Title : Two Hearts

Pairing/Characters : Tenth Doctor, Martha

Word Count : 103

Prompt : #6 Heartbeat

Disclaimer : All parts belong to the relevant companies, I just play with them and promise to put them back when I'm done.

Martha was examining Mr. Jones when the spaceships came, she thought she could hear a murmur, but on closer examination she realised that it wasn't a murmur, it was two hearts.

"How come you've got two hearts?" she asked him, half whispering so her boss wouldn't hear her ask such a stupid question.

"Er…I'm the Doctor, pleased to meet you."

"Likewise," Martha said, giving the man a strange look. "And the two hearts thing?"

"I'm an alien, Time Lord actually," he explained.

From that moment on, Martha knew that wherever he took her, it would always be fun because he was the Doctor.