Chapter 34

Draco has his arm slung protectively over your shoulders, pulling you against his chest as you both make your way to the dungeons. If any other guy tried to treat you so possessively you would totally pull away, but coming from Draco it doesn't feel possessive and property claiming but sweet and caring... The Slytherin Prince seems to have taken you right under his wing – and you never want to leave that... You realised you must have whispered something about that, because Draco chastely kisses your forehead.

"You're never have to Luv"

He whispers to you, and then he stops before a beautiful portrait. The man in the portrait is far from beautiful, he's savage looking, covered in blood, his eyes are dangerous. And yet there's an element of the gentleman about him, perhaps it's the dark but committed emotion that flares in his eyes, or the way he looks at you, as notices you and Draco's presence... The honourable politeness and manners of a gentleman, you feel if he were before you in the flesh he would bow down and kiss the back of your hand...

"This is the bloody Baron"

Draco informs you gently, you of course knew this already, but feel no need to point this out. You do however feel the need to respond to what sounds like an introduction, you smile at the portrait and slightly nervously. You tell him your name and that your pleased to meet him. The bloody baron inclines his head, you figure he is a man of little words, and more of action and thus feel strangely grateful at this small acknowledgement. Draco inclines his face downwards slightly, and you can see a smile playing on his lips. He whispers something so low you can't make it out, but evidently this is not the case for the bloody Baron as he swings open to admit you both entrance...

"Farewell dear lady"

You hear too a husky a voice to be Draco's say, and as the portrait closes behind you, Draco looks to you in surprise.

"He likes you; it took some Slytherins an entire year to get a look from him never mind anything else"

You can only smile having no idea what the bloody Baron has not been like nor how the Slytherins in question were and are like... You do however feel like pouting now that you're not pressed against his chest – you smile as that is rectified. Draco looks at you, and you can see a naughty gleam in his eyes...

"Ordinarily girls are absolutely forbidden to enter the guy dorms but for you, I'll make an exception...That is, if you can handle it?"

His tone is lightly teasing and you playfully arch your eyebrow in response.

"Oh I think I can take anything you have to throw at me Malfoy"

Draco smirks and guides into the Slytherin dorms... You go in expecting to see rows and rows of beds that which are described in the books, you can't contain your shock when you see a series of doors. Draco openly laughs at you.

"What? Like you expected us to be cramped together like lowly peasants? This is Slytherin remember..."

Its not his fault, he's insanely wealthy, the whole of Slytherin seems to be, but you fear you fit in far more in the 'lowly peasant' category... Draco waves his wand at a particularly elegant silver plated doors and it swings open, he indicates for you to enter...

"Welcome to my humble abode"

He's smirking as he says that, and as you enter you decide that if this is a humble abode your happily settle for such a position. The walls are tasteful cream, with silver swirls at the bottom just above the white soft carpet... But what really takes your breath away is not the elegant and classy furniture but the king-size bed! Your eyes go wide and screaming you run and leap onto it.


You scream to no one in particular, Draco looks at you amused but rather taken back by your reaction.

"Its only king size"

Draco tells all so casually, but you're too full of bliss of feeling yourself sink into the silvery white silk covers of the bed and duck feathered plump cushions to feel uncomfortable about it.

"I'd brought you here to clean up, but you seem better already"

Draco remarked, his tone somewhat surprised. You flash a cheeky grin at him.

"A bit of bed therapy was all that was needed..."

"Don't know about bed therapy luv, but there's plenty therapeutic things-"

You fix Draco a look, and Draco smiles ruefully in defeat.

"Can't blame a guy for trying.. Now come on let's get you sorted"

Draco holds out his arm, and you take it without hesitation.