Work? That had been done for the day.

Tiredness? That was a given, as for most of them "9 to 5" was an alien concept.

Feelings? Worn on the outside as a shield and carefully guarded on the inside to prevent them from getting hurt more than they need to.

Friendship? Put to test every day, strained to the max when things went to hell, resorted to when the need for comfort was simply too much to bear.

What was left then? What did they take home after all was said and done?

Lindsay's cowboy boots as they got bored without her.

Danny wanted to take all the days in March and April, and the nights as well.

Mac was willing to take away their doubts away, for he knew they were there anyway.

Flack wanted to take the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… and leave behind the gun for whomever felt like using it

Adam wanted to keep the stone he had stumbled upon more than a thousand times.

Stella wanted to take the moon, if the moon felt like going with her.

Angell simply wanted to drive away.

Sid would rather take a drink in lieu of coffee, but he could do without both.

Hawkes preferred the truths that hurt like fists and the lies that became truths.

But that was just the half of it.