Zoey's Baby

Zoey's Baby

What happened after Zoey saw Chase says he loves her

By: Seuss Fan

(Note: These characters are not mine. Please do not sue me! I'm sorry if this bares any similarity to other fanfics that might be posted for this show)

Zoey Brooks slowly walked away from her computer after hearing Chase say he loved her. Zoey could not believe it. She heard Lola and Quinn make assumptions before but never really believed it was true, until she heard it for herself. She immediately ran to the phone to call her parents. "Dad, " she said into the phone, " I'm sorry to do this to you but I want to go back to PCA."

Chase had been sulking in his room ever since he had told Logan and Michael that he loved Zoey. His friends had been trying to help him feel better by talking to him, but that wasn't helping. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. Chase opened it. To Chase's surprise Zoey was standing in his doorway. "Surprise!" she said as she hugged Chase, "I've decided to come back to PCA for good." "You don't know how happy this makes me!" Chase said as he hugged Zoey even tighter. "There's one more thing I need to tell you before I say hello to everyone else." said Zoey. Chase looked at her in shock. "I heard you say that you're in love with me." "But how I didn't tell you…" "Well, somehow the web cam was on and I saw you tell Logan and Michael that you love me. And I have to say that I love you too." Chase looked at Zoey with a mixture of joy and shock on his face. After what seemed like minutes of staring into each other's eyes Chase leaned in and kissed Zoey. It was the best kiss that either of them had ever experienced. As the seconds went by the kiss became deeper and deeper, until the two of them landed in Chase's bed.

The next morning Lola and Quinn walked passed Chase, Michael, and Logan's room to find Logan and Michael sleeping outside the door. "What are you guys doing out here!" cried Quinn. "We're locked out." Michael responded. "What do you mean?" It's your room", shouted Lola. "We got back from the lounge late and the door was locked. We tried to open it with our key but we still couldn't open. So, since no one was around to help us we decided to deal with it in the morning." Logan responded. Quinn looked puzzled. "This doesn't make sense. Who would lock you guys out of your own room?" "Chase, I guess." "Why would Chase do something like that to you?" "Must have a girl in there." kidded Michael. Just then it hit Lola like a ton of bricks. "ZOEY!" she screamed. "Zoey can't be in there with him, she's in London. "No, she came back yesterday to surprise Chase. She didn't want us to tell you guys because she thought you'd tell Chase and ruin the surprise." Just at that moment the four of them began banging on the door until they got it open. And just as Lola had predicted they found Chase and Zoey, under the covers of Chase's bed, asleep, and wrapped in each other's arms.

Two Months Later

Since that fateful night Zoey and Chase had been dating. Their friends were still a little shocked about how their relationship started but couldn't contain their joy at the fact that they were finally a couple.

On the couple's two-month anniversary Zoey came into Chase's room with tears streaming down her face.

"What's wrong?" Chase asked repeatedly as Zoey cried uncontrollably into his arms. "I…I….", she stammered, unable to get the words out. "Did you fail a test?", he asked, trying to get her to give him a straight answer. "Well you're on the right track of a test." Chase gave Zoey a puzzled look. "I was feeling sick and thought I might have a stomach problem so I went to the nurse and she said that she thought I had a bigger problem than just a stomach virus so she sent me to the hospital and the doctor they ran some tests and……….." "And what…" "I'm pregnant," she whispered in his Chase's ear." "What did you just say?" "I said that I'm pregnant!" Chase slowly stepped back from Zoey as her news started to sink in. "You… ………you're…OH MY GOD!" he exclaimed. "I knew you'd freak out!" Zoey exclaimed. "It's just a little shocking, that's all. "I promise I'll get rid of it." "No, don't do that." Chase said while he put his arm around Zoey. "We'll keep it." "WHAT!! We can't take care of a baby, we're still in school plus my parents would not approve of that!" "I know but I'm ready to take on this challenge. I love you, Zoey. With all my heart and soul. And I know a baby will definitely complicate things but I feel that this is a sign. We're meant to take care of this child and be together for years to come." And with that Chase bent down and kissed his the mother of his future child.