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The Summers Family
(An Xmen Buffy Cross Over)
By: Lilly Rose.

The small yellow cab progressed up to the large gates of the mansion. The lone passer sat in the back, her eyes havy from the trip from CA to NY. The young woman was coming to visit her cousin, Scott Summers. He was a teacher at the school for the gifted. Though the young woman did not know much about the school, in fact if she did know what she was getting into she would mostly like have stayed in the small place that was her home.

The diver seem to wear a look that seem to be of sickness and mistrust. He seem not to want to come more then five meters of this place. Even now he rolled down the window spitting out the a foul repugnant looking spit ball. He even turned back to the young woman that was his passager. His face some what paler then that of a vampire.

"What's wrong?" The young woman spoke in a hurried voice, she didn't want to be lift in wrong place. She knew that some humans males turned out to be miss trusted monsters. She learned to trust some monsters but she was in the mode to trust someone she did not know, human or not.

"Nothin' miss.. Just I heard story about this place.. About how freaks and monsters live here.. Are ya sure you be wanting me to leave ya here?" Even as he said that, he spat out the window again, as if trying to clear his mouth of the foul tasting matter that was swimming with in it. The young woman looked away from the ground that was coved in the yellow-white spit.

"Yes I have family in there.." She said getting out and she pulling her bags from the car. Handing over the money for the ride, the young woman starts to move towards the gates, her eyes locked on the Comm. system on the side of the gate.

"Don't say I didn't warn ya.." The diver said as he pulled away from the gates faster then he should of. The young woman smirked as she watch the man drive as if the Devil himself was coming after him.

Pressing the botten on the comm., she spoke in a clear voice, she prayed Scott was home. They hadn't seen each in years, from the time that his parents died. Then she got a letter from him, a few weeks ago, he had heard about her mother's death and told her if she needed anything at all to call him.. Or maybe even to come see him. "Hello.." She said looking at the Comm. Hoping she was doing this right.

" 'ello?" A French voice answered back, the voice was male and very rich. The young wondered who this one was. He seemed to be a rather hot person, though her heart is belongs to one who is un-dead.

"Umm hi my name is Buffy Summers.. " she stopped for a min, clearing her thoart. "I am here to see Mr. Scott Summers.." She let go of the button and listened to the voice again, wondering if this guy was human to have such a rich lustful voice, chill her at her heart.

"Sure thing Chere.. Gambit let Scott know and let jou in.." Buffy nodded to the voice that was coming out of the

Inside the mansion.

Jean never saw Scott move to the door so fast, they were both watching the news when Remy came in to tell Scott that a girl named Buffy was here to see him. Jean was starting to wonder who this girl was. She looked up at Remy, "What was her name again ?" Jean asked him with a bit of worry, wondering if she should be getting mad.

"She said her name was Buffy Summers.." He said with a smirk watching Jean's face light up a bit. He patted her arm a bit, "Don't worry.. she be family Chere.."

"Thanks Remy," Jean nodded to him, he was one of her dearest friend and a kind soul. He knew that the sight of a worried woman.

"Jou're welcome Chere," He said turning the other way, as he knew that Jean was going to join Scott at the front door. It was funny, Jean almost got as mad as Scott did when he saw her speaking with Logan. Gambit just shook his head, he wondered who this girl was and why he had a feeling that things were going to get a little upset.

Buffy and Scott hugged close, her arms tight around his middle, he nearly picked her up and said her around like he did when she was smaller. "Buffy.." He said in a happy voice, "It's good to see you!"

"Scott.. It's been to long.. I hope you don't me mind me stopping in.. But .." She trail off as she looked over to Jean, "Oh.. hi" she started and smiled one of her coy smiles. "You must be Jean.." Looking at Scott, "Your right she is cute." She winks at Scott.

"Hi, yes.. I am Jean.." She put her hand out to Buffy, "It's nice to meet you." Buffy gave her hand, and shock it a bit, Jean could feel how strong this girl was. Maybe almost as strong as Logan or Beast.

Scott closed the door as Buffy standing now in the main, hall.. God, this place is big!~ she thought to herself. "I know this is kind of rude.. Me just showing up, but I needed to see you Scott and a little time away from home.." There was so much sadness in Buffy's voice. But the thoughts in her head that Jean was worried about. There were pictures of vampires and demons in Buffy's mind. Surely this had to be all made up things caused by the death of her mother, but then again Jean the x-men have seen a lot. She hopes this is not something that's going to be upsetting for the students.

