Title: Children
Author: caelumchibi
Rating: Mature (Rated)
Fandoms: NCIS
Disclaimer: I don't own NCIS. I do own a perverted mind ;)
Warnings: sexual situations
Summary: "Do you ever want to have children?" Gibbs asked Ziva once. When Gibbs loses control what will it all lead to?
Status: Part one: Introduction  Unfinished



Ziva couldn't stop glaring at Tony who was straightening his baseball-cap.

"Split up!" Gibbs shouted from behind them. They were on a very dangerous and awkwardly strange mission. Ziva scooted closer to Tony who took another step forward while pointing towards a corner with his gun. Ziva took the hint and sighed sadly because she had to broaden the distance between her and mister sweet-talks. She threw herself in the corner and readied her gun for the action soon to come.

Nothing happened.

"Clear!" Tony said happily when he entered the deserted room. Ziva followed him in. "This can't be right." She whispered almost inaudible. She narrowed her eyes and scanned the room. "Abby said the terrorists should be in this building but we've checked every room and they are nowhere to be found!"

Tony shrugged. "Maybe they fled long before we arrived here."

Ziva gawked at him. "Tony, this is their only base and it shows no sign at all of their presence. Something has to be wrong with that, yes?" While she asked the rhetoric question her mind began to wander.

"Well, according to the FBI they are terrorists and not drugs dealers." Tony said grinning.

"That's part two of the story." Ziva added. "This should be the base of terrorists but so far we've only stumbled upon legal plants in the cellar of the building." She looked up at Tony. "No drugs, Dinozzo."

Tony scratched his head. "No, but you said that those plants were used for making love potions. Can you imagine?" Tony smiled heavenly and closed his eyes.

"And that's why you plucked some leaves, Tony?" Ziva ducked aside when Tony tried to grab her by the ear.

"Yes, I admit I plucked some."

"Afraid girls won't like you enough?" Ziva asked while she avoided another of Tony's attempts to grab her by the hair. "Besides," she continued, "It's not really used for Love-potions." Tony stopped chasing Ziva and crossed his arms.

"You lied to the boss?" he said while raising an eyebrow.

She smiled wickedly at him. "It's used for lust potions."

Tony seemed to consider this for a moment whilst saying a small 'ah'. "I still keep the leaves." He stuck out his tongue and Ziva returned the gesture. They exited the room whilst laughing at each other and walked down the aisle.

"Okay, we are in big trouble."

"Probie!" Tony waved his hand at the younger agent who appeared at the other side of the hallway.

"I mean it!" McGee said and immediately the smile disappeared from Tony's face.

"Everything is clear here. There's no one in the building. What's the big problem?" He asked stupidly. McGee gave the two of them a sad smile.

"Wait, where's Gibbs?" Ziva suddenly said.

"I'm here, Ziva." Gibbs appeared behind McGee. Tony and Ziva both sighed in relief.

"Abby sent us a message about two minutes ago." McGee began, "And she said the terrorists are inside the opposite building." Ziva gasped at the news. "Oh, McGee," she started with a very serious face, "But that's horrible! We've come all this way to arrest some terrorists who have kidnapped a NCIS member and now we've actually found them!" The sarcasm couldn't be missed and even Tony had to grin at this until a hand hit his head hard.

"Stop grinning, Dinozzo."

"Thank you boss." Tony said while making a short bow as Gibbs gave him a small smile.

"Oh," McGee quickly added, "And Gibbs got pricked by one of the needles that were lying around here." Ziva and Tony both looked at McGee in shock. "We think there might have been something in the needle. Well, we know there was something on the needle but………." McGee kept mumbling until Gibbs cut him off.

"You could be poisoned!" Ziva exclaimed at him.

"It's all right Ziva." Gibbs said. She glanced at Tony who seemed to be satisfied with Gibbs's words.

Gibbs turned around on his heels. "Let's go, there's no time to lose."

The team quickly followed their boss down the hallway. Ziva looked at her side to find Tony looking very stern. 'Probably mentally preparing for the big fight.' she thought to herself.  But when she looked in front of her she saw how Gibbs was tracing the wall with his fingers, as if he needed the wall to direct him. She narrowed her eyes again. 'Something poisonous must have been on that needle.'

When they excited the building cautiously and made their way to the opposite building without being noticed Ziva dared to swear that she saw Gibbs totter and sway softly. She concluded that his eyesight must have been affected by the drug from the dirty needle.

They entered the building swiftly and with style only to be met by silence. "Just around the corner." McGee said as he looked on a small gadget which connected him with Abby's computer. "And then down the hallway and down the other hallway and then they are to be found on the other side of three separate rooms. Great work, Probie." Tony said with a breathy voice. "Stop peeking." Was all McGee said to the man who was peering over his shoulder. Tony huffed.

The whole team followed the coordinates given by Abby and they soon found themselves near the terrorists. Gibbs was signing them to attack when the door of the room flew open. All of them went pale as they realised that the four terrorists in fact were sixteen terrorists.

"You're under arrest!" Tony screeched, his gun pointing at the terrorist who had opened the door. The terrorist gave him a toothy smile before he revealed a gun from behind his back.

"Who's the one in trouble?" The terrorist grinned while pulling the trigger.

 "Run for cover!" Gibbs shouted.

