the usual arrogant Chiaki Shinichi totally vulnerable under her. It both elated her and caused the ache between her legs to grow stronger. Feeling like she needed some kind of relief, Nodame stopped her exploration on his chest to sit back up. Placing her aching core against his already hard length, she pushed herself down hard against him before her hips took hold and started to grind against him. Throwing her head back, Nodame let out a small scream of pleasure.

Her screams only elicited more lust to ground out of him. Wrapping his long fingers around her hips, Chiaki pulled her down hard while he thrust his hips up. Even though the clothing seemed to be in the way, Chiaki could still feel her heat radiate through. His mind spun recklessly as he let out small pants.

Sitting back up, his hands left her hips to draw up her dress. Skimming his fingertips along her thigh, Chiaki's lips went back in search of his obsession. Feeling the smooth column against lips, Chiaki licked and sucked on it as he gracefully pulled her dress up. Moving herself away a little, Nodame willingly allowed Chiaki to pull the dress up and over her head. Nodame gave a little thanks to the heavens that she went dress shopping today so she had worn matching undergarments. Not to mention, taking a shower and shaving. Nodame knew she was not a woman of great hygiene but certain moments called for it. What was happening was most certainly one of those moments.

Chiaki felt a huge lump form in his throat. The moment his eyes laid on her body, Chiaki's lungs seemed to stop working. Through the window above the bed, the moon shone down on Nodame casting a small glow to her whole body. No one would guess from the clothes she wore day to day actually concealed a woman with such breathtaking beauty underneath. Chiaki observed the flushed cheeks on her face to her milky white neck. Her whole body was soft and inviting to the eye. Chiaki's eyes skimmed over her soft curves. Nodame was small but posessed curves that would make any man's knees go weak. His lips curled up in a small smile of appreciation. She had on a thin lace black bra and matching panties that had a light pink trim around it. As his eyes descended down to her chest, Chiaki gulped--hard. His mind spun back to the moment in his hotel room during the Plantini competition when she had flashed her bra in front of him. And the only thing came in view--'D'. As Chiaki slowly brought his hand up to touch her through the bra, he smirked slightly. She really did have the goods to fill it out. As Chiaki's stroke on her breast became more bold, Nodame let out small whimpers.


Her voice came out quiet and husky as her head fell back and she pushed herself into Chiaki's touch. His head came closer to her chest as his nose nudged on the top part of her breast that wasn't covered. Still slowly grinding herself against him, Nodame felt his one hand ghost up behind her to undo the clasp of the bra. As one hand began to pull down the strap on her shoulder, Chiaki laid kisses along it. Feeling the bra fall, Nodame let out a sigh as she felt herself being lifted. Chiaki's strong arms held her tiny frame tightly as he flipped her onto her back and stared into her eyes. Letting his eyes travel down her face to her naked torso, Chiaki groaned slightly as he brought his lips back up to hers.

Pulling on her bottom lip, Chiaki nibbled and sucked on it while one hand began massaging her breast. Taking the nipple between his thumb and index finger, he began to stroke it, feeling it grow hard between his fingers. Nodame broke the kiss and rolled her head back on the pillow to let out a loud gasp. Feeling like she needed more, her hands left his strong arms and started to undue his belt. Pulling it off quickly, she unbuttoned his trousers and unzipped the zipper. Pulling his pants down his thigh, her hand grabbed his erection through his boxer.

Chiaki hissed loudly as her hand came in contact with his length. Feeling her palm rub it gently, Chiaki bent his head down and began kissing her breast. Taking one nipple into his mouth, he began to lick at it ferociously. With the other, he kneaded it in his hand, massaging the nipple.

Nodame's panted loudly as her hand left his length and buried it into his hair. Arching her back a little, she pushed herself into Chiaki's hand and mouth. Her whole body felt like it was on fire. Every inch of her wanted Chiaki's touch. As his hand stroked her breast with more fervor, his tongue flicked teasingly against the other nipple causing Nodame to let out small whimpers. Switching over to the other breast, he began to give it the same treatment. Her skin felt so soft and tasted so sweet, Chiaki felt like he was swimming in bliss.