"Do not worry about it Buffy, I am just so happy to see you.. " he smiled, garbing one of her bags, he started to wonder off down the hall, "come on I'll show you where you can sleep tonight." He smiled with a boyish chream that he has always had. Buffy smirks and said to Jean.

"I am sorry. I know I should of called or something before I came.." She trails off, as she looks down. How could she say what she was feeling. Her mother was gone, she didn't need to be around Vampires, Hell Gods or even her friends and family in sunnydale. She turns her eyes up a bit.

Jean's mind keep picking up a few things here and there, she was worried about this girl, maybe they should have some 'girl talk'. Maybe later , Buffy seemed tired. "It's OK.. We are used to people just dropping in." A smile played on her lips, just today Kurt 'Drop in' her lab, she was getting used to him popping in and out, but it still made her jump every time.

Both women trend to follow Scott, who was still smiling ear to ear, as he moved to the girls rooms. He knew he would have to put in her a room by herself. He hoped that she wouldn't find out what this place really was. He didn't know if Buffy would understand, the last time he saw Buffy, she was little over 5. A sweet little girl with lovely eyes, when he heard that her mother died he had to white her. Now she was here, he would half to make sure she didn't find out what he and the other people who lived in the mansion was.

The Next Morning: Part 2

The next morning very early Buffy was already up, and out running in the woods next to the Mansion. She had been up for 3 hours already, and needed a good long run to clear her mind. She loved the area around the mansion. She loved the way everything seemed to be perfect. Stopping to get her breath, she looked up to the morning sky, the air seemed so clean. Everything about this place was clean.

A sound to her right made her turn her head slowly, it was a faint sound. Maybe nothing at all, but she knew someone was out there. Her heart started to beat harder as she walk towards the sound. Coming turn the shadows, she saw a rather small man, that seemed to have so much hair, wild hair. He had his shirt off, just wearing his jeans, and damn was he hot. Buffy licked her lips watching the man work out.

Logan turned his head, picking up the faint smell of a woman some where close by, he stopped his own movements to see where the girl could be. Then he saw her, her blond hair blowing in the small bit of wind that was out today, her small tank top, that was cut low, and her tight black pants that told him every curve she had. She seemed to be in good shape. A smile moved up his face, Remy had said that Scott's cousin had shown up last night was this her.. Damn.. If Scott look this good as this girl then maybe they would get along better. A smirk stays on his face as he looked at Buffy.

"Hey.." Buffy started, feeling his eyes go over her body. Using her body to distract him, she has to make sure this guy was safe. There was something animal about him, she has seen werewolves before but he seemed different.

"Hey" Logan said, coping her. "You shouldn't wonder around the worlds alone.. There are a lot of wild things in the woods." He said, almost feeling like the big bad wolf talking to little red hiding hood.

"I can handle myself.. Thanks.." Buffy said walking to stand a few feet before him, "I 'm Buffy, Scott's cousin.. And yourself?" God, this guy had a body on him. But sadly he was old enough to be her dad most likely.
Logan's right hand went in front of him, "Most call me Logan.." He said with a rough voice, his cold blue eyes staring at her. He had to clear his mind, she sure was a cute 'young' woman. The word young sticking in his mind as he made it, so that he would not start acting like the day he meet Jean. He had to gave up on Jean as well. Why did Scott have so many hot woman around him?

"Nice to meet ya, Logan." Buffy said taking his hand, "So.. Do you know the way back to the mansion?" Buffy hated to tell him she was lost, but heck she was. "I think I should of lift a trail of stones or somethin'"

Logan could feel how strong she was, it took him off guard, he drop his hand some what slowly. He looked over his shoulder knowing a fast way back to the mansion and a slow away. He had to ask himself it if was safe for him to take the slow way. "Sure do..if ya can keep up with me.." He said wondering why he felt like testing her. He wanted to see how fast she could run and how far. Turning on his heel, he said over his shoulder. "I need to do my morning run.. So.. If you can follow I'll lead you to the mansion this way."

