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Summary: She can't stand him. He won't leave her alone. And on top of that they must still suffer through University together. Atobe x OC

Not That Easy

"Sayuri chaaaaaaan!" yelled an excited voice. Sayuri felt someone's arms wrap around her from behind and began swinging her around.

"Sayuri chan! Sayuri chan! It's the first day of University!!"

Sayuri nearly screamed when the unknown person had randomly attacked her, but knowing him, it wasn't a surprise.

"EIJI!! DON'T YELL IN MY EAR THIS EARLY IN THE MORNING!" she yelled as she got out of Eiji's grip and whacked him with her map of the school.

"Nyaaa, Sayuri chan can you blame me for being excited?" Eiji looked at her with his adorable pout and Sayuri's anger just had to melt.

"Darn you and your adorableness Eiji!" she said whacking him playfully this time.

"Ne, Sayuri chan are you excited?"

Sayuri sighed, "No, I'm sleepy."

"Nyaaa, always so pessimistic."

"I'm not pessimistic…just too lazy for school."

Eiji swung an arm around his best friend's shoulder, "Well that's too bad because me and you are going to do everything this year!"



"Ne, Eiji, I don't think the whole world needs to hear you yelling at 8 am."

Eiji and Sayuri turned to see where the voice had come from. Appearing from the dark corner is Seigaku's former tensai Fuji Syuuske.

"OHAYO FUJIKO CHAN!" Eiji said waving madly.

Sayuri laughed and rolled her eyes, "Ne, Syuuske, do you still have to be so mysterious?"

"What is life without mystery Sayuri chan?"

For the second time that day Sayuri rolled her eyes. I can only imagine what four more years of school will be like with these guys.

"Well it's the first day, and I don't know about you guys, but I want to get to class on time," Sayuri said.

"YOSHHAA! IKUZO MINNA!" Eiji yelled, he spirits yet to be dampened.

The warning bell rang and the threesome knew they had to make it to class.

"Ne Sayuri chan, where are you going first?" Fuji asked.

"Hmm," Sayuri checked her schedule, "Media communications, ehh I better go guys, looks far. Ja ne!" Sayuri said waving as she began to search for her class.

Sayuri had gone to Seigaku in both her middle school and high school years, and she, Eiji, and Fuji had been friends since childhood. She was captain of the volleyball team, but due to being in the company of tennis players for so long she has learned quite a bit herself.

As she walked down the long corridors of Tokyo University she couldn't help but sigh. Her parents had gotten divorced in the summer and she works as a waitress to help support her mother.

Now that summer is over I have to suffer through work and school…that doesn't sound very pleasant. I just hope today goes alright…

She made it to class and entered the large room. She sat near the front and waited for the rest of the students to arrive.

Oh it's going to be a long day…

Sayuri eyed the clock, waiting for the bell to ring for third period. She had lunch first, as did her friends. She just wanted to get the day over with. Her two friends Juri and Natsumi had their classes in the same wing, so they planned on meeting up. It was times like these Sayuri thanked Kami sama for text messaging.

The bell had rang for lunch and Sayuri ran out of the door as fast as she could. She scanned the hall and found her two friends waving her over. Sayuri smiled, what better way to spend lunch than gossiping with the girls.

"SAYURIIIII!" They yelled.

"JURI !! NATSUMIII!!" Sayuri yelled as she ran over to her friends.

They greeted each other and then began their trek to the cafeteria.

"So guys, found anyone that you 'fancy'?" Natsumi asked, nudging Sayuri who was on her right.

Sayuri chuckled, "I can't believe you used that word…"

"That doesn't answer my question!"

"Well, maybe this will. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Sayuri yelled into Natsumi's ear.

Juri just laughed at her friends, they were always doing something crazy.

"So Juri, found any Kibum look alikes?" Sayuri asked cocking an eyebrow.

Juri had the bad habit of going after guys whom she thought looked like famous celebrities, namely her favorite Korean pop star, Kim Kibum.

"LA LA LAAAAAA!" Juri replied, turning her head in random directions.

"THAT would be a yes, my LA analyzer tells me so!" Sayuri said.

The other two girls began laughing. They had made it to the food line and were now deciding what they want to eat.

"LA analyzer…?" Juri looked at Sayuri questioningly.


"Oh no, guys remember that tennis player from Hyotei? My INSIGHT tells me those are the LA's of yes," Natsumi said with her hand over her face imitating the former Hyotei tennis player.

The girls only began laughing harder.

