and the moon rose after quite a wait
on behalf of citizens (hurried and silent and chilly)
unforgiving lights dancing off the silver
forgotten in the rainy pavement stones broken up
water dirty and seeping in with specks of moonshine quivering
in the damp sewers with heels clicking by rapidly
the stoplights piercing their travail
bright red

world fading in empty stores glass cracked
HALF OFF COME TODAY rotting at the edges and newspaper
clutching the windows tiredly like socks with gaping holes
while nobody paid attention feverishly going HOME
facades a glimmer with that troublesome moon and awning shadows
street empties quietly but every so often the jarring shriek
of breaks muted horn by the side streets signs pointing to Far Away
go there

haphazardly tall structures of mismatched columns
unstately in the oncenesss of their former glory
but strange, alien in fact beautiful like a haunted house
carved wainscotting beneath broken windows (faded now)
radiators visible grey crooked monsters dripping mould onto the brick
and shuffled curtains trying not to be noticed white and yellow
in the shyest apartment peepholes let's pretend not to see our
of strangers

tangled and twisted fire escapes of dusty bars and slats
your wrought-iron jungle gym climbing messily up the worn brick
and poking the windows with dirty rusted railings and skinny steps
cold smoker stands alone letting embers cool on the tiny blacony
up high on the sixth floor faded cracked blinds and floor to ceiling
behind him or her unwelcoming the one who dwells at night
in the glow of the inconspicuous(ly late) circle
is the moon