Buffy nodded, she didn't mind running, heck she was used to it. She waited for Logan to take off, knowing letting him think that he was the head dog would make him feel better once she gets up with him. Before she knew it Logan was off, running as fast as he could. Buffy just took up right after him, letting him get a head of her just a bit. She could follow him, she felt as if she on the hunt, as if she was stocking him.

Some where else.

An unknown mutant was making her way towards the mansion, the hood from her cape pulled over her head, the cape followed over her form hiding her form under it. She was coming to seek help from the man named Charles Xavier, she had heard that he was letting mutants live under his roof and he was helping them learn about their powers. She needed that help, and was ready to learn more about herself. Hopefully she would learn about her family as well, she had a locket with a picture of her mother and father but she did not know her father's name.

Once she had gotten to the gates, she held her breath wondering if she should jump them, well fly over them or try to talk to someone inside. Lifting the cape a bit, large angel wings came in to view, she let her form be carried over the bars of the gates thinking this would be best. Landing on path way on the other side, she pulls her cape back down, hiding what made her look like angel.

Moving some what slowly she makes her way up the long path that leads to the door way of the large Castle like mansion. This was a new life that she was walking herself to. She needed to make sure that she wasn't making a fool of herself and some how gotten wrong info. Each step towards the great doors seem to make her more and more scared at what she would see inside this place.

The pain in her head told her that there were people around her, all around her. It seem like as if over a 100 people were inside the house. The Angel rubs the back of her head as she comes to stand on the front steps of the Mansion. Her hand moves up to knock upon the door as she trys claim herself.
A tall man with sun glasses answered the door, she just look at him, having an odd feeling with in herself. " 'ello.. I am lookin' for Professor Xaveir.." Her voice was unsteady as she try to keep her pain from the soft sweetness of it.

"Ah, Sure Chere, come on in.. Gambit not sure if he's here but let's see. " Gambit let The woman entering wonder just who she was, but she was a good looker. A lovely woman, but there was something about the cape she wore. As she entered the mansion her eyes went to the to the large room

"Woah.. This is such a large place.." She trend to look back at Gambit studying him.. "I'm sorry, my name is Lovestone.. Regina Lovestone.. And you are sir?" That was such a stupid thing to ask, was she even listening to him, he said his name was Gambit. Studying his face she could see his little boyish smile that he wore so smugly.

"Gambit knows it's a big place, most call me Remy or Gambit, jou can take jour pick." This girl sure was a cutie. There was something about her sweet voice and her looks. It made Remy almost swear. He still loved Rogue but he still had needs and until Rogue learned how to control her powers or even some how get away he can touch her, he stopped himself for thinking such things.

"Dis way Chere" he said as he turned away, he knew that she was different maybe she was going to be student and if she was student he couldn't think of her that way. He couldn't really tell how old she was. Though she did seem like angel.

She bite her lip, she could tell what Gambit was think and why he was thinking it. Cruse a bit in her own head, she followed touching his mind just a bit to learn more about this place. It seemed that this was indeed a safe place for people who were different. At least she wasn't going to half to be scared of her life. Like she was back in Sunnydale.

Hunting a bit more though the Gambit's head, she felt shocked. So Buffy was here, at least she knew someone here. But she did not know that Buffy was gifted. She would have to be careful around her.

Back outside

Logan looked back at the girl, she was keeping up with him. ~DAMN~ he smirked a bit, she looked even better when she ran. "Come on kid almost there. " he said as they ran in to the back yard of the mansion. Stopping finely he took a deep breath looking back at the young woman.

Buffy pulled her hair from the pony tail, breathing softly she smiled at Logan while he let a large breath from his powerful pipes. "So, are you like the gym teacher here or somethin'?" Buffy asked her eyes, going over the man before her. Her lips pressed up in to a small as she saw an odd look on his face.

"Ya, you could say that..." Logan's hand moved up to his hair to the back of his neck to gave it a good rub.

Buffy looked around the back yard, there was more then enough for work outs. Buffy smiled at Logan, "So What kind of school is this?" She smiled a little funny, as she tried to study him a little more.

:Logan's smirked grow a bit, as he watched the young woman in front of him. "Just a school." Was all he could, say, he didn't want to tell her to much nor did he want to spill anything out about the school just in case. Logan wondered over to the wrights, out side was such a better place to work out. Yes, inside the walls of the gyms the same thing sat, but feeling the heat of the hot sun was so much better then work out inside man made room.

