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Chapter 13:

Nao stared long and hard at herself in the mirror. She then made a face. She knew she was attractive, but the person looking back at her, made her feel slightly self-conscious. She sighed deeply. She really was in no mood to attend Takumi's Welcome Home party, but she was determined that the past few days events would not be for nothing. Yukino had showed Nao feelings in herself that she had never before seen or experienced. Nao was not about to throw it all away and return to the former person she once was.

Mai had always been nice to Nao, and so Nao would go to the party, make an appearance and then quietly leave. It was the least she could do. She was determined not to let her feelings for Yukino rule her emotions. Now the only question left was what to wear. Normally Nao would have opted for the skimpiest suit she could find. Today though, Nao went with a modest pink and white striped two piece, which left more to the imagination than previously seen.

"Okay Nao, put on your mask." she told herself quietly.

With that the redhead grabbed a light jacket and was out the door.


Mai surveyed the scene in front of her and smiled. It was a beautiful evening and the air was warm and fresh. In front of her was a beach party of enormous magnitude. Takumi and Akira stood in the middle of it all, laughing and relaying stories about their American adventures. To Mai's left, Reito and Tate were at the fire pit, arguing over who could make Mai the most delicious hamburger. Mikoto was taste testing, to make sure nobody got poisoned. Shiho was fuming about Tate's lack of interest. Chie and Aoi were cuddling by the fire. Kazuya, Touya and Akane were trying to convince Natsuki to join them in beach volleyball. Natsuki was too busy shoving tissue up her nose, as the ever amorous Sei took it upon herself to rub lotion on Shizuru's back. Takeda was talking to Nao, who looked rather bored. Alyssa, who was the youngest of everyone, was enjoying the water. She was using her best friend Miyu, as a personal flotation device. Midori, who Mai had invited while at work, was unsuccessfully trying to hit on Reito's new friend, Suguru Kashiwagi. Haruka and Yukino had just arrived together, and were quickly flagged down by Youko, who had Sachiko and Yumi in tow. Mai had wanted to show her brother how important he was to her and her friends, and she knew she had succeeded. Mai joined the others, smiling from ear to ear.

The wheels in Takeda's head were turning as he was talking to Nao. The young redhead looked absolutely hot and if things went as he planned, he hoped to be in her pants by the end of the night. Takeda knew Nao was a party girl, and had actually made out with her after a kendo club party last year sometime. He was pretty sure if she hadn't passed out he could have gone all the way with her. He had heard about her reputation from other guys and thought, well if they could get a piece, why not him? In his hand he held a six pack of beer. An offering of sorts. He hoped she would take the bait.

Unbeknownst to Takeda, Yukino was watching him from a distance. Youko had gone to get the girls a drink and Haruka took this opportunity to elbow her friend in the ribs.

"Ouch! Haruka-chan!" Yukino jumped.

"Are you going to go talk to her?" Haruka said, gesturing in Nao's direction.

"Um, well, I don't know." Yukino said weakly.

Haruka studied Yukino intently before speaking.

"Yukino I never thought I'd ever say this." she started. "But for once in your life, BE THE MAN!" the blond shouted, smiling.

Yukino looked incredulously at Haruka, before she began to laugh. Haruka was right, hiding her feelings had been the reason this entire mess had started in the first place. Haruka then pushed Yukino in Nao's direction.

"Go to her." she said softly. "I know you want to. It's written all over your face."

Yukino nodded and hugged Haruka tightly. "Thank-you." she whispered.

"Of course. What are friend's for?" Haruka replied, returning the hug.

As Yukino made her way towards Nao and Takeda, Youko came back and immediately began to converse with Haruka about the Student Union and it's activities. Haruka forgot about everything else for the moment, as she was now entirely focused on the dark-haired beauty.


"So Nao-chan, I was thinking maybe you wanted to come for a walk with me? I brought beer." Takeda said, lifting the six pack in his hand.

Nao looked at Takeda, and then at the beer.

"No thank-you Masashi-san. I don't feel much like drinking today." she replied half-heartedly.

Actually she did feel like drinking, as it would probably dull the pain for a bit. She just didn't feel like drinking with this idiot. Nao knew Takeda had ulterior motives for asking her on a "walk". Nao felt disgusted by the fact that only days prior she probably would have taken that walk, an exchange, her body for some free beer. How pathetic. Well Nao was not that person anymore, and she would be damned if she was going to waste her life on a numbskull like Takeda Masashi.

