The idea came to me one night

The idea came to me one night. I thought that Dumbledore wanting to be Severus's friend was quite sweet and Albus needs a bit of fun reliving his youth. Probably AD/SS slash in later chapters. I'm hungry for reviews, they make me update faster. :P

Disclaimer – Rowling owns everything but the plot which is mine although she's welcome to help herself to it if she wants.

Chapter 1 – In the mirror

A white haired old man with a long beard peered into a mirror whose surface shimmered and flickered, showing different images. The man's blue eyes twinkled as he spotted one of interest and muttered quietly as he passed his hand over the mirror. The images stopped shifting and focused in on a pale skinned boy under a large oak tree by a lake. His long black hair fell around his face as he studied the book in his arms. Dumbledore's smile lessened as he noticed a group of boys approaching led by a boy with dark, scruffy hair dressed in red quidditch robes. The old man sighed.

"Mr Potter," he said softly, "why must you torment him so?" The boy was waylaid by a girl running up to him and laughing as he threw his arms around her. Her red hair fell around her face as she leaned in towards James Potter and whispered in ear. He laughed and smiled at her. She turned to see the boy under the oak tree look away and burry his head in his book. She cast a worried glance from James to the boy and seamed indecisive for a moment before she cheerily waved to James and his friends and walked of in the direction of Hogwarts castle. Albus was still watching the reaction of the boy under the tree.

"You always loved her didn't you Severus?" he asked the impassive boy. "Ever since she fell for James, it's as though you've given up all hope, throwing yourself into your schoolwork. School and marks are all well and good but don't forget to live, my dear boy. What I wouldn't give to see a smile on your face again like when you first came here, a young child, so glad to be accepted. He noticed a flicker of movement and turned his attention back to the magical mirror.

The handsome, back haired boy next to James slapped him on the back and then told a joke which the smaller plump boy laughed loudly at. James snickered and looked over at Severus who was obstinately avoiding his gaze. The sandy haired boy at the back rolled his eyes and trailed after his friends. As they neared the oak tree, Sirius rolled up the red sleeves of his robe and James ruffled his own hair which then stood up even more. Both drew their wands and Severus hastily stuffed the book into his bag and made to leave but then found himself ridged as a board and he fell to the ground with a thud. James flicked his wand lazily to remove the hex and Severus immediately tried to scramble to his feet. Dumbledore frowned, his usually sparkling eyes dark. Realising that there was no use in running Severus drew his own wand and aimed a spell at James who deflected it with ease and disarmed the other boy grabbing his wand and flinging it into the tree. Peter laughed from behind Sirius and James. The other boy, Remus, looked troubled and stayed back from the proceedings; there was no smile on his face.

"What do you recon Sirius? Shall we hang him in the air again?" James asked. Severus turned to run but was lifted into the air by his ankle and hung there, his robes falling over his head. He batted his arms about wildly and snarled at them from beneath the folds of material.

"No matter, Snivelus has decided for us," James continued. Sirius sneered up at the boy.

"Shall we take his pants off James? No Teacher to protect you this time Snivelus." He said. Severus started to struggle more than ever.

"Why stop there? Let's really leave our mark, I'm thinking of writing 'kick me' on his ass in unwashable ink, what do you think?" James replied. Peter laughed unpleasantly. Dumbledore's eyes were on fire now as he roughly put down the mirror and swept down the stairs, heading for the oak tree.

Remus ran forward now and grabbed James' arm. "Look you've had your fun you've scared him a bit now leave it there," he pleaded.

"Don't be such a spoil sport Mooney, let's teach this filth a lesson," James advanced on a terrified Severus, who furiously spit in his face. James' eyes narrowed.

"James's don't! Sirius, this is too far!" Remus shouted. Suddenly with a bang the advancing Potter was flung away from his victim who suddenly dropped. His fall was cushioned by a spell as Dumbledore teared across the grass.

"Professor I-" James started.

"Don't you ever, ever attack a fellow student like this again," Dumbledore warned, his voice dangerously quiet.

"I wasn't gonna do anything to him, headmaster, honest I was just scaring him a bit, I'd never-"

"-You attacked him, Mr Potter and you others are as much to blame. You shall all report to Mr Filch at 7:00 for detention and at the same time every night this week, a month for Mr Potter, Remus, I realise you tried, you will be exempt from this punishment and I will let you off with a warning." Dumbledore watched as the boys retreated towards the castle. He then moved over to Severus who was packing his bag. 'I had no idea it was this bad,' he thought.

"Are you alright my dear boy, I must apologise for letting this go on for what has obviously been a long time, I truly had no idea what he was doing to you," albus said softly.

"Of course you didn't, no one suspects the precious Potter," Severus replied with a surprising amount of venom.

"I want you to feel that you can talk to me anytime Severus, if anything more like this happens please notify me immediately"

"Thank you headmaster, I will," he replied shortly, picked up his bag and wandered back towards the castle. As Albus watched him go, he knew that he wouldn't ever come to talk to him, nor would he probably tell him of any more such incidents. He was so insecure but valued his little pride highly. 'Poor boy' he thought. 'Although hardly a boy anymore, in his sixth year, he's nearly a man himself.'