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Tom stands there awkwardly) I'm sorry?

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Chapter 5

"Ron can you hear me?" yelled Harry through the rocks that just separated him for Ron.

A muffled reply came through that sounded a lot like 'I bloody well hear you yelling into my ear.'

"Ron work on the hole! I'll be right back!" Harry yelled to him, choosing to ignore his previous comment. He started to walk towards where he hoped the Chamber was. On the other side of the wall of rocks, stood our favorite Ginger, Ron. His Hogwarts black robes were torn and dirty from his ride down the pipe. A dazed looking Lockhart sat on the floor next to him, looking around in child like wonder.

"Who in their right mind goes off into an unknown chamber alone, with a murderous Basilisk on the loose? Oh yeah absolutely brilliant, Harry. Meanwhile while I wait here with an insane Lockhart and no way to get back up the chute with a BROKEN WAND!" Ron muttered angrily.

"This is a lovely place you have here. Do you live here?" asked the dazed professor. With that said Ron finally lost his temper and took it out on an unsuspecting Lockhart.

Back to Harry

As he rounded the corner, he came to a stop. There in front of him was a round looking hole in the wall. Snakes where carved into it and Harry swore that their emerald eyes followed him as he walked through. He was now in the Chamber of Secrets. And there on the other end of the Chamber sat Luna talking to wait was she talking to the Basilisk?

"Luna?" said girl turned her head and stared at Harry with her large blue eyes.

"Oh Harry there you are! We were waiting for you! Come here, I want to introduce you to my friends." Her smile was so big; Harry thought her face would split in half. His footsteps echoed off the walls as he walked forward.

"Luna, why are you talking to the Basilisk?" he said slowly as he came to a stop in front of her.

"Oh well you seeā€¦."

"Harry Potter!" yelled a voice. Harry looked to his left and found a tall rather handsome boy staring at him. He seemed weirdly misted at the edges as thought Harry was looking at him through a misted window.

"Who the hell are you?" a seriously Confused Harry asked.

"Tom Riddle, but that's not important right now." He talked quickly as he briskly walked towards Harry.

"I need you to do me a favor." Said Tom as he reached for Harry.

"Hey I don't roll that way!" Harry took one step back. Luna giggled and Tom rolled his eyes.

"Whatever, listen. I need you to take this." He shoved the diary into his hands, "and feed it to the Basilisk." There was something wild in his eyes, his hair stuck up on one side and he looked half crazed. Harry looked at the diary, then back at Tom in confusion. He was about to open the diary when Luna spoke.

"Oh you won't find anything in there. It's blank and Tom's out now so no one will right back to you." she started to hum a tune that Harry thought sounded a lot like the Beatles 'Yellow submarine' .

"Please, just do it." Tom begged, "She has driven me to the point of insanity! I can't take it anymore!" he stared to shout.

"I can't do this. You haven't done anything to me." Harry said as he played with the Diary in his hands.

"Haven't done anything to you? I'm Lord Voldemort when he was a teenager! Remember Lord Voldemort? The one who murdered countless people and felt no remorse. I murdered your parents. I defiantly deserve to die." He threw his hands open the air.

"But even if that was you, you haven't done it yet. You still have time to change-"

"No I don't!" Tom cut him off, "If anything I'm worse. I murdered my own parents and an innocent girl. True a whiny girl, that everyone hated, but still I was the one who killed her." Harry still looked doubtful so Tom decided he had to pull out more recent stuff. "I'm the one who ordered the Basilisk to hurt all those people. Your friend Hermione, I'm the one who petrified her! I'm the one who framed Hagrid in the first time. I even kick a puppy and I littered in a park. I'm totally bad ass. Please Harry believes me. I deserve this." His face was hopeful as soon as he finished, if kicking a puppy didn't do it then nothing would. Luna was staring up in the air, off in her own little world.

"You kicked a puppy? What kind of heartless person are you?" Harry shook his head, partly out of disbelief and partly because he was too confused. Too many questions flew around in his head. 'Why did this Tom person think he was Lord Voldemort?' 'Why is Luna here chewing on her hair?' 'How was Ron holding up?' he decided the second one was the most interesting so he asked Tom.

"Where doses she fit into this?" he said pointing at Luna. "She's the reason I want to be destroyed! She wrote to me over four months, prattling on about some made up animal. Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to not strangle her? I mean I pretend to be her friend, but it just turned out to be too much. Then when I lead her down here to kill her with the Basilisk. What does she do, makes friends with it. Now it wouldn't kill her or anyone she likes! So I sat here starting at her talk away my legacy and then you come along. I thought he can end my misery. So I gave you the diary and now you're standing there with the diary in your hands and me begging you to kill me while you waste your time asking stupid questions!" he was breathing really heavily now, that mad glint in his eyes still there. Harry looked like he wanted to say something but Luna cut him off.

"You pretend to be my friend? I trusted you!" she was crying now and Tom looked like he was about to do the same. "Give me that diary Harry." Harry quickly handed over the diary; he looked quite scared at the sight of an angry Luna.

She threw it into the Basilisk's open mouth and said, "Eat it my little Warabeth!"

"For the last time it's a Basilisk!" Tom yelled suddenly there was a bright flash of light where he uses to be standing. When the light receded Tom was nowhere to be seen and Luna and Harry stood there in silence.

"What's a Warabeth?" was the first thing Harry said.

"It a large snake like creature that can fly and its venom has healing powers." She replied while she wiped her eyes.

"Oh." Harry nodded his head, like he actually understood her, which he didn't.

"So," Harry said after another uncomfortable silence, "We should probably tell the teachers that you're okay."

"Okay." she was smiling brightly now and started to skip out of the Chamber. Harry turned back to the Basilisk and hissed. "Go back to sleep." The Basilisk gave what sounded like a sigh and crawled back into the mouth of Salazar Slytherin to rest for another thousand years. Harry caught up to Luna after he closed up the Chamber. She was still humming as they made it to the Rock wall. Harry could see a small hole made been made, just as red hair stuck through it.

"There you are. I thought the basilisk got you." he smiled at Harry and Luna.

"It's a Warabeth." Both Harry and Luna said at the same time.

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