"C'mon Nao-chan." said Takeda, determined not to take no for an answer. "It'll be fun." he continued, as he moved closer, putting his arms around her waist.

Nao put her hands on his and swiftly removed them from her body. "I said no thank-you." she repeated, gritting her teeth. "I'm not interested."

Takeda, who had already had a few to drink, became slightly annoyed with her refusal. Why was he not good enough? Why did the younger girl seem to get with everyone EXCEPT him?

"Why are you being such a bitch Nao-chan?" he asked.

Nao raised her eyebrow. "I'm not being a bitch, I'm just not into getting drunk and having you take advantage of me tonight."

Takeda was about to argue when her heard a voice from behind.

"You heard her, Masashi-san. I suggest you go bother someone else."

Both Nao and Takeda looked up to see Yukino standing behind them. Nao blushed instantly, and then looked down, trying to cover it up. Takeda grumbled something or other, but knew that he was obviously going nowhere fast. He took one last look at the two girls before stomping off.

As Yukino moved closer, it was Nao who spoke first.

"Looks like you're still rescuing me from idiots." she joked, trying to keep the mood light.

Yukino smiled. "Nah, I think you were doing fine on your own."

The two girls were now face to face.

"So, I saw you with Suzushiro-san. You two looked happy. Things went well?" Nao asked, not really wanting to hear the sordid details.

"It was a bit messy." Yukino replied. "But eventually things got worked out, and Haruka-chan and I are on the same page now."

"I'm happy for you." Nao lied, looking away.

"No your not." Yukino said, boldly stepping closer to wrap her arms around Nao's waist.

Nao gasped at the sudden movement. She was now looking directly into Yukino's eyes.

"What are you doing?" she asked, shocked.

"This." Yukino said simply, placing her lips on Nao's.

Nao didn't know what was happening, but she was powerless to resist as she found herself returning the older girl's kiss. Nao felt Yukino's tongue slide against her own, and she savored the taste as she sucked lightly on it.

As the two girls broke the kiss, Nao looked into Yukino's eyes. "What was that?" she asked, panting.

"That was my way of telling you how I feel about you." Yukino replied honestly.

"What about Suzushiro-san?" Nao cried out.

Yukino took Nao's hand and held it firmly. She then led the girl towards the water, where she sat down and motioned for Nao to sit beside her. As the waves calmly rolled up and over the sand, Yukino finally spoke.

"I love Haruka-chan. I will always love Haruka-chan. But the love I feel for her is not the same way I feel for you."

Nao's eyes widened. "Do you love me?" she blurted out, then looked down, afraid of the answer.

"I don't know." Yukino whispered, and Nao's heart fell.

"But I think I could." Yukino said, smiling at the younger girl. "I want to get to know you Nao. What I know I like. What I know I may even love, but I don't want to prematurely jinx this." she said seriously.

Nao nodded, trying to process.

"There are some people in life you meet and you are instantly attracted to. Sometimes you get to know them and they aren't as attractive as you once thought. Then there are others. The ones who we don't necessarily "see" right away. Sometimes you walk through life seeing the same people everyday but never really "seeing" them. Then one day something changes. You begin to notice the cute way they smile, or the smell of their hair. You suddenly find yourself wanting to know every little thing about them. Or wanting to be around them every minute you possibly can. That's how I feel about you Nao-chan." Yukino said.

"I just want to be with you." Yukino said simply. "Can you handle that?"

Nao looked at Yukino, trying to keep the emotion from showing on her face. The attempt was futile as she leaned in and gave Yukino her answer. Once again Yukino felt Nao's soft lips touch hers, as they silently kissed, holding each other close.

Time seemed to stand still. The only noise heard was the rustling wind and the crashing waves. Then, a barely audible whisper, rang out in the warm night air.



Natsuki had finally managed to stop her nosebleed, and pull Shizuru away from Sei. She was glad to finally have the older girl alone, as she leaned into Shizuru, holding her hand, enjoying the feel of Shizuru's skin on her own. Natsuki had been doing a lot of thinking as of late. She had something she really wanted to ask Shizuru. No better time than now.

"Shizuru?" Natsuki asked.

