Time's Heart
A Doctor Who Fanfiction
Rating T
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any related characters, FlatIron Crossings Mall, Starbucks, Hot Topic, nor any other corporate entity mentioned herein. However any original characters are mine, and are available for use with permission.

"Your friend. What was her name?"
"Her name was Rose."

Donna never forgot the sorrow and pain she heard in the Doctor's voice that day. It lingered on in her memories, always in the back of her mind. She tried to help her friend, but despaired of him ever being truly happy ever again. So deeply had she become lost in thoughts that she failed to notice the TARDIS materializing behind the park bench she sat upon. So it was that she let out a startled scream and lurched forward off the bench onto her hands and knees, when the Doctor unexpectedly laid a hand on her shoulder.

Brown eyes filled with concern looked down on the red-head. "Are you alright?"

Donna looked up at him and smiled softly. "There you are. Where have you been?"

The Doctor laughed a little, sheepish, as he hauled his Companion to her feet. "I had a few things to do."

She raised an eyebrow. "Such as?"

His eyes darkened to nearly black in sorrowful remembrance. "It's been fifty years." He laughed once, the sound bitter. "For me at least."

Donna's voice was sympathetic, when she spoke. "It still hurts you, don't it? Just as much as the day we met."

The Doctor looked off into the distance as he nodded, his mind becoming distracted from his grief by an odd physic tingle. His eyebrows drew together in concentration as he felt out the silence of his mind for the answer. However the cause of the tickle eluded him.

"Doctor, what is it?"

With his concentration shattered, he shook his head and smiled softly at her. "Something feels off." He shrugged nonchalantly. "Not important though. I'm sure it'll come to me later." Opening the door behind him he gestured her in. "So, ready for our next great adventure?"

Donna quirked a smile as she moved past him into TARDIS. "America?"

Closing the door, he stood and watched as she sat down in the jump seat near the main console. "Where and when?"

The redhead was silent for a moment as she stared at the central column in contemplation. "Don't care where. Old West?"

"In that case," he said as he moved quickly around the controls, "Colorado."