"Dude, that guy was so lame. What was his name ? Atobe something…" Sayuri wondered out loud.

"I think his name was Atobe Ke-

"Ore-sama's name would be Atobe Keigo, but you may call me Ore-sama."

The three girls turned around to see who had interrupted Juri.

Sayuri snorted, "Ore-sama? You've got to be joking."

"Hmph, Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na," Atobe replied with a flick of his perfectly styled hair.

Natsumi could only stare at the tall figure in front of them, he . Is . Hot.

Sayuri continued to scowl, what a jerk ! Ore-sama my butt!

LA LA LAA LA, Oh…we should get our food now. Juri remembered, not really paying attention.

She poked her friends, "Uhh guys, aren't you hungry?"

"OH YEAH!" The two girls said in unison as they turned around and got their pizza and some juice.

They completely forgot about "Ore-sama" and continued on with their lunch, looking for their other friends.

"What's this, ignoring Ore-sama?" Atobe asked.

"Well, ORE-SAMA, we have better things to do than hear about your favorite brand of conditioner," Sayuri said coldly.

"Do you want to sit with us Ore - Atobe?" Natsumi asked.

"NO!" Sayuri cut in, "Uhh no-oh my! Look it's Syuuske, hm better go. Bye Oreo san!"



The girls had found Eiji and Fuji already sitting at a table in the far right corner of the cafeteria. There were two other guys there whom they couldn't identify.

"Juri, you're the crazy data freak, who are those guys?" Sayuri asked.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Juri stretched out her neck to get a better view of the two guys, "OH! I think the guy in the cap is Sanada Genichirou, who was the fukubuchou of Rikkai Dai, and OMG YUKIMURA SEIICHI WHO WAS THE BUCHOU OF RIKKAI DAI!! OMG LET'S GO GUYSS!!"

Juri nearly dropped her food as she ran to the table and sat down next to Yukimura.

Sayuri and Natsumi stood there, gaping at their friend.

"Uh…what just happened?" Natsumi asked.

"Who knows…let's just go sit down."

"SAYURI CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! NATSUMI CHAAAAAAAAAAN!" Eiji yelled out as the girls got to the table.

"EIJIIIIIII!! LET ME SIT DOWN FIRST!" Sayuri yelled, as the crazy red head pulled Natsumi and Sayuri into a big group hug.

"Eiji!! Stop greeting us like you haven't seen us in ten years!" Natsumi said, laughing.

Fuji just smiled at the threesome and continued conversing with the others at the table.

Everyone was now seated. On one side it was Fuji, Natsumi, Sayuri, and Eiji sitting at the end. The other side was Sanada, Juri, and Yukimura.

"Saa, Natsumi chan, Sayuri chan, this is Sanada Genichirou," Fuji began introducing the two former monsters of Rikkai, "and this is Yukimura Seiichi." Sanada nodded in greeting while Yukimura said hello.

"Yukimura san, how do you know Juri?" Sayuri asked.

Juri began laughing nervously, "eh he he…"

Yukimura laughed, "Well…"

"Uh…I think I'll tell them what happened Seiichi kun," Julie began

Everyone leaned in closer the girl, interested to hear this story.

"WELL…I was gathering data for Inui san one day. Because he promised me he'd get exclusive pictures of Kibum for me…"

Everyone sweat dropped at that.

"He wanted me to go to Seiichi kun's house and get some pictures. Although I don't know why he wanted pictures. He could have done that himself…ANYWAY! So I was sitting on the tree outside of his room, and I guess I leaned too far on the branch I was sitting on because it started cracking. Then I screamed for help and Seiichi kun heard me and leaned out of the window and brought me into his room before the branch fell off."

With the exception of Fuji who continued smiling, everyone else seemed to be in shock, even Sanada, who is usually stone faced, seemed to have his eyes widen at this information.

"So basically you became his personal stalker?" Sayuri inquired.

"I bet you drank all of his milk too," Natsumi added.

The two girls shook their heads in fake disgust as the third girl began hyperventilating a bit, "I WASN'T STALKING HIM I SWEAR!"

The guys just laughed, these girls were indeed crazy.

"Nya, Juri chan you're such a liar," Eiji said winking.

Seiichi laughed, "It's okay, we became good friends after all, right Juri san?" he asked, as he put his arm around the raven haired girl.

She squeaked a bit then choked out an answer, "hehe of course!"

"Well well if it isn't Rikkai Dai and Seigaku, are you reminiscing about the old days, ah?" Atobe Keigo had just approached their table, a bespectacled blue haired boy followed.