He loaded the bar a little more then he shuold, maybe because of the girl in front of him, or maybe because he needed more of work out then he usually. He felt silly, more then silly. This was like trying to get his little sister to notice him. He smiled a bit as he lays down upon the seat pushing the wrights up in to the air, his strong hairy arms feeling the wirght, as he thinks he put to much with on the bar.

Buffy sat down across from him, watching him push the wrights up and down in to the air, as if it was nothing more then a price of paper. How could a human male be so strong, she tilts her head getting a better look at him. "So. ..umm How long have you worked here?"

Logan mumbled something, feeling the sweet pour on his forehead, this girl was asking way to many things.. "Not .. Long" Logan finely said out loud between the gunts from the him pushing up the large weight.

Buffy nodded, as she leans back her eyes moved to the door as she heard the door from the kitchen. She tilts her head towards the door so that Logan could see the young woman with the blue gloves exit the mansion in to the back yard. Buffy noticed the bit of white in the woman's brown hair, not that this was to odd because she seen many with 2 different hair colors, though white was a new one to her.

"Hey sugar who your friend?" Rogue said as she came to stand next to Logan who was finish with his set. She smiled towards Buffy, Then looked back towards Logan. Was this a new student. She had to make sure before she said anything. She smiles softly then took a seat some what far from the girl but close enough so that it didn't look to odd. " 'ello " Rogue said giving out her gloved hand before Logan could answer.

"Hi!" Buffy said in her CA, accent as she took Rogue's hand.

"Rogue.. Buffy.. Buffy Rogue.." Logan answered Rogue and let the two meet at the same time.

Rogue meet Buffy's CA accent with a southern one "Nice to meet you Buffy.. " As they shock hands Rogue leaned back giving Buffy a good view of the other woman. There was something odd about Rogue to Buffy, it seemed almost as if all of Rogue's skin was coved up.

Logan looked back and froth between the two lovely women, this could be any man's dream sitting here in front of him. Then again that would be a deadly one with Rogue. He felt bad for Remy, he knew how much Gambit wanted this lovely southern bell. But it would never happen not with out one of them getting hurt. Logan bowed his head for moment, knowing that love for the X men was always a thing to want but almost always never to have.. Damn Scott.. He was just to fucking lucky.

"What's wrong Logan?" Buffy asked as she looked in to his face, it was looking almost as pale as Angel's. Rogue notice the same thing, and she was worried about her friend, as she looked closely at his eyes. He seemed to be morning a lost in the old thoughts she had hoped he had forgotten about.

"Nothin'.. Did you know she was Scott's cousin?" He asked Rogue he had to get their eyes off him, and he knew that would do it. He sighed softly hopping that latest news from this girl will win out over her worry for him.

Rogue gave Logan a look asking if this girl was ' one of them'. Logan of curse shock his head, the look the 2 gave, the way the could speak with out even saying a word, made Buffy miss her friends, her funny little fiends. Xander, Willow..and even Ayan. It made her who hurt for them, even though she needed to be away from the madness that was her life, the madness that was her world, and her gift..

"So what you guys talking about behind my back. I mean you are talking.. I can tell by the looks on your faces.." Buffy said as the two were blinking almost at light speed.

It was Rogue who laugh first her eyes watering a bit, while she smiled sweetly to the young woman. "My, she just like Jean!" Rogue's voice with airy with the joke she made that only she
And Logan understood..

Buffy looked at them with a raised eye brow, "Huh?" She was a little more then mixed, how was she like Scott's girl friend? She know she didn't have red hair, or even the green eyes that Jean sported.

"Never mind kid.. Never mind.." Logan said with a soft laugh as he watched her face, go over each thing. That the two mutants had said and done.

In side mansion, in front of Xavier's office.

Gambit's hand softly knocked upon the wooden door that belong to Xavier's office door. :Looking back to the lovely thing behind him, Remy sighted a bit, he had tried to remove the cape that hide her form. But he knew that she had a lovely form, though she hide it as well, just as a mother her hiding her little girl's virginity on porm night or tired to. The dark velvet cape, or was it silk, it seemed so perfect for her, the way it laid agist her sweet rosy skin. The way her lovely red hair laid a crossed her right shoulder and framed her sweet face. Her lips seem so kiss able, he was so in to studying the young woman in front of him he did not hear the Professor's call for them to enter. But he heard it after a few times, "Don't worry Chere, de Professor is a kind and understand man.. Trust 'ld Remy here, he's knows what he be talking about."

