The cell next to Creed was now occupied with a blue colored female. Gina's eyes danced over the two, wondering what will be done. She knew that Willow cased the spell over the other cell, she knew that she also made sure Creed's cell was still under the old one. Yet there was something in Gina that told her that Creed would not be in his Cell for long. No, there was differently something more going on.

"You just gonna stand dere all day?" His voice was deep and cruel like it always has been. He had been watching her, her sent was different. He could smell the Professor all over her form. Something about that pissed him off. Yes, there were many things that could make this wild man mad. But the idea of someone touching the Angel made him almost drop the act he was always playing.

"Perhaps, perhaps not." She says her voice soft like always, she smiles softly looking at him. He wouldn't scare her, she had seen vampires, demons and other wild scary things, but this man, with all his hate, with all his blood trusty ways would not scare her one bit, well maybe a little. Though she would never show it, never let him know.

"Hmm." Sitting up from the hard bed in the middle of his cell, he smirks. Something about this bird made him like her. Perhaps, as she put it, it was because she was standing there like she owned the place even though she could be else were. "Peerhaps" he growls to himself. "You should run along and go play x-freaks with de professor.. little girl."

"I am not a little girl," she places her hands upon her hips, her wings going up just a bit as if to prove her point, her chest sticks out, giving him an eyeful.

A laugh comes from his lips, yes, she wasn't a 'little' girl, but she had all the right things in all the right places. A part of him wouldn't mind showing her how silly she was being standing there. If only he wasn't in his cell.

"Is he bothering you?" This came from the person who enter the room, Gina didn't have to turn, didn't have to even move her mind out to know it was Logan. When Logan enters a room. You knew it.

"Nope.." Her head turned just a bit to look upon the man she knew would rather have Creed dead then in the cell. "I am merely studying him." she says with a small laugh that was almost unreadable to Logan.

"Creed aren't fer studin'" He wasn't sure why this girl seemed to hang out here near these cells, but he sure didn't like it. If she wasn't with Professor Xavier, she would most likely be down here makin' eyes at Sabertooth. This didn't sit well for Logan.

"Everyone is wroth a bit of studying Logan." Her smile, Logan let his thoughts be pass over as he saw that smile. With those lips curved up in that sweet almost innocent way he knew she couldn't be doing something stupid, or something that would case any one pain.

"What ever.." It was the only word he could get out. He wasn't sure why his brain was almost soft when he looked in to those eyes that belonged to her. He did however hear others speaking of the same thing. Perhaps it was apart of her power. He would have to speak to Charles about it.


The mansion was boredin' there wasn't shit to do, not a thing. Watching some of the young females walk by was somethin' but doing so was starting to make his head spin. He was needing somethin' more fun, something that would make his mind just wonder with excitement.

Then he heard the sound of her voice, a southern bell. It made him want something, want something that he wanted with a few others. He hadn't had a one night stand in years. Not from the time he tasted his love for the slayer.

Stepping closer to the sound of music, it brings him to the rec. room. No one was about but for the lovely female, dancing by herself to some odd little bit of music. Her gloved hands waving at her sides, her hips moving this way and that to the song. It was almost too much for the undead male. A smirk pressed to his lips.

She didn't seem to hear him enter, he liked that. He hadn't lost his touch, no he could still hunt down his prey, and this girl was differently now his prey, even if he wasn't going to kill her. Perhaps he could still a kiss, if Buffy saw him he could always laugh it off, any ways she already shown him she rather kiss dirt then him. Even if that dirt's name started with an 'R'.

So walking with out making one damned sound he watched her, the way she looked as she closed her eyes, the way her hips moved to the steady beats of the song, His finger tips bushed her hair with out her even turning her head.

Her sent was sweet, clean. So filled with life, it made his mouth water. He would steal a kiss or perhaps just a touch then something much much more later. His fingers slowly edged their way across her skin, it was warm. He could feel her blood moving under her skin, though the vines. She was so alive.. Almost just like Buffy.