"Why yes Atobe san, we were discussing how much we hated Hyotei," Seiichi answered with a smile.

The response wiped the smirk off of Atobe's face. He flicked his hair and replied, "I'm sure that was only because we were much more talented than you."

"Nya, Atobe san what do you want?" Eiji asked.

"Why I just came over to greet everyone."

"Hello, goodbye. Well looks like you're done here. So I assume you'll be leaving?" Sayuri said, waving him off.

"No one talks to Ore-sama like that!"

"Atobe, come on let's go, I need to find Gakuto," interrupted the blue haired boy.

Atobe scowled and they both turned to leave, but were stopped. "WAIT!!" Natsumi yelled out.

"You're in my first period class aren't you?" she asked, pointing to Atobe's companion.

"Ah yes, Idane Natsumi, am I correct?" he replied.

"How did you remember?!"

The boy smirked and pushed up his glasses, "Well I like to remember the names of those with legs as nice as yours."

Natsumi blushed slightly, but went on, "So what's your name?"

"Oshitari Yuushi. You may call me Yuushi kun."

"Yoroshiku, Yuushi kun," Natsumi said winking.

"Well I guess I will be seeing you later, Idane san."

"Ja ne!" Natsumi said, waving.

When the two men were out of earshot, "UGHHH NATSUMI DON'T FLIRT WITH THE ENEMY'S FRIEND!" Sayuri exploded.

"The enemy?" Juri asked, puzzled.

"Yes, that stupid arrogant Atobe Keigo." Sayuri scowled and crossed her arms.

"Oh he's not that bad," Natsumi said.

"What are you talking about, look at him! He acts like he owns the place!"

"With all that money he has, he probably could," said Sanada, who was mostly quiet during the entire lunch period.

"SEE! Even Sanada san thinks so! And he doesn't hate anybody!" Sayuri said, pointing the subject of reference.

"Takahashi san, I do not hate Atobe."

"You could've pretended so I could prove my point," she said pouting and crossing her arms.

Sanada sighed, "In that case, I apologize."

"Sanada san, don't apologize to her, she's just jealous of his prowess mark!" Natsumi exclaimed.

Juri and Eiji exploded into laughter, "PROWESS MARK?!" Juri yelled.

"What the HECK is a prowess mark?" Sayuri asked, looking slightly amused.

"Are you referring to that mole on his face Natsumi?" Fuji asked.

"Well yeah. See you know how we have to be 'awed by the sight of his prowess' well what if his mole is his prowess mark that we should be awed at?!"

The table erupted in laughter again, who knew Atobe Keigo could be such an amusing subject.

Sayuri attempted to reply through her giggles, "Well Natsumi, sweetie, there's no way I'd be jealous of that."

The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch.

"Nyaaa we have to be separated again," Eiji said pouting.

"Well not us Eiji, we have class together next, remember?" Natsumi said.

"Oh yeah! Yoshhh! Off we go Natsumi chan!" Eiji said, locking arms with Natsumi.

"Bye guys!" Natsumi said, waving as she and Eiji went off to class.

"Juri chan what do you have next?" Seiichi asked.

"UMMMMMMMMMMMMM," Juri checked her crumpled schedule, "huhhh….AH OKAY. I have psychology next."

"Oh yay me too!" Sayuri said, as she and Juri high fived.

"Well I guess that makes three of us," Seiichi said holding up his schedule.

"WOO LET'S GO!" Sayuri said, dragging Juri and Seiichi with her.

"She has lot of mood swings doesn't she?" Sanada asked when the trio had vanished.

Fuji laughed, "Sayuri is a pretty random girl, they all are. Is there any particular reason why you say so Sanada san?"

Sanada pulled his cap over his eyes, "Not at all."

"I see, well I guess I'll be seeing you around, ja ne Sanada san."

"Ja ne."


Oshitari sighed, "Atobe don't tell me you've found a target already, it's only first day."

Atobe cocked an eyebrow, "Speak for yourself."

"At least Idane san doesn't hate my guts."

"Takahashi may hate me, but that's what makes it all the more interesting."


"Any girl would love to have Ore-sama's attention. Ore sama wants to know why she is different."

Oshitari smirked, "in that case, why not make a little bet?"

"A bet?"

"Yes, whoever gets their girl first is winner."

"What are the stakes here?" Atobe asked, getting slightly interested. A bet is something he couldn't refuse.

"Looser becomes the winner's personal servant."

Atobe smirked, "well then, let the games begin," he said shaking Oshirari's outstretched hand.

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