Title: I told you something smelt funny…

Word Count: 169

Prompt: #1 Fishy

Disclaimer: All parts belong to the relevant companies, I just play with them and promise to put them back when I'm done.

"Nick, check out the house while we secure the back," Grissom ordered.

"Okay, Griss," Nick replied. He entered the house with his gun drawn and went through the process of clearing every room. He stopped when he hit what he presumed to be the kitchen. Something smelt…well, fishy.

He heard the others round the back and headed to the backdoor, which was located in the kitchen to let them all in. Grissom was the first to enter. "Something smells fishy in here," he said, as the waft of the smell hit him.

"I know," said Nick. "Want me to find out what it is?"


Nick looked around before he found the source of the smell – the freezer was full of fish, some with their heads still attached, obviously when they'd run they'd forgotten to clear out the freezer and with the electric off it had defrosted its contents, all over the kitchen floor.

"I told you I smelt something fishy," Grissom said, once Nick had found the source.