Story Title - Things changed, I changed

Chapter Title – Becoming a vampire

Summary (long) – A month after Edward left Bella is changed by Victoria, repulsed by the sight of blood she runs away, when we join her 45 years later she's almost totally forgotten about Edward and the Cullens, however when she moves back to Forks and they show up will true love conquer all?


Cannon Pairings

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Friday November 20th 2005

A Little over a month since Edward left Bella, 6.15 pm

It was a little over a month after Edward left and I was sitting in 'our place' looking out over Forks. A slight rustling brought my head snapping up, nothing, maybe I was imagining it. I sighed and laid back down on the grass my head facing the stars, my eyes closed. That was my second mistake; my first of course, was to be out on my own at all.

A snarl brought me flying back up into a sitting position, too late. A beautiful woman with striking red hair sat just in front of me her teeth bared in a grin.

"Hello Bella."


Her grin widened as she stuck her nose in the air sniffing, "they left," it was not a question rather a statement, something that she didn't look happy about after a seconds thought, her brow creased in concentration, she muttered quietly to herself. My ears strained to catch the sound of her speech but I found it impossible, her voice was too low for human ears to hear. A slight breeze fluttered behind me and my hair blew forward, she stopped her muttering and sniffed the air again, the angry expression on her face turned to shock then pleasure.

"Seems like James was right, you have the most beautiful smelling blood, it's truly remarkable, maybe…" she drifted off again lost in thought.

I studied the area around me, if she decided to bite me no one would hear me scream, Forks was over 5miles away from where I was, no one would hear and I would probably never be found. There was the other possibility though, what if she changed me? Could I live, well live wouldn't be the appropriate word but still, could I cope with that? I could, I was ready, and after all I've been ready for almost a year.

Her face looming closer to mine mad me snap out of my thoughts, her mouth was open, smelling the bouquet, as Edward once put it. Oh Edward, I miss you. Her hair blocked my view as her tongue trailed down my neck coming to rest just by the side half way down; she sniffed again and bit down.

The pain was intense, a thousand knives stabbed me over my body my mouth opened to scream but no sound came out as the life was sucked out of my body. She drew back abruptly smiling she wiped her mouth and walked away settling on the ground a few feet away to watch. Watch and wait.

Day 1

My mouth was open in a violent scream as the change took over my body; I felt the blood pump around my body faster and faster till it stopped, the pain was numbed. Then heat rose up, I was on fire. The pain increased as I screamed again, a wet substance pressed down onto my forehead it did nothing to lessen the pain only to lessen the fire coursing through my body. My mouth worked overtime as I let out another shrill scream that tore through the air, making me wonder how nobody could hear.

Day 2

The pain lessened but the fire rose up again and there was nothing that the person pressing the damp cloth to my forehead could do to stop it. The only comfort I found was in the steady humming of a voice, calming me. Another shot of pain tore through my body, even worse than the day before.

"Only another day," a voice tore through my screaming and I screamed louder not knowing how much longer I could cope.

Day 3

The pain erupted for what felt like the thousandth time. Then I gasped as what felt like a bucket of freezing water was emptied over my body. Another scream was torn from my lips as the torture increased. I was sure the venom must have reached my blood by now; the pain increased tenfold again. Then nothing. It stopped. Maybe it hadn't worked; it'd stopped all too suddenly.

"Bella?" a female voice broke me out of my thoughts and I sat up quickly.

Victoria stood several paces away, her blood red eyes dancing in her sockets as she smiled. I jumped to my feet with in-human speed. Of course it was in-human, it had worked. I was what I always wanted to be, a vampire. But not a vampire with the one I loved.

"You must hunt, you should be starving," she gave me another cat like grin that lit up her face and darted of into the trees.

I followed her not knowing what else to do and at once I was hit hundreds of different scents, I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to block them out, the scent of blood repulsed me making me dizzy. Then nothing, I could hear the animals and a human boy, with a pale completion, wondered across my path only to be taken down by a starving Victoria, I darted forwards to watch horrified as the blood gushed round Victoria's mouth as she fed.

"You aren't hungry?" her voice brought me back from my thoughts on how horrible it looked. The boy human boy, barely 7 years old by the looks of what was left.

I ignored her and tore away through the trees with vampire speed and I never looked back.

Saturday September 7th 2050

I, Isabella Marie Swan have been 'dead' for 45 years.

I stared at the gravestone of my father, next to mine, as tears poured down my perfect face.

Charlie Swan

1/5/1964 – 15/12/2010

A loving father and caring friend

Died looking for his missing daughter

May his soul rest in piece

I turned away from the gravestone and walked away from the cemetery across the road and into my car. The car door shut and I stared through the windshield.