Chiaki let go of her nipple and began to kiss and lick down her flat stomach. His hands drew behind her as he began to slowly massage her ass. Still kissing her stomach, Chiaki drew to her bellybutton and flicked his tongue against it. He was determined to kiss every inch of her stomach. One hand left her ass and massaged her thigh. Stroking it softly, he ran it up her thigh until he touched the hem of her panties. His mind whirled with passion as all he could hear was Nodame's small calls of pleasure. His fingers lined along her panty until he cupped her sex in his hand. Feeling the heat and wetness, Chiaki pushed against the fabric with his thumb against her nub.

Nodame let out a scream as her body arched up and her head bent backwards into the pillow. Teasingly, he worked his thumb back and forth over the panty covering her clit enjoying her screams of delight. Chiaki's fingers grabbed hold of the hem of the panty and slid it down her legs. Feeling Chiaki's one hand that was still around her ass put in some pressure and lift her, she quickly complied feeling the panty slide off of her. Discarding it, Chiaki eyes raked up and down her body until his eyes met hers. Still feeling a bit dizzy, Nodame eyes were only half opened and she was still panting slightly.

As her eyes met his, Nodame eyes widened in surprise at what she saw in Chiaki's eyes. The lust and passion penetrated out of his dark eyes so strongly as it filled the room. He leaned back down against her and kissed her intensely. The kiss nearly stole the life out of her as his tongue clashed and circled around hers. Biting at her bottom lip, Chiaki tilted her head up to access her mouth more. He was relentless with his tongue as Nodame felt him pull her tongue into his mouth and suck at it hard. Finally pulling up for some air, Chiaki panted hard against the crook of her neck.

Closing his eyes slightly, Chiaki felt her heart beat wildly against his chest.

"God Nodame…" his voice was husky and full of lust, "what you do to me…"

Feeling his breath coming back, his kisses returned to her neck. Sucking and nipping at it, her breathing became more erratic. Nodame felt the ache in her legs grow stronger and stronger. The things Chiaki was doing to her was so wonderful but it only caused the ache to become more unbearable. She needed relief, somehow.


As if he heard and understood her need, Chiaki's one hand that was caressing her inner thigh, came up and his fingers skimmed above her folds. Hearing her let out loud whimpers, Chiaki stroked his fingers up and down her wet folds. Chiaki's arrogant grin spread across his face once more when he realized he was the one that caused her to be this turned on. Wanting more of a reaction, Chiaki grazed his teeth along her collar bone before he bit down on her neck while his thumb rubbed against her clit. As she let out a loud scream, Chiaki pushed in two fingers into her core. Pulling in and out of her while rubbing against her clit with his thumb, Chiaki leaned back a little and watched Nodame as she rocked her hips against his ministrations.

While her eyes were closed, her cheeks were a flushed dark pink and her swollen lips were parted letting out small pants. With his one free hand, Chiaki took hold of her breast and pleasured it.

"oh Kami...S-s-se-senpai…"

Her chest heaved up and down heavily as Chiaki rubbed her clit harder. Dragging his fingers out slowly, he pushed it back in harder and faster. In and out…in and out…his fingers worked at relieving her aching core. When he knew she was ready, Chiaki pushed in another finger and watched in delight as Nodame began to chant his name in euphoria. Grabbing his shoulders, Nodame half opened her eyes and was met with Chiaki's intense gaze. She could do nothing but to meet his lustful gaze as she brought her face up to kiss him. As Chiaki let her dominate the kiss, Nodame explored his mouth with her tongue.

She could feel something began to ignite in the pit of her stomach. Nodame didn't know she could feel more fire than what was already rushing through her but as she felt her hips rock harder against his hand, her hands flew up to his chest and she raked her finger nails against it.

"Nodame…" Chiaki whispered her name quietly while still holding her gaze. And that was when she felt it. Her visions clouded as Chiaki disappeared from her view and white jolts of light clouded her vision of him. She broke away from the kiss and threw her head back. Screams of ecstasy filled the room as she came. The feelings in the pit of her stomach spread so fast to her entire body that she could do nothing but grab hold of Chiaki's shoulders again screaming his name.

As Chiaki felt her whole body tremble and shake against him, he was met with a searing kiss by Nodame. Words, sentences, paragraphs of love were being poured into this kiss from her. And Chiaki did nothing but drink it all in.