A loud 'Bang' sounded through the air and the whole NCIS team was running. Tony had managed to duck just in time to dodge the bullet and Ziva had pulled the trigger to her gun. There were only fifteen terrorists left now. The four of them hastily began running down the hallway while shooting at the open door. Two more terrorists fell down on the ground, dead or wounded the team didn't know. McGee got a scratch from one of the bullets on his left cheek and cried out in surprise.

"They're coming after us!" Ziva yelled.

"What are we going to do boss? There are too many of them." Tony asked in despair. Gibbs shook his head while firing his gun and hitting the wall with his bullet. "I already called for extra reinforcement." He replied. "For the moment it is best to run for cover and try not to get killed!" Gibbs said as the special agents were now in the clear for a short amount of time and they could turn around to run down the hallway.

"Won't we stand less of a chance when there is only one of us?" Tony questioned, not really liking the idea of hiding underneath a table whilst being all alone and then being found by two or three armed and angry terrorists.

Before Gibbs could answer a shot was heard. Five terrorist dashed around the corner and the team began to run down the hallway. On the other side of the hallway some new evil groaning men appeared and McGee quickly opened a door on his left side. Tony followed him in.

On the other side of the hallway Gibbs had opened a door and Ziva followed him after firing another shot. They closed the door, locked it and crossed the room. Ziva opened the window. "There's a small balcony here. We could use it to climb to the room above and escape."

When Gibbs didn't say a thing she turned around to find him breathing heavily.

"Gibbs? Is everything all right?" Ziva scooted closer to him and was about to lay her hand on his forehead to check his temperature when he grabbed her wrist in mid-air.

"It's nothing, Ziv." He paused, not finishing her name, because he had to get some air. He was sweating and was leaning against a desk in order not to fall over.

"No, you're not." Ziva said softly while her arms sneaked around his form. If he wasn't going to escape the room by himself than she was going to help him with it.

"Not with you." He groaned when Ziva began to drag him towards the window. She frowned at the mumbling sounds coming from her boss. "With Tony or with McGee would be okay. But why of all people do I have to be with you, now." He wrestled and managed to get out of her grip before he pushed her away.

"I can still walk Ziva."

He stepped out onto the balcony and began to climb upwards. Ziva, after regaining her senses, followed him onto the balcony and closed the window. She could still hear the muffled sounds of the terrorists shooting and banging on the door. Gibbs pushed the window, of the room centred above the room they had been hiding in, open and entered the room. Ziva climbed after him.

"Of course," she said while she rolled into the room, her hair dangling around her face, "If you're okay that probably explains why you're shaking all the time and why your sight is so blurry you have to keep hold of the wall so you won't walk into the wrong direction." She sat up on her knees and listened as Gibbs opened the door and checked the hallway. She heard him close the door and lock it. "They're still nearby. I think the only way out involves shooting at least some of them."

He was ignoring her and this made Ziva mad. She clutched her pants with her fists and jerked her head up at him.

"You are infected." She spat at him. Gibbs was rubbing his eyes. The sight of Ziva sitting on the ground with her hair hanging loosely around her face seemed so angelic and perfect to him. But she was his agent and there was no way that he would let something petty as this hurt her.

"Yes, I am, Ziva!" he suddenly barked at her.

Her eyes widened and she stood up and stumbled backwards by his sudden outburst.

"There is a dozen of dangerous terrorists who will soon be up here. They will come for us, Ziva. They will attack us. And if my mind and thoughts keep distracting me we won't get out of here alive." He blurted out. He began to shake even more now and one of his hands unconsciously sneaked to his private parts, pressing against it through the fabric.

"Oh my," Ziva said as she pressed herself against the closest wall. "You are infected with the lust serum." Gibbs' eyes focussed on her form, dark pools betraying his lust. "

No ,no no." Ziva panicked when Gibbs slowly advanced towards her, "The potion makes you lose control, you can't focus on anything else until you've found relief and you won't remember anything afterwards!"

Fear struck her and she run towards the door but Gibbs was faster and stronger and before she knew it she was lying flat on the floor. The sound of a zipper made her aware of the trouble she was in. She turned around so she was lying on her back. Her eyes widened at the sight of the enormous throbbing member of her boss.

"Rule number 12." She yelped softly, knowing it was to no use. She had been taught about the lust potion and knew the stories of it. Gibbs would only become the normal Gibbs again after his relieve.


Jenny gave them all a happy and positive nod.

"You've done a great job." She paused. "And dare I say you've done the impossible." Abby clapped in her hands happily at the speech given by the head-director. "From the fifteen terrorists we were able to capture nine. The other ones are dead." Jenny put her hands on her hips and smiled contently.

"Ducky is examining them as we speak." Gibbs added. "The dead ones, I mean."

Jenny smiled sweetly at him, happy that he decided to join his team for the complement.

Ziva silently stood in the back of the room and shook her head in despondency. She hadn't been feeling well after they had arrived home again. And she certainly didn't like the feeling of jealousy which was now spreading through her at seeing the director's look which was directed at her boss.

"I helped them out too!" Abby cheered while waving her hand through the air, whether in happiness or because of the amount of caffeine taken.

"You sure did Abs." Jen said. McGee hugged Abby close.

Ziva let her eyes wander to Tony. How she had longed for a live with him. "Do you ever want to have children?" Gibbs had asked her once. Her eyes had drifted to Tony and she couldn't help but think 'yes'. How ironic that the one who had asked her that question was the same one who would establish the answer. Ziva frowned.

"I'm going to call in sick tomorrow."