She jumped as she felt those cold fingers across her skin, her mind moving faster then she could ever go. She was not used to be touch, not used to feeling someone's fingers, let alone cold fingers, upon her skin. "What the Hell..!"


"What the hell?!" Turning faster then the person though she would be she could feel their fingers moving faster back, almost as if they burned themselves. Looking upon the man who had touched her, she was scared, scared because she felt nothing of him in her.

"Had to see if you were real or if I was dreamin'" he was trying to be coy or something else. He wasn't sure why she reacted so badly. All he did was touch her face.

This man touch her and she didn't feel his life spark in her. She felt nothing of him in her. She hadn't been touch in such a long time, Remy in gloves does not count. Starring at the blond she tires to form some words, his pick up line almost made her laugh. Though the one thing in her mind was that he could touch her.

"Who are you?" Those words passed her lips rather easy as if they were part of the song that was now only in the back ground..."What are you? What are your powers?" So many things dancing now in her mind. She had to know what made him so different.

"Spike." Was all he had to say though he watched her face, she had heard of the vampire that moved with Scott's cousin, Buffy, even though she was the slayer of said things. She wasn't sure what to do. Perhaps she should tell him about her powers. Perhaps she should ask something from him. To be able to make love skin to skin. That would be a wonderful event indeed.

"Spike, sugar, I got a story for you then.." that's how she started it off. That's how she started to speak of her life with out touch, her love for Remy and Spike himself started to speak of the Slayer.

Out side

The man who had sent not one but two of his underlings in to the mansion was starting to get mad. He was floating high above the mansion starring down at it. Raven should have been back but now. She was most likely already thrown in to a cell and was waiting for him to get her out. Damnit.

Landing upon the roof of the mansion his eyes fall upon a young woman standing by and painting. She wasn't even looking at him, though once she looked up she noticed him and kept painting not thinking he would notice her. No one did.

"You there," he was trying to sound rather mean and loud, powerful is most likely the word to use. He got it, but the girl didn't even jump. As she though he was speaking to someone else. Though it dawned on her that no one else was up here. She looks at him for a moment, then nods at him.

"What are you doing?" He didn't know why he asked such a silly thing, she was painting. Though he didn't know many an X-men or student here that would kept at such a task when he appeared.

She didn't even look up from her work merely held up a paint bush and went back to painting. She didn't like to be bothered when she was doing this, and now she had to think of away to fit him. Her eyes dance over him a few times. She had seen him before.

"Girl did you not hear me?" The girl's eyes moved up to him as he raised his hand to point to her. She smiles and nods a bit to herself and takes up the brash again. She had the perfect idea for him, smiling she almost laughs as the last movement was done.

"There." The girl said looking at Eric. "Now what do you need?" She was putting her hands not that close but as the heat from them moves he was upon her, watching her closely.

His eyes grow big as he looked upon the picture he was now the star of. The way his cape moved in the wind and his face look with ever detail down to the last movement of his eyes was unthinkable perhaps this was the young girl's gift. He seemed to let his eyes fall down of her art work. There was no name it was unfinished.

"Well?" She asks her eyes going over him almost with no care at all. She wasn't impressed by large show of powers and with him just flying up here wasn't on her big wow list.

"I am here to see Charles Xavier." His voice was finely clear as he thorn his eyes away from the girl. She had a smirk on her lips.

"Isn't every body." She laughs as she moves away from the picture placing it with others. She still didn't sign it. He watches her place it with the rest, all the others as lovely. He saw one of almost anything, anyone, everything and everyone that could happen or come across the mansion. "Fine come on… At least you didn't come in breaking down doors."

He was unsure what she meant, he did know that many came in and out of the mansion daily, some that did not belong. But he followed her watching her as she moved some what slowly. Though he knew he had to go her speed for now, if not to study her.