"I am not scared," she said in a kind way as he pushed the door open for her, but he knew that she was scared, that she was worried beyond fact. He always knew, it was gave him most of his charm. He knew what people wanted and when they wanted it. Though for himself, he never knew what he wanted, he only knew that he could never have the taste or feel that was of his soul mate.

As Gambit opened the door, Gina's eyes fall on Charles for the first time, her heart nearly stopped it nearly, gave in to the sweet look that was on his face. Her mind touch his and his touch her's. It was something that just happened, it was like feeling each other's souls.

He was looking at her lips as if he wanted to tasted to them, to feel them agist his own, the way he stop breathing as if there was nothing else that could be. He saw the way her eyes stopped moving, just to land upon him and no one else, not even the gawking Gambit who was smirking softly as he watched the pair.

Her teeth slowly bite in to her lip, though no blood was came from the sweet pump lips, she felt this odd pain that wash tough her, and gave her a just few facts that she might be looking at the man she will always love.
But did he feel the same way, did he know what she was feeling, the burning need at this one moment she wishing she knew what it was, and why she felt it. She didn't need to feel this way right now, what she needed is to find out about herself and the man in her locket.

"Gambit got here some one to see ya, Professor.. She be needing to speak to ya, sir.." Remy 's healthy smirk raised in to a large smile that rested upon his good looking face, "Remy leave ye too alone to talk.." He made his way out of the office, keeping that smile on his face, he turned to look one more time at Charles Xavier, and the woman who said her name was Regina Lovestone. There was something about these 2, something big. Though he knew it would be that way for some time.

Professor Xavier nodded to Gambit, "Thank you.. " He said as Gambit disappeared in to the hall, but he only said this after he heard the door close. "Miss wont you sit down?" Charles' voice seemed to be a bit stressed though he was to worked up about seeing this young woman for a reason he did not understand about.

The woman moved slowly toward the desk, looking at the older man sitting in front of her. She stairs down at the chair in front of her with the high back . She bites her lip, and nods slowly as she sits, feeling the pain raced though her as she sat on her wings, and pressed to much on to them. "I think I shall stand.. That is if you do not mind?" Standing from the chair she fixes her cape, feeling the light pain.

"Yes... That would be fine, please Miss.. what is your name?": Xavier studied the woman, seeing that she was in pain, "Are you all right?"

"My name is Regina Lovestone, sir.. I am fine sir, I just need to stand for now," her green eyes still resting on his, as he smiled.

"It is a pleasure Miss Lovestone," He sat up a bit more, wanting to get a better look at the young woman before him. "You can remove your cape if you wish Miss Lovestone.. It is most warm in here.." He said trying to act as the Professor should, but hey this woman was stealing his heart by just standing there.

Biteing her lip, Gina nodded, she knew that she would sometime show these people her wings, but she was happy there was only him and herself with in this large office. Her pale thin fingers moved over the clasp that holds the cape together. As it fall from her wings, her smile became a little smaller. She almost hang her head when she felt was he was feeling, and heard his thoughts.

Charles Xavier has seen those with wings before, but never has ever felt as if angel was standing before him. This angel with lovely red firey hair, the greenest of green eyes. This was like looking in to a price of art. She was lovely, breath taking. His lips form a smile as he nods now understanding why it would be hard for her to sit in the high back chair before him.

They both smile, they both look in to each other's eyes as. Just watching each other, as if they both know they have meet someone who is going to change their lives forever....


Remy found his way to the back yard, his eyes found Buffy first then Rogue. He knew Logan was there, how could miss the man. He smiles towards Buffy and Rogue, " 'ey Logan it jou got all the ladies today." His smile as he looked at Rogue told Buffy there was more then friendship between them. She watch as Remy took a seat next to rogue, but still a little bit always from her.

Buffy watched the 3 friends, wondering if she should bring up a few things, but it was the Cajun's voice was the one that was heard, "So, Buffy, how jou liking de mansion so far?"

