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"For your Homework Tonight write a 12 inch essay on the Theory of Transfiguration." Professor McGonagall said as she tapped her wand on the board, wiping it clean of any notes previously written. Luna wrote down her assessment in a little leather bound note book she found the day before.


Luna was walking to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom to see what had caused her to flood that floor. Luna always enjoyed talking to Myrtle even if Myrtle didn't share that feeling with Luna. When she reached the bathroom she could hear Myrtle wailing inside. Luna pushed the door open and entered. All the taps on the sinks were going and the pipes seemed to be clogged, hence the flood. Myrtle was floating by a window still when Luna entered.

"Come to laugh at my misery?" bawled Myrtle.

"No just to see what's wrong. Did a Blithbeth get you?" asked Luna, quite seriously.

"A what? No none of your make believe animals got me. Your quite insane, you do know that don't you?" asked Myrtle, grinning at her insanity.

Luna just smiled and calmly asked, "Did Peeves upset you again?"

"No. If you must know someone saw it fit to mock me further and throw a book at me." She spat.

"Oh. Was it a good book?" Luna asked.

"Was it-? Arg I can feel myself going insane just by talking to you." She screamed, while diving into her U-bend. Another bout of water came out and washed a small book towards Luna. She picked it up with mild interest and tucked inside her pocket. She then walked to her first class. Transfiguration.


Luna dipped her quill into the inkpot and wrote on the paper in a hurry. She closed the book before it had a chance to dry and rushed to her Common room to get some books she forgot. The rest of Luna's day went as usual. After Transfiguration she went to Potions with the Hufflepuff's and so on. She skipped back up to her Dormitory after she answered the eagle's answer correctly. She dropped her bag off at the end of her bed and made her way to a small desk by her bedside, the small book in hand. When she opened the book to where she wrote her assessment she found it blank.

"Oh those silly little Writesnachers must have stolen it. And right off the page it." She dipped her pen back into the inkwell and wrote on the page.

I really must have my homework assessment back. You can have it when I'm done, if you like. Luna sat back and watched the ink disappear on the paper. She smiled to herself; she might actually get to met one of those Writesnachers. A very rare event indeed, her father would be thrilled.

Yes homework is quite important. You can keep it after you're done, I've already learned that. Were the words that appeared on the paper?

Thank you, little Writesnachers fairy. Luna wrote back as her assessment reappeared.

I believe you are mistaken, Ginny. I'm Tom remember?

I'm not Ginny. I'm Luna Lovegood. You're not a Writesnachers. Oh I was so hoping that I would finally be able to meet one.

I'm sorry to disappoint you Miss Lovegood. I must ask what this interesting creature is.

Oh well you see Tom they are little fairy's that steal you ink. They get you in all kinds of trouble. Stealing Homework, Reports, and paper work. If you're not a Writesnachers then what are you? Luna wrote. She was quite enjoying herself writing to a mysterious person named Tom.

A memory. Miss Lovegood how did I come to you possession?

I found you in a toilet. Do you often go there?

Tom was sitting in a small room inside the Diary. He was positively confused with this Luna girl. His pale lips were in a straight line. He's eyes were a fiery red, stained from all of his Dark deeds. He wrote a quite reply to Luna.

No I find that I would rather be in a library then a lavatory.

Yes I suppose you wouldn't like it that much. Must people dislike Myrtle's bathroom. I find her rather interesting. She listens when she wants to.

I believe most people do not like to be around others who are always complaining about something or another.

They complain for a reason.

They aren't the only ones with problems, Miss Lovegood.

What problems do you have? I imaging there mustn't be a lot seeing as you live in a dairy. He's reply appeared a few minutes later.

I'm stuck in a paper bound book. Never able to be out and see the world.

Anything I can do to help? I could give you some powder from the Nargules. It is said that if you receive the powder from their horns and eat it, it give you tremendous luck.

No thank you Miss Lovegood. But if it isn't too much to ask, can you talk to me every day. I do enjoy our conversations and would love to know you better.

All right Tom. I promise. We can be each other's friends and I can tell you about all the adventures me and Daddy have when we go hunting for Crumble-horned Snorlack.

That is most kind of you Miss Lovegood. I must leave you to your school work now.

All right. By the way Tom, you can call me Luna. There is no need to be formal now that we are friends.

Good night Luna.

Good night Tom.