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Easter Musings


The brunette witch looked up from the paperwork she was currently perusing to glance curiously at her husband. He was flipping through the morning's newspaper with a befuddled expression on his face, his normally brilliant gray eyes were cloudy with confusion.

"Yes, Draco?"

"What's the 'Easter bunny'?"

Hermione almost let the laughter bubbling on her tongue escape, but she had promised Draco a long time ago that she wouldn't make fun of his ignorance of the Muggle world. Since they'd been married nearly a year ago, she'd taught him how to use a computer, a cell phone, the telly, and a stereo, and it'd been hard enough to convince him not to hex the Muggle devices in the meantime. It was their first Easter together as a married couple so she'd somewhat expected the question.

"It's a giant bunny that comes hopping into your living room to leave you Easter presents, mostly candy such as chocolate rabbits and the like. Why?"

"Oh, no reason."

Silence settled between them once again and Hermione went back to her paperwork, thinking nothing more of it.

"Hermione, don't you find the idea of a giant bunny terrifying?" Draco's face was perfectly serious as he voiced this question to his wife.

She couldn't help it, a snort escaped before she could clamp down on it, and she glanced quickly over to the blond to see if he'd heard. When he didn't seem insulted in the slightest, Hermione was sure it'd been too low for him to distinguish.

"It's just a mythical figure, Draco. You know, like Santa Claus."

"But I thought St. Nicholas was real at one time, that he was once a real person."

Hermione could feel a migraine coming on as she lifted her hand and rubbed her fingertips at her temple.

"Yes, that's true, but I've never heard of any giant hopping bunnies. In the magical or Muggle world." She stated this with such finality, she'd hoped it would end the discussion.

"That you know of," he pointed out. "You didn't know the yeti was real either until you became a witch." Suddenly, his face paled. "What if it comes here? Tonight?"

"Draco, the Easter bunny supposedly visits children. Only children, not fully-grown wizards with rabbit phobias," this last part was muttered underneath her breath as she skimmed through her files.

"Exactly," he stated, smacking his hand on the table to emphasize his point. "I better go to the store to get carrots and lettuce. I don't want this giant cotton-ball wanting to munch on us in our beds. I mean, who knows what a rabbit that large eats?"

"Draco! I'm only three months pregnant. That so doesn't count."

The blond looked down at her as he stood, his gray eyes severe. "Better safe than sorry, dear." And he dropped a kiss on her head before marching out the door on his quest.

Hermione, knowing it was pointless to stop him, only shook her head as she rubbed the tiny bump forming at her stomach, before turning back to her work.

Two days later, all the produce Draco had bought, became food for Hagrid's animals.


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