As he deepened the kiss, Chiaki pushed her back down towards the bed. Her hands came up around his boxers and tugged at it. Feeling the need to free himself from his boxers that were becoming too snug for comfort, Chiaki helped her in removing them. As he broke away from the kiss, Chiaki stood up off the bed to remove his pants and boxers. As his erection broke free from its constraint, Chiaki watched Nodame's eyes widen in shock and awe. Like his body, his member was also something Chiaki was not ashamed of. Watching her eyes wash over with lust, Chiaki felt a great boost in his ego as a grin spread wide across his face.

Nodame watched as Chiaki got up to stand beside the bed. As her eyes zoomed in on Chiaki's member, she felt a shiver of awe and fright. She now understood why Chiaki was always so arrogant in all his ways. He certainly had the goods to back up that big ego. Seeing Chiaki grinning arrogantly while crawling back towards her, Nodame sat back up to meet his lips. His hands grabbed hold of her hair as he continued to kiss her.

Nodame began to lie back down as she pulled Chiaki towards her. Parting her legs, she felt Chiaki settle on top of her as his erection nudged at her entrance causing a small growl from him. Tracing his lips back down her face, Chiaki ran kisses down her neck to her chest down to her breast. Licking, kissing and touching at her breast, Chiaki felt his cock tremble in eagerness when it touched her wet core. Feeling his shoulder shake slightly, Nodame looked up at Chiaki .

Seeing the want and need in his eyes, Nodame brought her hand up and stroked his cheek softly. Sensing her love radiate through in her touch, Chiaki kissed her lips gently.

Looking back into her eyes, Chiaki smiled gently.

"Megumi…………..I want you."

Returning his loving words, Nodame took hold of his hand and placed it to her heart.

"I was always yours, Shinichi."

Lips met again as Chiaki moved swiftly inside her. As he felt her warmth clamp down and surround him, Chiaki broke from her lips and let out a loud hiss. Feeling a small wall blocking him from fully entering her, Chiaki opened his eyes and looked down at Nodame. Her face contorted in way that told him she was in pain but didn't want to show it. Pulling on his hand that she was still gripping at tightly against her chest, Chiaki pulled it till it was placed against his chest. Seeking for her eyes, he bore his affections and assurance into her.

"Yours Nodame," Chiaki directed their linked hands at his heart, "yours."

And for the first time that night, his kisses were different. There was no urgency and desperation in the kiss. The lust, desire and passion would be for all the other kisses they would share later. But for now, he simply reassured and returned his gratefulness for her gift of her heart to him.

The kiss made Nodame feel like she was floating into the sky with white clouds enveloping her. Feeling Chiaki being inside her, Nodame no longer felt tense and scared. She was ready for this. She wanted this. She wanted to feel this with him and only him. As Chiaki's lips left hers, she gazed up at him. Without having to say the words, her eyes encouraged him. Nodding his head slightly in acknowledgement of what she was trying to tell him, Chiaki thrust into her fully. The pain and pleasure raked through her body at the same time as Nodame bit down hard on her lip. Tasting a hint of blood, she realized Chiaki had not moved at all and was staring at her intently.

Bringing his lips down to suck and lick away the small bit of blood that was coming from her bottom lip, Chiaki waited patiently for her to adjust. It took everything out of him to not pull back out and thrust in as hard as possible to relieve his throbbing cock. But she was much more important than that.

"Okay?" his whisper tickled her ear as he nibbled on her earlobe. Nodding her head a little, Nodame whispered back a small, "yes."

Chiaki slowly rocked his hips back and forth feeling the sensation of her gripping his member so tightly. He let out small groans of pleasure as tingles of ecstasy travelled through his entire body. This felt so right. She enveloped him with such grip, Chiaki made up his mind at that moment that she was made just for him. He looked down and saw Nodame letting out small whimpers as her pain began to subside and she was feeling the elation of bliss take over as well. Bringing his lips down to meet hers, Chiaki kissed her possessively.

As he felt her legs wrap around his waist to pull him in further and her hips begin to rock against his, Chiaki pushed a little faster. Detangling her hands out of his and wrapping them around his shoulders, Nodame's hips moved in perfect unison to his. Digging her finger nails into his back, Nodame pulled Chiaki closer to kiss more passionately. Nodame felt his tongue dart back and forth into her hot mouth mimicking his movements further south. The sensation was overwhelming as she broke from the kiss gasping for air.