"Yes my Natsuki?" Shizuru replied, looking lovingly into the dark-haired girl's eyes.

Natsuki stopped and pulled Shizuru into a tight embrace. Shizuru smiled and ran her fingers through Natsuki's long blue hair. Natsuki shuddered. She loved it when Shizuru touched her.

"What is it that Natsuki wished to ask?" Shizuru said, eyes shining.

"Oh." Natsuki said, suddenly afraid of rejection. "It's nothing." she said, inwardly cursing her cowardice.

Shizuru took Natsuki's hand and they sat down. Natsuki unconsciously began to play in the sand. Shizuru giggled.

"Natsuki is keeping something from me." she said, pretending to pout.

"N-no!" Natsuki stammered, blushing.

"Then tell me." Shizuru encouraged.

Natsuki sighed and took a deep breath. Shizuru waited expectantly, suddenly growing fearful that Natsuki was going to say something bad. Shizuru's mind raced through the possibilities. Natsuki didn't love her? Natsuki wanted to break up with her? Natsuki loved another? Before she could jump to anymore conclusions, Natsuki spoke.

"Shizuru, I don't want you to live in the dorms." Natsuki said sheepishly.

Out of all the scenarios Shizuru had thought of, this had not been one of them.

"Then where should I live?" she asked, eyebrow raised.

"With me." Natsuki answered quickly, looking down.

Shizuru's jaw dropped, but being the lady she was, she quickly regained her composure. "With Natsuki?"

"I know, it's crazy. Sorry I suggested it." Natsuki muttered.

Shizuru took Natsuki's hand and kissed it softly. "I want to live with Natsuki." she said slowly.

Natsuki couldn't believe her ears, she looked up happily.

"But Natsuki said she needs her space." Shizuru reminded her.

"I don't want...space..." Natsuki said, through clenched teeth.

It was true though. At the beginning of their relationship Natsuki had warned Shizuru that she needed time to herself sometimes. Shizuru of course, had agreed with her wishes. She knew not to push Natsuki.

"Shizuru, I want you. I can't imagine not being with you, or having you somewhere that I can't be a part of. I don't want you to move into my place, I want us to get our OWN place." she finished, looking at Shizuru.

Shizuru's heart soared as she reached out to cup Natsuki's cheeks in her hands. "I would love to live with Natsuki."

Natsuki leaned forward and pushed Shizuru onto her back, as the dark-haired girl began to kiss the older girl's neck and collarbone. Shizuru shuddered lightly and ran her hands up and down Natsuki's back. Finally the two girl's lips met, and as Shizuru opened her mouth, she invited Natsuki's tongue inside.

The two girls enjoyed each other's bodies for a few more moments, before Shizuru, regretfully remarked that they should get back to the others. Natsuki nodded and got up, extended her hand to Shizuru. As the two girls walked towards the rest of their friends, they stopped for a moment as they spotted two lone figures, by the water's edge in front of them.

The two figures by the water were engaged in some serious physical contact.

"Who is that?" Natsuki asked Shizuru, curiosity getting the best of her.

Shizuru did not reply at first, as she struggled to make out a dark haired girl on top of a red headed one. Realization set into Natsuki and Shizuru at the same time.

"YUKINO?? AND NAO??" Natsuki cried, in complete shock.

What the hell was going on?

Shizuru was silent as she reached into the pocket of her cut-off shorts and handed Natsuki a large wad of Kleenex.

Poor Natsuki. Poor Natsuki's nose.


Nao whispered into Yukino's ear seductively. "I think I can persuade Aoi to stay at Chie's again tonight." she said grinning.

Yukino grinned back, resting her head in Nao's neck. "I like that idea."

At that moment the two girls were interrupted by a loud, rude voice.

"HEY YOU TWO!" yelled Haruka loudly. "Time to make SMORES!"

Yukino scrambled up off of Nao quickly, wondering how long Haruka had been standing there. Nao just rolled her eyes and she got up and grabbed Yukino's arm.

"Bout time." Haruka smiled, grabbing Yukino's other arm. "C'mon Yukino let's go make the perfect Smore!"

Yukino looked at Nao and shrugged.

"I suppose Red can come too." said Haruka, crossing her arms.

Nao stuck her tongue out at Haruka.