Her mind was starting to wheel off answers when she heard what sounded like a scream. She stood up faster her slayer mind taking over, she nodded to them then started to take off, not even noticing where she was heading, entering the kitchen she saw, what seemed to be some kind of demon, with Jean. It was about the same size of a man, it's tail was moving around slowly. Jean was kneeling in front of it, the thing's 3 finger hand was on Jean's shoulder.

Jean was looking up to Kurt, who scared her half to death by appearing behind her, she fall back and he was about to help her up. When Buffy kicked Kurt away, she stood in a fight stance looking at Kurt, who was more then shocked, Jean tired to understand what was happening. Kurt who knew only that this person had kicked the hell out of his side, moved to fight back.

Buffy's mind was only on protecting Jean Grey, her cousin's true love, or at least that was what was playing though her, "Come on demon.. I don't know what kind you are .. But you are going to get it.. And the slayer is going to give to you."

It was Jean's powers that pulled them apart, she wondered what the slayer was, her mind flashed back to a person named Blade. A man the xmen had only meet once, he and spiderman had treamed up to fight vampires. Jean was wearing a stocked look upon her face.

"Jean what are you doing?" Came Kurt's voice, while Buffy was kicking around mid air trying to get down, her eyes shot to Jean. Was she doing this? This couldn't be unless Jean was a witch or something. Buffy tires to clam herself down there had to be a reason for all this foolish stuff that was happening.

"Buffy, I would like you meet Kurt Wanger, a friend of mine and Scott's. He lives here with us.." Jean says placing the young woman back on her feet. "Kurt I would like you meet Scott's cousin, Buffy Summers.."

"I'd like to say it's good to meet you, but my side tells me it's not." Kurt says as he touches his aching side, while he too is placed back on the ground. Kurt ran his hand though the hair/fur that rested atop of his head, he was watching this 'Buffy', wondering what kind of name was Buffy any ways.

"I am sorry, I didn't know that there were demons.. Umm I mean friendly demons in the mansion.." Her words were making her sound little over a fool. Kurt was not at all shocked that the girl was calling him a demon though it hurt a bit.

"Buffy, Kurt is not a demon, he is in fact a mutant." Jean said as she looked over the girl's face and mind. Buffy was trying to reason with herself trying to understand what Jean was telling her. There had to be a reason for all of this...

"Mutant?" Buffy asked her eyes going over the other woman, "Are you one as well?" The question was hanging in the air, when Logan, Rogue, and Remy was entering the room, they look rather shocked at the what the girl asked.

"Yes, Buffy, I am. In Fact all of the students are Mutants." Jean said matter-of-factly. She knew that Scott was going to be upset with her, but Scott knew the facts were going to spill out sometime. "Buffy, you called yourself 'the slayer', do you mind telling me what that is?" As Jean asked this her mind was carefully moving though the younger woman's. Seeing what the answer floating there.

The look on Buffy's face was priceless, her whole face went pale, in her mind she was seeing all her friends, seeing all the bad things that live in sunnydale, Spike showing up more then once. Her mind trying to place him in some kind of place, "I am a vampire slayer, the killer of demons, big bug people, and what ever else the Hell mouth throws out at me." The voice she uses is a soft a almost sad one, as if she not even sure who she is, or what she is.

Logan in the mean time was staring at the girl, he came across a 'slayer' before she was a sexy little number called Faith, though she was more of a wild type of girl, he kept this to himself, he knew some of the slayer stuff and knew that Faith was more of a 'layer' then 'slayer'.

Remy just watch the girl, he knew of vampires, heck where he was from there were many. His home town was like a nest, you always had to becareful, but he never minded them. He knew that some how there was someone keeping them down. There was one female vampire he could never forget, a sweet wild, and yes very mad one still played on his thoughts some nights, he bearably got away from her and her male friend.

Jean and Rogue had only seen vampires though the man called Blade, they didn't know that there was a 'Slayer' or that the blood sucking monsters were more real then what they seemed. Buffy stood there trying not to be to worried. She would have to call Giles he would have to be told.

" So we be having two different Secrets that are now with in de light." Remy said mostly to himself, he smirk a bit, wondering what the girl most think, knowing she most be a little worried He leaned back on the wall, flashing everyone a smile that seems to float in the air, staying there with a sexiness that is just his.

