Authors Note: It's been a while since I updated

Authors Note: It's been a while since I updated. Work has been crazy hectic, school, lining up career options for after graduation... etc. etc. I could go on forever. This is a very short chapter because this is something I've had sitting on my computer. I wasn't completely happy with it but then I realized that I'm not trying to win a Pulitzer. I'm just writing for entertainment purposes. Thanks to everyone who reviewed and to everyone who added my story to their alert list. It's very flattering to open up my inbox and see that someone is interested enough in my story to want to know what happens next. After the season finale is over this evening I will probably start writing more as I start to experience withdrawals of my favorite show. Expect to see more of me in the coming weeks.

Disclaimer: Still not mine.

The yellow tape barricading the crime scene was crowded with people, Gibbs swore softly under his breath. "Damn reporters." He ducked under the yellow police line and approached the LEO who appeared to be in charge, the rest of the team followed. Tony slipped under the yellow tape first, then Ziva and finally McGee bringing up the rear with the crime scene equipment in tow. The officer in charge leaned casually against the hood of his car and barked orders at the others. He was drinking a coffee, and from the stacked pile of empty take-out cups next to him, Tony deduced he had been steadily drinking since his team arrived. As they approached he pushed off from the car and positioned himself behind a young man who appeared to be coercing a phone number from the park attendant.

"Hey, Savitzki. What the hell are you doing? Get me that address." He reached out and flicked the man on the back of the ear. Savitzki yelped and dashed off in search of the information his boss wanted. "Damned man would hit on anything if she stood still long enough." He caught sight of Gibbs and walked toward them. "You must be Special Agent Gibbs. I'm Detective Grady." He held out his hand to shake.

Pleasantries were exchanged and the two men turned to survey the scene. Grady gestured toward a middle-aged man sitting in the back of police cruiser and wrapped in a survival blanket. "He found the body when he woke up at 0500 and stepped outside the tent to take a leak. Damn near pissed on your Lieutenant's head. By the time he pulled himself together enough to get the park attendant half of the frigging campground had come over to take a look. There are footprints everywhere." He gestured toward the well-trodden ground around the body. We called you as soon as we realized he was Navy." He casually handed Gibbs an evidence bag, inside it there was a wallet. Gibbs snapped on a rubber glove and pulled it out, the picture on Brian O'Neil's drivers license was fairly recent, his hair cut short in the standard military cut, a stern un-smiling mouth but crinkles in the corners of his eyes that may have indicated he did more laughing then his smile would lead you to believe. Gibbs put the wallet back into the evidence bag, sealed it and practically threw it at Tony. The two men turned simultaneously to study the scene. Standing side by side they gripped their coffee cups in their hands as if they wouldn't release them if the Devil himself was in pursuit. Ziva blinked and nudged Tony.

"Does Detective Grady remind you of somebody?" She stage whispered. Tony gave her a somewhat blank stare and turned to study the Detective. He was in good shape for a man fast approaching fifty. His brown hair held tints of silver and his grey eyes held a mountain of knowledge and experience. He stood next to Gibbs, calling out orders and ignoring the ringing cell phone in his pocket.

Tony grinned, "Gibbs." The man in question sent a questioning look to Tony as if to ask what the hell he wanted. Tony just shook his head and started toward the crime scene his camera ready to capture the still snippets of murder.

I just figured this would whet your appetite a little, lol. I think, but I'm not sure yet but there might be some wilderness-type surveillance in the future for our two lonely upholders of the law. I might have more this afternoon or later on in the week. Thank again for the reviews and for adding me to your 'favorites' lists.