By Nickelback, FAR AWAY

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By Nickelback, FAR AWAY

This time

This place



Too long

Too late

Who was I to make you wait?

Just one chance

Just one breath

Just in case there's just one left…..


The group rose as one into the sky; Sirius' old motorbike made a great roar as it jerked into life, the thestrals whinnied as their riders drove their heels into their sides. Remus immediately turned his broom left, flying towards his parent's house where he and George would take the Portkey and arrive at the Burrow.

"Hang in there, George. I'm going to heighten our flight," Remus warned to the disguised George, sitting behind him on the broom. Even through the roar of the wind, Remus could hear George's delighted laugh.

"You don't need to warn the Quidditch Lord about a little more height. Step on it!"

Remus tilted the broom to 45-degree angle to the ground, lying almost flat on the broom. George whooped as they shot through the air, wind stinging their faces, already alone in the sky.

"Hey, Remus!"

"What, George?"

"Were you ever on the Quidditch Team?"

Remus shook his head, as he swerved a thermal cloud. "No, I never fancied throwing balls in the air, or catching them either. But I was always a fan."

"Oh, Quidditch isn't about all that! It's about coordination, friendship, leadership…stuff like that. I think you would have enjoyed it," George corrected him, "Here, I should…AAAAUUUGHHH!!"

A ball of green light whizzed past Remus' head. Terrified, he whirled the broom around, wand aloft, to see hooded mean, at least ten of them, on his tail. George gave a faint moan, his hands covering the side of his head. Twisting around as far as he dared, Remus released spell after spell in the group of Death Eaters, while attempting to keep George on the broom. His heart beat frantically out of fear, and surprise. What were Death Eaters doing here? How did they find out?

One of his spells hit a Death Eater in the face. With a howl of pain, the man fell from his broom. Another hooded man looked down at his falling comrade, and the wind blew the hood off his head. It was Snape.

Uncontrollable rage boiled up inside Remus, as he looked into the face of Dumbledore's murderer. Snape turned slowly back to Remus and George, but did not raise his wand.

"Traitor," Remus muttered savagely, and directed his next spell in Snape's direction. Without even changing expression, Snape deflected the spell, and turned his broom around, barking commands to the other Death Eaters that were with him, who also turned and flew away to the north.

"FINE!" Remus bellowed to their retreating figures. "BE THE STINKING COWARD I KNEW YOU ALWAYS WERE!" In a few seconds Snape had disappeared completely from view.

Dipping his broom, Remus hurtled back to earth, his mind still full of retorts he never was able to give. They hit the ground hard, landing in the middle of a field, not far from Mrs. Lupin's home, and Remus staggered off the broom, laying George on the grass. Blood covered George's hands, which were still clamped to his head. The little bit of clean flesh on his face was his nose, which, even with all the appearing freckles, as George began to become himself again, looked extremely white. Remus suspected that the injury George had been given was weakening the power of the Polyjuice potion.

Although his hands shook badly, Remus managed to pry George's hands from his face, and uncovered more matted blood caked around his ear…or, what was left of his ear.

"Oh, God…" Remus swayed on the spot, horrified, but snapped out of his reverie when George's bloodied hand almost involuntarily flew up and grabbed Remus' shirt. His eyes were glazed over, and very wet. Remus leaned closer as George struggled to say something.

"What's…happened…t-to me?"

Taking a deep breath, Remus gave him a weak smile. "You'll be alright. Your ear just got cursed off."

"What?" his voice was a whisper. Remus' brow furrowed; he did not like the weakening sound. The air was deathly quiet.

"Here, let me see this again," Remus said, and as softly as he dared, he turned George's head sideways, ignoring George's winces. From underneath the blood, a long thin cut could be seen going across the ear. A horrible truth suddenly dawned on Remus.

"Sectumsempra," he muttered quietly to himself. That was specialty of Snape's. This was Snape's work. Seething anger overtook Remus again, but he shook himself out of it quickly to see George's tired eyes close and his breath escape from his lips.


Remus pressed his fingers into George's neck. A faint pulse. He closed his eyes thankfully.

"Don't do that to me, again, George. You know I can't take that."

Feeling a lightheaded with relief, he took a last sweeping look at the sky, then hoisted George, who had transformed back into himself now completely, into his arms and hurried towards the old rundown house a ways in front of him.

"Mum!" he shouted as he rammed himself into the looked door, "Hurry! This is an emergency!"

The door flung open, and an older woman stood there, not unlike in appearances to her only son. She let out a small cry when she saw the young man in Remus' arms.

"Oh, dear. Remus, what happened?" she cried, stepping away from the door as Remus began to walk to the kitchen where he was sure the Portkey would be.

"There's no time to explain, Mum, but Moody's little plan didn't go so well," he hissed, "Now what's the Portkey?"

"It's the potato peeler, Remus," Mrs. Lupin replied, looking anxiously at her son: his behavior was very odd. "How's everyone else? Have you had a chance to talk to them? What about Tonks? Dear?"

Mrs. Lupin reached a hand tentatively to Remus' shoulder, as if she could have heard how his heart quickened its beat at the mention of his newly wed wife. However, he shrugged her off, and continued his search without answering a single question.

"Dear, I'm sure…"

"What are you sure of?" Remus snapped, turning to face his mother angrily. "If you're sure she's okay, then tell me how you know."

His mother simply looked back at him, surprised. After a moment of silence, Remus turned away again, breathing heavily.