"Well, kid you came to the right place, we've got a lot of gifted people here." Logan said he didn't know much to say, but he did know that he had to find out if Faith was dead, because that is how a new slayer comes.

Rogue merely stood there he remind going though each thing, her eyes shot to Kurt, her brother, she shakes her head a bit. Trying to put two and two together the southern woman just sighs. She was getting used to finding new and odd things in the world, but she had hoped the vampires were just a dream. Rouge was the one that saw Scott enter the kitchen. He seemed to have a shock look on his face as he saw Kurt.

"Buffy.. I can explain.." Scott started he had to find the words to tell her about the mansion, but the look on Jean's face told him he was way to late. Taking deep breaths he looks towards his cousin.

"I think Buffy has something to tell you as well, Scott." Jean said in her motherly voice, the voice that usually means something big is up. Scott and Buffy just looked to each other wondering how they would explain all that was in their heads, how they would tell each other that they are more then human.....

Xavier's Office
Leaning back in his chair he smiles towards the young woman.. No the angel before him, "Tell me Miss Lovestone, how did you hear about the my school?" He wanted to know everything about her, he was calling her by her last night trying to distance himself, he never felt this way towards anyone in such a long time.

"Well, where I lived there was lots of many types of 'Different' people, I wasn't sure what I was until I came across another mutant, they were heading here, I never really got her name, but she seemed to think this was the safest place to be." Her voice so sweet and caring was filled with sadness and pain. Even her smile was hiding some deep pain.

Xavier has having a hard time entering her mind just to watch her feelings and to read her. She seem... No was just as strong as he was, but there was untamed power in her, a power that seemed to go deeper then his own. He felt sorry for the young woman, yes young woman he told his heart so that it would not open up to her. "I see, well we will get you step up, I know you must be tired," moving his chair from out of under the desk, he saw no wonder now odd look on Regina's face as she saw his wheel chair, he smiles to himself, as he moves slowly towards the door. "If you will follow me I will get you a room.

Gina could feel heart jumping, feel herself spinning a bit as she watches Xavier, he seemed so cool headed but he was also a handsome man. Moving behind him she places her cape back around this large wings of her own. She hangs her head a bit as she walks.

Else where

"How much longer is it Spike?" Xander asked leaning back in to the seat of van they had gotten at the air port, he didn't know why Buffy had gone so far, he sighs to himself this was a bad week, first Buffy's mom dies, then Ana needs time to find herself. She wasn't going to leave the fight just him, she was scared of death.

"Not to much longer," Spike answered as he looked though the dark window, he didn't know why he had always had to drive he did have a thing with the sun, but then again he didn't trust any of them to drive. Sighing to himself he looks back at Willow who was fast a sleep in the back, Tara was sitting there holding her close. It seemed as if the two had gotten closer each day, he was happy for them. He did try to leave Buffy's little followers behind, but the witch and the funny man would not stay and let him go after slayer by himself. He had won out with the watcher, ex-demon, sister and ex-boy friend (Angel), they would all stay in LA, for the moment. He would have to call them. Shaking his head he turns down the road to the this mansion of the gifted.

The Kitchen

Scott and Buffy stared in to each other's eyes, though Buffy was just seeing the red from his glasses. Scott was nodding his head a lot, as if he had no idea what to say, it was to much for him to take all in, his little baby cousin the slayer. As he listened to each tail of horror and sadness he knew that he would have to watch over her more. Though she seemed as if she didn't need it, no.. It seemed as if she was stronger then she ever could of been.

For Buffy, listening to everything about mutants kinda upset her, she was upset that any one would try to harm her cousin. She looks around the room, seeing Logan speaking quietly with a dark skinned white haired woman. Everyone of these people were 'gifted'. She wonders if the slayer is some kind of mutant, "Man Scott.. What kind of family do we have?" She says with a light hearted smile and laugh, that made Scott smile as well.

"Well, at least you can get help now with that Hell Goddess.. I am sure the X men can do all we can for you.. She reminds me of a few people we had to take down." He picks his words carefully watching her face, it seems to lighten up a bit.

Reaching across the table she hugs him tightly "Thanks Scotty" she says her head going to rest on his shoulder, she smiles so carefully, so wonderfully. Tears fill her eyes as she holds him. "Thank you allot..." Maybe now she was going to stop the evil Goddess and her dreams of death would not come true.