Yukino just smiled as she walked back with her two favorite girls, one on each arm. Nao and Haruka continued to bicker and trade barbs all the way back to the fire pit. As Yukino looked from her best friend, to her new girlfriend, she couldn't help but be thankful. There was truly nobody else in the world she would rather be right now, than one person and one person alone.

Yukino Kikukawa.



Yukino slowly turned the doorknob on the Student Council room, opening the door with caution. As soon as she did, she was met with a flurry of activity, and many people speaking at once. Yukino's eyes scanned the situation quickly. Mai, Mikoto, Chie and Aoi were all in front of her, arguing amongst themselves, as Nao sat in the corner, looking smug. Tate was also in the room, trying to follow along with what was happening

"Kikukawa Kaichou-sama!" groaned Mai. "This is all a huge misunderstanding."

"Like hell it is." grumbled Aoi.

Chie held Aoi back, while holding her hand to her right eye.

Mikoto got in front of Mai and stared Chie down.

"Mai please." said Yukino. "You can call me Yukino."

"Sorry Yukino-chan." Mai said weakly, not used to being in trouble.

Yukino then looked to Nao. "What are their charges?" she asked, almost afraid to ask.

"Busty and her kitten were being lewd in the hallway, while Tweedledee and Tweedledum were caught fighting." Nao said, the smart-ass in her ever present.

"Nao-chan." Yukino said, eyebrow raised.

Nao sighed, before rephrasing her earlier comment. "Ahem. What I meant to say was, Mikoto was fondling Mai in the hallway, while Aoi decked Chie in the eye."

Yukino nodded and looked at the foursome. "Anyone care to explain?"

Chie flashed Yukino her best smile, and began to speak. "This is all a huge misunderstanding like Mai said. Mai had a piece of lint on the front of her vest and I was just trying to get rid of it for her."

Mai nodded vigorously, while Aoi rolled her eyes.

"Like I haven't heard that one before." Aoi muttered, as Chie continued.

"Then out of nowhere Mikoto jumped in front of me, claiming Mai was "hers" and as I turned around I was met with Aoi's fist." Chie finished, looking at Aoi.

"Mai IS mine!" yelled Mikoto, once again jumping up to fondle Mai's chest.

Tate fell off his chair. "Mai how could you??" he yelped.

"It's not what you think!" cried Mai, trying to pry Mikoto off of her.

"It's EXACTLY what you think." grinned Mikoto.

At that moment, Natsuki walked by the door, snapping her bubblegum and laughing. For once it wasn't her in trouble, so she took the opportunity to gawk at her friends.

"Haw Haw!" she yelled, until a voice from behind interrupted her.

"Chewing gum in the hallways in a No-No." lectured a robotic voice. "After school detention!"

"Gah!" yelled Natsuki, turning around to see the new Executive Director, Miyu right behind her.

"Gotta catch me first!" yelled Natsuki, stupidly thinking she could outrun an android.

"Foolish human!" yelled Miyu, in hot pursuit.

As Natsuki rounded the corner and turned towards the gym, Miyu caught up to her and grabbed her by the skirt. Of course, poor Natsuki never could catch a break, and Miyu accidentally ripped the skirt right off of the poor girl. Robots don't know their own strength. To make matters worse, Takeda, who no longer attended Fuuka Academy, had been on his way to the gym to give a kendo demonstration.

Massive embarrassment!! Massive nosebleed!!

Miyu handed Natsuki her detention slip and then gave two more to Takeda for littering the hallways with his "useless human blood."

Back to the Student Council room.

"Everyone please calm down!" Yukino yelled, hand on her forehead.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Yukino.

"I'll let you off with a warning this time Mai and Chie. Mikoto please re-read the school rules on public displays of affection in the hallways."

The three girls nodded as Yukino turned to Aoi.

"Aoi-chan, please control your temper before you hurt someone." she said, motioning to Chie.

Aoi, as if snapping out of a trance, finally realized what she had done to Chie.

"Chie-chan! You have a black eye! Let me make it feel better for you." she said, rushing to Chie's side.

Chie just grinned as she let Aoi fuss over her bruise.

Nao mouthed the word "crazy" in Aoi's direction.

"Tate can you leave Nao-chan and I alone for a moment?" Yukino asked. "I think they need help in Class 4-A, please go in my place." she asked.

Tate slowly got up and made his way out of the Student Council room, as Yukino shut the door.

