Choose your own HP Adventure

You meet the World of Magic

Name – You meet the World of Magic

Author- Lisi the Slayer

Genre – Romance


Harry/OC Draco/OC Hermione/OC Pansy/OC


Annoyed when things you want to happen in a story just don't?! When a direction you want is left behind! Not anymore! This story is down to you. You decide what happens. After all, your the main character!


It's your sixteenth birthday and you have just read the last page of a Harry Potter book. You sigh wistfully as you shut the book. You're sat on your bed and a window to the city is behind you, you turn around and look out of it. You roll your eyes, there's nothing to be seen there! Everything you want to see, to do, and to be. It's all in that book and now you've finished it.

You groan and slide down on to your bed. It's your birthday, your sweet sixteenth! So you wonder why you're feeling like this. Bored, depressed and filled with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and the unknown. You let out a sarcastic laugh! Like anything remotely adventurous is going to happen in your town and under your roof.

BANG! A reverberating explosion erupts in your bedroom you scream and fall off your bed. Right into the purple swirling whirlpool, that's magically appeared on your floor directly beside your bed.

You're falling! All you can see is purple sparks flashing and turning fiercely around you and no one can hear you scream. The purple sparks shoot into your skin, getting into your system. You feel energised and you realise with a shock that those Purple sparks are magical energy, which has flooded through your system. With a sudden jolt you're thrown out of the whirlpool and resting on thick green grass.

You take a shuddering breath and try to get your rapid breathing under control. Your head turns side to side taking in the view and you look like a trapped animal. You look at your hands and purple sparks are dancing about in your palms. Magic! You've kept the Magic from the whirlpool, and not just a little bit of it either, your full to the brim with it! You're powerful and you know it. Suddenly people are beginning to notice you, crowds are pointing at you, startled and more than just a little terrified you leg it out of there and hide behind a tall building. You think your alone and sink to the ground. You're shaking and everything is just too much. But then you hear a voice from behind, you're not alone.

DECISION TIME! - Time to decide just who that person is ! just who do you want to have found you, and at your most vulnerable.


A darker edge is appealing to you it's the darkness and adventure you were craving for after all! Once you get over the initial shock you want to develop your powers, you've become a powerful Witch. Draco is just what you need right now. Go to Chapter 2

What you need now are arms to wrap you up in safety, to protect you from this new world. You want a good man, someone you can rely on. Someone you can help you use your powers for good. Harry's your Wizard Go to Chapter 3


Your not good, you got a dark streak in you and now that you've accepted where you are, you're just looking for that bad girl. The girl, who's going to take you to new heights, Pansy's your Witch Go to Chapter 4

This is beyond your comprehension! You think you're going mad, and that magic deal! Don't even go there! You want a voice of reason. A voice that will make some sense, Hermione's your Witch Go to Chapter 5

What do you think! I can't however take full credit, as the whole 'Decide your own adventure' idea belongs to Dracoismyredkrpytonite! I simply read her story and gained inspiration. Please review my fic I love all your comments and also I definitely recommend Dracoismyredkrpytonite's story, which is called Make your own Hp Adventure – Draco meets reality! It's really good!