My head snapped round to face the person in the seat next to me. Jennifer Scott. The first friend I found after my change, several years older than me in vampire years she was a year younger than me in human years. Her boyfriend Alexander Pierce (my 'brother') sat behind us feet resting on the back of my seat.

Answering her unasked question I answered her "memories."

She didn't press on for which I was grateful. I needed time to collect my thoughts.

For the first time in 45 years I would be coming back to Forks. Through the first years of my change I had lived in Alaska, I moved pretty soon and settled down in Scotland, where I met Jennifer and Alexander I stayed in Scotland with them for years, till now, we've moved back. Posing as freshmen, the youngest age we could get away with, the maximum being around 24.

The first years of my life without a friend to help me through were tough, while I never fed, not needing to, one of my 'powers'. I had no one to talk to you and my anger got bottled away. When I packed my bags and flew to Scotland I met up with Jennifer almost instantly and moved into her house after only a few weeks, she was posing as a student the year below me.

It was her who discovered my powers, I didn't feed, in fact I didn't eat at all, I stayed the same as weight and size as the day I became a vampire. With her future reading, which reminded me too much like Alice, except hers was more precise she could see any decision anyone would make, ever, she found out what mine was pretty quickly. Hypnosis, much like Dracula in the movies. I suppose I should have seen it coming, I 'hypnotised' myself into thinking I didn't like blood, I got everything that I wanted just by using my eyes, when I was human.

Alexander was something else entirely, almost 200 years old by the time he met me and Jennifer he'd seen more than we ever could have known. He wasn't a vegetarian, in fact a tracker, who'd split from The Volturi. An expert tracker as it happened, once he touched someone, or focussed on them (even without meeting them) he would know everything about them, he would be able to smell them a hundred thousand miles away and never forget their individual smell. So it happened again I did the same thing to him as I did to Jennifer and myself, no craving of blood, well human blood. Alex still had to drink animal blood, after his years as a tracker it was something hard to break. But me and Jen 'ate' normal food.

I turned the gas on and sped down the road flying through the streets hitting no vehicles after several minuets we came to a stop outside our house. House would be an understatement. What with Jennifer's ability to see change in the stock market and Alex's ability to know where missing people were we because rich, quickly. The house was normal sized for three people but had acres of land and farm land where deer and animals lived, our own hunting range. A huge garage stood off to the side, capable of holding 20 cars plus various motorbikes. In fact it did, it held almost 15 cars and over 10 bikes.

Once we pulled up Jennifer and Alexander sprinted away calling something over their shoulders about hunting. I gave a non committal noise back and carried on inside, walking inside I passed a mirror and stopped and for the first time in 45 years I had a good look in the mirror and what I saw I didn't like. Brown hair hung loose in soft curls, a fringe covered my eyebrows, the face in the mirror was defined, the eyes a golden brown, the lips once too big for my face were a perfect fit now and rose red. Of course by vampire standards I was average, but to a normal human, the sort I'd be going to school with on Monday, I was amazing.

I laughed slightly as the thought, Jennifer and Alexander, entered my mind. With Jennifer's porcelain skin, perfect nose and lips, natural thick blonde curls she was beautiful, a beauty that could rival Rosalie. Even her name screamed beautiful, a popular human cheerleader name. Alexander was muscular not as muscular as I remembered Emmet to be, but strong as though he worked out, which he did, black curls rested just above his shoulders to be tied in a ribbon (most of the time) at the name of his neck with several bangs hanging out.

Monday September 9th 2050

The weekend had passed to quickly in my opinion; I wasn't ready for school on Monday and the possibility of seeing people who were grandchildren of people I left 45 years ago. A predictable sleepless night made way in the morning for me to call the house together to get changed. Jennifer emerged first her face set a determined smile.

"Sun, 30 degrees on Friday," was the first thing she said to me before gliding into the kitchen to grab her bag.

I turned back to the stairs to call Alex again and he emerged brushing past me "Paris Hilton is dead," well isn't that nice I thought sarcastically, good thing Jen warned me about our shares in the Hilton hotels.

I followed him and grabbed my bag, "come on kids, school," I pulled the fake happy face I pulled every time we started a new school.

Together we made our way to the garage, "which car?" was the question Alex asked me, I shrugged and he made his way to the most noticeable car we had a, Bugatti Veyron 16.4, grabbing the keys from a shelf he settled himself in the driver's seat.

"No way Buster," I glared at him and he got out and hurried to the back seats, laughing me and Jen climbed into the front.

We made it to school with ages to spare thanks to my driving.

"Wait," I said as Jen made to climb out, "were new, let's not mess it up like last time O.K? Keep your head down and trying not to draw attention to yourself to much Jen. Alex stop sniffing people you won't be able to catch their scent that way you have to plant it into your head and as for me I just need to be myself," I flashed them a cheery grin and got out the car keys in my hand. I locked the car and together we made our way up to the lady in the office.

End chapter

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