Post-game Sheelos one-shot. Written for the talesofexchange on Livejournal for Red. The request was "Sheelos Fluffiness".

Spoiler warning: Contains spoilers about what happens at the end of the game.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia, I believe that it belongs to Namco.

The problem with Zelos, Sheena thought, was that he understood her so well. That was why he was able to annoy her, put her in a foul mood, when others couldn't.

He'd appeared outside the Meltokio castle as she was leaving after a meeting there with the king. He'd said that he'd just been happening to have been walking by but Sheena suspected that he'd actually been waiting for her after hearing about where she was. He'd offered to let her stay at his place and she had accepted, the comfort of having a familiar face around outweighing the possibility of him winding her up.

Him being able to understand her had actually been useful then when he'd decided to be sympathetic for once and had listened as she'd told him about the meeting she'd been in all day.

The summoner looked up as Zelos walked back into the room carrying a tray.

"Sorry it's not the usual type of tea that you're used to," he said as he set the tray down on the table.

"That's OK, I'm sure it'll be better than the dreadful stuff that they were serving at the castle if your butler made it," she replied.

"Actually, it's Sebastian's day off, I made it," he smiled.

Sheena pretended to choke on her mouthful of tea.

"You never used to complain when I made tea on the journey," Zelos rolled his eyes.

"That's because you never made tea then," Sheena scoffed.

"I made tea plenty of times during the journey," Zelos protested.

"Name one," Sheena said.

"Uh, um, when we were staying at the inn in Sybak. I even took it to you in you room, remember?" Zelos replied.

"Only because you thought it was an excuse to get into the room on the off chance that I might be in the shower," Sheena rolled her eyes.

"No, I genuinely thought that you might like a cup of tea brought to you in your room," Zelos said.

"Sure, just like you genuinely thought that you'd like to peep at me in the shower," Sheena said, her tone not as harsh as it might have been because she was still in a reasonably good mood with Zelos who was being, by his standards, well behaved. He hadn't mentioned her breasts for at least fifteen minutes.

"Honestly, a guy makes an innocent mistake one time…" Zelos mumbled.

"Innocent?" Sheena laughed.

"Yes, innocent," Zelos said.

"I don't think that word can be applied to you, ever," Sheena said.

"At least I'm not power mad like some of those people up at the castle. You were telling me about your meeting, how did it go in the end?" Zelos changed the subject.

Sheena sighed and took a long drink from her tea. Then she began to tell him about the difficulties of communicating and negotiating between people who suddenly found themselves living on a world with an entire population of another world they'd not even known about. The complications of different places having different forms of leadership and government in place, disputes over who owned what bit of where…

She noticed how carefully Zelos was listening and how he offered some well thought out and helpful suggestions. She was about to admit to herself that she was surprised at how sensitive and sympathetic Zelos was being when, when she was talking about something that had particularly irked her that she was still feeling wound up about, he turned a seemingly comforting gesture of putting an arm around her shoulder into a move to grope one of her breasts.

It was only much later, when she was settled in bed thinking back over her day, that she realised that, although she had been angry at him for doing that, her getting angry at him had let her release some of her pent-up anger and, ultimately, had made her feel better.

It was scary, Sheena thought, just how well Zelos understood her.