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Mercy Rule

First Challenge!

Mello was lounging on the windowsill of the playroom, a bar of chocolate hanging from between his lips. It wasn't a particularly exciting day - at least it hadn't been so far. Rodger had already hit him over the head twice with his cane and Matt was somewhere playing DS and being "epic", whatever that meant…

The hardwood floor creaked over by the door and Mello tilted his head towards it, seeing Near tiptoe into the room, his arms full of toys.

"Aw," Mello groaned loudly. "Why can't I go anywhere without you following me, huh?"

Near blinked at him whilst setting himself down on the floor. "I have not seen you all day, Mello."

The blond rolled his eyes. "That's no excuse to come searching for me."

"But I didn't."

Mello huffed, taking a large chomp off of his candy. He eyed Near suspiciously as the boy set up his toys in a little row and carefully twirled his hand with the other hand. Twirl, twirl, again and again. Mello watched the motion with a growing twitch in his eye.

"Why do you do that?" he asked disgustedly.

Near looked up. "Do what?"

"That hair thing?"

"… Oh. I'm not sure."

"Pah! You do it because you think you're cute, don't you?"

"… No, I-"

Mello interrupted with a smirk. "Well, tough titties, Near. I'm way cuter than you could ever hope to be."

Near looked at him for a moment before sighing, shaking his head, and returning to his toys.

Mello stood up from the sill, seemingly outraged. He shouted, "How dare you!"

"How dare I what?"

"You think I'm not cute!"

"I said no such thing."

"Do you think I'm cute?" He squinted.

Near sighed. "Mello-"

Mello laughed. "You queer! You do!"

"But I only-"

"All right, Near, we're settling this once and for all!" Mello came up to the boy, his hands placed firmly on his hips. Without waiting for a response from Near, he reached down, grasped his hand and pulled him to his feet, leading him out of the room.

"Mello, where are we going?" he asked, distraught after having to leave his toys. He'd only wanted some quiet playtime.

"We're going to see who's cutest!"

"But I don't want-"

"And I don't care!"

The two boys went into Mello and Matt's room upstairs which was empty at the moment. Mello dropped Near off on his bed and went over to the closet, throwing it open. He began to viciously throw out clothes onto the bed beside Near, muttering angry things.

Near watched as the pile beside him grew. "Mello… why do you own so many dresses?"

"I don't," he huffed. "They're Matt's."

"… Matt's."

"Yeah, for when he cosplays as Sakura." (1)

"… I see."

Mello turned around and looked at all of the dresses and ribbons and stockings. He grinned at Near. "Take your pick."

In about twenty minutes, the two of them were dressed.

Near looked up at Mello, feeling slightly uncomfortable in drag. "But who shall judge?"

"You'll see."

Mello took Near by the hand again (complaining that the boy walked too slowly) and led him down stairs to the common room. They were greeted with the sounds of bleeps and clicks coming from the couch where a tuft of red hair was seen just over the top.

"Okay," Mello said, stopping a few feet away. "You come over in like a minute."

"All right."

Mello approached his friend on the couch, clearing his throat in order to be noticed. Matt paused the game and looked up, finding Mello in a short red dress, high-heel boots and a black choker on. He blinked and then busted out into laughter. "D-Dude, what the fuck? You look like Kiki! You lose a bet or something?" (2)

Mello frowned. "Don't you think I'm cute?"

"Well… you're in my clothes… uhh…"

Near shuffled into sight and stood beside Mello in a see-through negligee and a sparkly ribbon in his hair, being twirled around his finger.

Matt's nose began to bleed.

Mello raged. "DAMMIT!"


Mello: 0 Near: 1

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(1) From Card Captor Sakura.

(2) From Kiki's Delivery Service.