One hand came up from around her and kneads at her breast. Bending his head down, Chiaki nudges at the other one. He nips and kisses all around the breast avoiding her nipple. Hearing her whimper breathlessly for more, Chiaki pulls the nipple into his mouth and suck hard as his stroke on the other hand becomes more ferocious. Her voice cries out in ecstasy as Chiaki's body soaks in her screams. Bringing one hand to her ass, Chiaki pulls her up until he is on his knees. The position allows him to thrust into her deeper as his hands move to her hips and grasp her hard.

Pushing and pulling...pushing and pulling...Chiaki's rhythmic movements become harder and faster. Nodame hips are hitting back into him with such force, it takes all of his strength to not let go at that very moment. As her hips move with more fervour, her upper body begins to bend backwards from the sensation flowing through her. As her head hits the pillow, her back arches backwards so erotically making Chiaki groan loudly from the view she was giving him. Sweat glistened off of her milky skin as her whole body now had a rosy blush.

Chiaki's whole body burned with desire. Feeling her hot heat around him while he thrust into her had his mind whirling. Setting her body back down onto the bed, Chiaki continued to push harder and harder. Sweat glistened off both of their bodies now. Chiaki's usual well kept hair was now just as wild and free as hers.

"P—pl-please S-s-sen-p-pai…"

Her body pleaded along with her mind. The ecstasy that was running through her was hotter and more intense then when he had his fingers in her. As he pushed into her faster, Nodame could feel every inch of him throb in her. She could feel the same sensation that had come earlier when he used his fingers but this time, the intensity and longing was so much greater. She begins to plead over and over again to him. She knew that whatever it was that she was seeking, only he could bring to her. And her pleas did not go unanswered. His hand glided down her neck, down her chest past her stomach, as his thumb searches and rubs at her clit. Hearing her urgent calls for him, Chiaki circles his thumb around her clit calling her name.


And as Nodame hears Chiaki answer her along with his thumb, she feels herself let go. Digging her nails into his back and dragging it down painfully, her body jerks intensely from the orgasm as her back arches up and touches his chest. She lets out one loud scream of his name as she closes her eyes and allows the euphoria shake through her.


Chiaki's mind blurs while he hears her scream his name and her sex begins to clamp down all around his cock tugging at him with such force, Chiaki loses all control and comes. Thrusting into her a few more times, his back goes rigid as he feels his entire form tighten and then he erupts into her. He could do nothing but call out her name as he feels bliss take over.


Chiaki's body goes limp as he leans down onto Nodame and rests his head on her chest. Leaning his ear into her, he closes his eyes as he listens to her heart beat uncontrollably. Her hands comes up and tangles itself into his hair as she affectionately strokes the back of his head. Nothing can be heard throughout the room but the small pantings of the lover's breathing.

After a long quiet moment between the two, Chiaki lifts his head up and gives Nodame a small smile. Returning his smile, Nodame lets out a small laugh. Bringing his lips back down to hers, he lays featherlike kisses all over her face before arriving at her lips and continues to kiss her gently.

Finally pulling himself away, Chiaki lays down onto his side while holding one of her hands in his. Nodame says nothing as she continues to lay on her back and stare up at the ceiling. She feels Chiaki pull her closer towards him as he nuzzles his face into the crook of her neck and inhales her scent deeply. He smiles contently as he lays a few light kisses on her neck. Holding her hand that was now resting on her stomach, Chiaki strokes it lightly with his thumb.

There were no words to describe what Chiaki was feeling right now. He had never felt this kind of contentment or happiness. What had just happened was not just sex. He knew that. He was more then positive she also knew that. His heart and soul was singing. Nuzzling in closer to her, Chiaki let out a loud sigh and mumbled her name quietly as his eyelids got heavier by the second. Finally allowing his eyes to close, Chiaki felt her pull up his hand that was resting in hers and feel her kiss it lightly.

Letting his mind go fuzzy, Chiaki drifts off into sleep. Before he fully lets go of his waking awareness, he hears Nodame whisper, "Yours forever, Shinichi." And off he went, dreaming of the hentai forest that he was walking around discovering while the melody of his and her music played in the background.


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