Title: You dance like a hippo

Word Count: 131

Prompt: #1 Elegant

Disclaimer: All parts belong to the relevant companies, I just play with them and promise to put them back when I'm done.

House and Wilson had had a few too many to drink and were dancing along to various songs blasting out of House's stereo. A slow song came on and neither man wanted to be the woman so both of them tried to lead.

"You dance like a hippo," House said to Wilson as he stood on his feet for the third time.

"You're not exactly elegant about it yourself," Wilson snapped back.

"That's it, blame the poor guy with a bum leg."

"This has nothing to do with your leg!"

"Last time I checked, dancing was usually done with two healthy legs, the fact that I lead better than you with only one good legs means I'm as elegant as I can be. You, on the other hand have no excuse."