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Contrary to popular belief, Tamaki is not stupid.

He is second in ranking in his class, he can speak French fluently; he is well mannered, well cultured as is befitting of his heritage.

But he is trapped. As an heir, he is to begin his training. He will no longer have time for such school trivialities, he will no longer have time for the thing called friendship, but yes, he will have all the time to make nice with all the other executives, by all means, yes. Things will be a big chess game, each move masked with ominous intentions, which a piece made of false smiles and acts of kindness.

Everything then, will fall apart.

The Host Club will disappear without him, he knows. He is their Tono, their Lord, not because he holds power over them, but because he has brought them all together. They are a unit, a family, and the club has become a place for them all to have fun together without the worries of the competitive business world.

Haruhi is so lucky.

He firmly entrenches himself in commoner's culture, because it is the closest thing he can get to a normal teenager's life. He wants to be one, to not have to worry about taking over a company, no, that is such a big responsibility to rest on a child's shoulders. He is merely sixteen, a year younger than the rest of his peers, still a child.

He knows that the Newspaper Club is trying to slander him, and he diverts them in his own way, playing simple games, being a child as he should be. But cold sweat trickles down his spine. He knows the consequences if he fails in diverting their attentions, in defiling the Suoh name, he will lose all means of remaining connected to his grandmother, and his mother might have to suffer the consequences in his place. The mother he is trying so hard to protect. Still sick, but getting better, and he longs to be back in the meadows with her, making fresh croissants and doing the laundry, taking her out on the bicycle to the countryside, where beautiful flowers litter green grass meadows.

Just a little longer, just a little longer, he prays.

But the days stretch, and he spends less and less time in the Third Music Room, and his head fills with names and data, Murasaki Yoshida, owns a PC company, stocks are failing and needs our graces to keep his business afloat, Kaidan Yotsuya, owns a clothing line, wants us to fund his work…..

And one day he finally receives the call from his grandmother, and knows that it's all over.