Written for a contest :) Short because we're only allowed to have 150 words. I hope you enjoy! Reviews would be appreciated! :)

(Bella's POV)

"This is great!" I heard Emmett spurt excitedly.

"Emmett what are you talking about?" I looked up warily at Edward. His head was hung low, shaking slowly back and forth, signaling that I was probably going to regret asking that question.

Emmett ignored me and started barking orders left and right. "Rose, go get some green hats. Jasper, you know where the red feathers are right? Alice you're in charge of tights. Edward and Bella…" he glanced at us as if evaluating something. "Well, just keep Bella on her feet, that should keep you two occupied for a while," he muttered.

I gaped at him, and Edward growled.

Finally, I snapped. "What happened Emmett!?"

"It's Mike," he admitted, his laughter shaking through his body roughly.

I stared at him exasperated as his siblings looked rather bored, probably used to centuries of Emmett's schemes. "And…"

"I saw him reading Peter Pan!"