"I don't know how they found out it was tonight. I don't know whether anyone's all right. But I will know when I find this damn peeler, Mum."


It was not that he heard his name and listened to his mother, but it was because of the tone of voice in which she said his name that made him stop yet again, and turn once more.


"You're not acting yourself, at all, Reme. As a mother, I have the right to know."

Remus let out a sigh. "We're at war, Mum. Nothing can be taken lightly anymore. If 30 seconds worth of being in the air can rid George's ear, a minute will take one's whole head off. I can't let anything go, anymore, Mum. You must understand this. We're all afraid."

His voice was suddenly constricted in the last sentence, as Tonks' bright pink haired head swam into his vision. She had a lovely smile on, a smile of understanding, and of passion…

Suddenly, something to his left glowed bright blue. The Portkey was about to leave. He grabbed George's arm, and touched a finger to the potato peeler. Immediately he and George were hurled onto the lawn of the Burrow, in the midst of only a few people, the real Harry amongst them.

George still had not woken. Harry ran towards Remus and took George's legs. Dropping the potato peeler, Remus secured George's head so it would not move sickeningly as they carried him to the den of the Weasleys' house. Remus stole a look at everyone's horrified faces as they saw George's bloody head, and changed his views on them. Harry Potter, sweat on his forehead, climbing the back steps of the house, determined, could not have been the betrayer. But one could never be sure. Hagrid was a half-giant, so it was least likely for him to be an impostor putting everyone in danger. And…

…that was all? Remus' eyes widened from inner fear. No one else was back? If Harry was third, the first two weren't here. And that included…

No. She's fine. Perfectly fine. Just like Mum said. When have I ever doubted Mum's words?

He and Harry lay George on the couch for Mrs. Weasley to look over and clean up. Once his hands were free, he grabbed Harry's arm, and dragged him to the kitchen where Hagrid was being currently stuck in the door that opened outside.

He shoved a confused Harry against the counter, and held him firmly, ready to take aim in case this wasn't the real Harry.

(q): "What creature sat in the corner the first time that Harry Potter visited my office at Hogwarts? Answer me!"

Harry stared at him, bewildered, then said, "A-a grindylow in a tank, wasn't it?"

Oh, blessed relief. Remus released Harry and fell back against a kitchen cupboard.

"Wha' was that about?" roared Hagrid.

"I'm sorry, Harry, but I had to check," he said tersely, "We've been betrayed. Voldemort knew that you were being moved tonight and the only people who could have told him were directly involved in the plan. You might have been an impostor."

"So why aren' you checkin' me?" panted Hagrid, still struggling to fit through the door."

"You're half-giant," said Remus, looking up at Hagrid. "The Polyjuice Potion is designed for human use only." (/q)

At least, I hope so. He shot a glance at Harry, who was staring at the floor, rubbing his arm where Remus had grabbed him.

"I'm sorry. For…shoving you around," Remus told him quietly, but Harry shook his head.

"It was all for the best. I understand."

Remus nodded but said nothing else. In the few minutes of silence, Hagrid became free of the door, and shuffled off to see George. Harry silently went with him, leaving Remus to stare out of the window into the darkening sky.

Where are you, Tonks? Why haven't you come back yet? The stars twinkled back at him, innocent and silent, knowing something he did not know. He clenched his fist and felt his wedding band dig into his flesh. He had done all this for her, to see her smile again, so that she could see him smile again…and now she was gone.

"It would've been better if you'd just stayed home," he muttered to the Tonks in his head. "Then I wouldn't have to worry about you."

But almost immediately he could hear what her retort would be, "Remus, you're such a worrywort. Honestly, I'm an Auror. I'm paid to do these things."

Which was perfectly true. He couldn't argue with that. But with the way the Ministry was going, towards the control of Death Eaters, willshe want to work for them anymore?

And that night. Remus closed his eyes painfully, trying to shut out the aweful truth. He had been so reluctant to let her go as a protector. If something had happened…and what was happening right now was exactly what he feared.

There was a scuffle from outside. Heart beating frantically, Remus ran towards the door, and wrenched it open, looking for the familiar face of his wife.

Yet, it was not there. Instead, Bill was dismounting the thestral, his long flaming red hair falling out of its low ponytail. He helped a terrified Fleur from her perch, then wrapped a comforting arm around her.

Feeling bitterly disappointed, and attempting to crush any thoughts that Tonks was hurt, or worse, Remus leaned against the doorframe and watched Bill shrug off his parents' hugs and ignore their cries of relief.

George. Remus gave a small sigh, and turned back into the house to see how George was. But before he could take a step, Bill's voice rose over the wind, and Remus tensed, rooted to the spot, as the words sunk in.

"They took him, Mum. THEY TOOK HIM!" his voice rose to a wild yell. Fleur took a step from him, her head hanging. She was crying.

"He's…gone…taken…" Shaking, Bill sunk to the ground, tears spilling onto his grimy freckled cheeks. Everyone stood in utter silence, staring at his form on the ground, confused.

"D-dear?" Molly stepped closer to her first born son, worry etched on her face. Bill shrunk away from her outstretched hand, then looked up into his mother's face, his eyes red, his scarred face dirty yet partly washed with tears.

"They took…Ron."

They took Ron. Every muscle seized up in Remus' body at those words, and the next thing he knew he was at Bill's side, both hands on his shoulders, and demanding to know the one thing he dreaded.

"Bill…Dora…where is she?"

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