"Hmmm so you wanted me alone did you?" Nao grinned, lifting her skirt up, as she sat on Yukino's desk.

Yukino glared at Nao. "You're bad." she said laughing. "Although I must say, you do look hot in your new uniform."

Nao grinned and pulled Yukino close to her. "You like it?"

"You know I do!" Yukino smiled, and brought her lips to Nao's cheek.

"So how does it feel to be the all powerful Kaichou?" Nao asked, tracing a finger from Yukino's lips, to straighten her tie.

It was true. Yukino had become Fuuka Academy's new Kaichou in a landslide election win . Yukino's opponents had been Tate, and third year student named Tomoe. Nobody had been prouder of Yukino's win that Haruka. Well maybe there was one other person, but the red head was keeping cool about the whole thing. Tate had accepted defeat graciously and taken up as the new Vice President. Tomoe hadn't been as gracious and had tried to make life tough on Yukino. Unfortunately for Tomoe, Yukino had many friends, and with the help of Nao and Miyu, her newly appointed Executive Directors, Tomoe quickly realized Yukino was not someone she wanted to mess with.

Yukino was not going to lie. "It feels pretty damn good Nao." she said, moving her lips to Nao's lips.

Nao shuddered and returned the kiss.

The two girls enjoyed each other for a brief moment, before breaking apart.

"I will be home late tonight." Yukino said. "Haruka wants me to come to the university with her tonight. Apparently Youko and the Student Union are putting on a rally."

Haruka had become increasingly more involved with the Student Union and with Youko Mizuno. Yukino was happy for her friend, as it was exactly what Haruka needed in her life. Haruka loved being part of Youko's team. Not to mention spending time with the dark-haired woman.

Nao smiled. "All right, have fun, but not too much fun without me."

"You could come too." Yukino said, lightly touching Nao's bare leg.

Nao closed her eyes, enjoying the touch. "No, no those types of things bore me." she said truthfully. "Don't worry I'll be fine. I'll be waiting when you come home."

Yukino grinned and sighed happily. She had pulled strings within the school so that Nao could be her new roommate. She had worked it so that Chie, who had previously lived alone, was now Aoi's roommate, thus allowing Nao to move in. It was a bit strange a first, not having Haruka around, but sleeping beside the young red head every night, definitely made things better.

As Yukino moved to the door and opened it, they could immediately hear a large commotion coming from down the hall.

"You have to wear it!" yelled Tate.

"No way!" yelled Akira.

"But you're a GIRL!" Tate argued.

"I am not wearing THAT!" Akira argued back, looking at the offensive girl's school uniform.

Yukino motioned to Nao. "Looks like you're needed."

Nao sighed. "It's a dirty job, but obviously Tate can't handle it."

Yukino laughed as Nao winked at her and proceeded to do damage control.

"Okay Tater-tot leave it to me." said Nao as she grabbed Akira by the arm.

"Tater...tot..." Tate said, grimacing.

"If Akira-chan wants to dress like a boy, then we should treat her like one."

Akira didn't know what Nao was talking about until Nao grabbed her arm and led her into the hallway.

"Akira-kun is MY NEW BOYFRIEND!" Nao yelled loudly, causing everyone to look up.

The Akira fan girls silently cursed the red head, as Akira blushed and stammered.

"H-hey! That's not true" she said.

"Oh Akira-kun! I love it when you play hard to get." Nao said, pressing her body against Akira's.

Akira just about fainted. "Hey! Stop it Nao-chan. What about Yukino Kaichou-sama?" she managed to croak out.

"That Kinky Kaichou?" Nao grinned, pulling Akira close. "She'd love it if I brought you home." Nao said, whispering something incoherent into Akira's ear.

The ninja blushed profusely and yelled. "OKAY OKAY! I'll wear the damn uniform! Just no more! No more please!"

"Thank-you." said Nao, as she handed the uniform to Akira, and happily skipped back to Yukino.

Akira backed up and ran as fast as she could away from the red head.

"Piece of cake." Nao said, winking at Yukino.

Nao then noticed a group of Kaichou-groupies standing behind Yukino. Nao growled at them, sending the fan girls running, before heading off to her own class.

"Damn." thought Yukino, taking everything in.

It was good to have friends. It was good to have a hot girlfriend. It was good to be Kaichou. It was good to be Yukino. Hell life was good all around.



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