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Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you
Until we meet again! – Author Unknown.

To die and part is a less evil; but to part and live, there, there is the torment. George Lansdowne

Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me.
The Carriage held but just ourselves
And Immortality
Emily Dickinson

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The final chapter

And so it began. I came home. And I fell in love all over again. Head over heels, literally, and it hurt so much. Admitting your wrong can be even harder than saying someone else was right. And I was someone who was wrong. We sorted everything out; I apologized for leaving and shouting. Alice forgave me easiest, followed by Jen, Tom and the others. They had left me and Edward quite alone now, just as two, just like old times.

He smiled slightly. And in one second my whole world fell apart again, my broken heart mended and in doing that it re-broke again. I swore to myself I would never forgive him, yet I had. Was I really that weak? Apparently the answer was plain. Dry tears racked my body as I broke down, but he rushed over and picked me up. And so I let my prince charming pick me up and carry me to his room, where I spent the rest of the night lying in his arms staring at him, while he stared and me in return.

The following morning was to be my last. Maybe I would have done things differently. Maybe I wouldn't. Maybe fate had decided it was time for me to die and nothing would change that. You can't argue with fate and expect to win. Though we argued all the time like best friends, I still lost though.

When the clock hit midday I left our bed and made my way to shower and change. I let the boiling water course over my skin, never burning but always there. Stepping out the shower I threw on my clothes from the day before. Waiting in the sitting room I lost myself in thought as the family gathered around me, but half twelve we were all ready.

"I'm going alone, but if I'm not back within an hour I want you to come down and get me. Promise me that you won't come down before?" I looked around and got the nods, from all, though Edward's wasn't a very happy one. Sighing I gave them a quick kiss each and a lingering one with Edward.

I gave them one last smile before disappearing out of the door, never looking back because I was so sure I would be back later. I was a fool.

I arrived slightly before 1 but it did not matter it appeared they had all been waiting for me. The came striding out of a forest by the road accompanied by a man with long hair scraped into a ponytail that leant heavily on a walking stick. His hair had many streaks of gray in it and his face was scarred, but not handsomely so. They all looked so alike it made me pause before walking over to them.

We met half way.

"Jacob?" My voice was weak, not holding its usual velvet texture.

He only nodded but it was enough, it almost made me break down again. Here was the last connection I had to a 'normal family' I grinned slightly, werewolves? Normal? I relaxed as Jacob stopped trying to assess me.

Abruptly he turned around a hobbled off into the trees, the pack followed him, the last pausing and motioning with his hand for me to follow. Something in my mind, a voice, which sounded suspiciously like Edward said it's a trap, but I couldn't believe it. Jacob used to be a brother to me, he wouldn't kill me.

Slowly I made my way into the trees, we must have walked for a good half hour before we stopped. The walk was good though it gave me time to think, plan my answers ahead. But why were they choosing not to phase?

As we stopped I found myself in a small clearing littered with broken tree stumps, it was quite clear that this was where they phased. Jacob motioned for me to sit and sit I did.

We sat in silence for minutes before he broke the silence.

"Why did you want to talk to me Bella?" I started at his voice; it was so old and broken.

"Family matters, I want to know how Charlie lived after… I left. And I need to talk about the treaty," I paused and waited for him to motion me to carry on.

"Charlie died a broken man Bella. He lost his wife and his daughter in the space of fifteen years. How was he meant to live with that? The only thing that cheered him up were his weekly visits to Billy, and when my father died he refused to leave his house, even to go to work. He lived off the money he had put aside for your college fund. He got his food delivered to his door and I don't think he spoke again.

Plenty of people tried to coax him out, they were still trying a few days before he passed away. But something inside him broke. He lost his wife, his daughter and his best friend. How was he meant to live? He gave up hope. But it was good, for you at least? You stopped having to worry about a father who would hold you back when you ran away with that Vampire. Did you even think about the effect it would have on Charlie? No, you didn't. You just upped and left and never came back. How was I meant to explain to him what had happened? I didn't therefore. He lived out the rest of his life thinking you'd drowned and were dead," Jacob gave a laugh which quickly turned into a cough, "but you are dead aren't you Isabella? You died when you fell in love with him. I could have given you the world you know, I would have done anything for you.

But you never knew. How could I have told you? But here you stand today. Bringing back old memories I have tried to hide away. Do you find fun in tormenting me? Making my life terrible?"

I stared at him as his harsh words sunk in. I had hoped Charlie would have gotten over it a bit, no, their not the right words, but words can't really express it. I never wanted him to end up like that. I tried to talk but nothing came out I tried again and instead something else came out "it wasn't Edward. It was another Vampire, not a Cullen."

My words made his eyes show some emotion before he covered it again. He leaned more heavily on his stick.

"It doesn't matter; no one may be killed on the Cullen's land and if they are the debt must be repaid. That's what the treaty says."

"So your going to kill me?" I gave a laugh/

"Me? No Isabella, I'm not going to kill you. But they are," he motioned to the five or six wolves which now stood around the clearing.

I gasped, how hadn't I noticed them phase? Obviously because Jacob did such a good job at distracting me.

"It doesn't have to be like this Jake."

"Doesn't it?" He gave a twisted smile.

"I was your friend Jake, you can't do this!"

"Exactly, you were my friend, my friend died when you changed and nothing is going to bring her back."

"I'm still Bella!"

He gave a harsh laugh, "still Bella? Bella had a heartbeat! Bella was human. Bella was warm. Bella wasn't a murderer!"

I stopped at that. He was right, I didn't have a heartbeat, I wasn't human, I wasn't warm and I was a murderer. How could Edward still love me? He claimed to love Bella, me. But was I really Bella? Bella was who I was when I lived, who was I now?

"Regretting it are you?"

I ignored him and stood up.

"Don't do this please Jake?"

"Do what?"

"Kill me."

He gave another twisted smile as the wolves moved closer, "but I'm not killing you am I? You're already dead."

And suddenly six blurs flew at me. I ducked and they all turned around and charged again. I snarled. How could he do this? Crouching I tried to shake off any thoughts off Jake, I needed to keep my focus if I was to stay alive. A light brown wolf, slightly smaller than the others was running at me, its legs brining it closer and closer and I recognised as I locked gazes the little girl from the line. I stopped before carrying on. Now was not a time to worry about who was who. It was kill or be killed. And I knew something I would not be dying tonight.

As she took a running jump at me I grabbed hr by her ears and flung the wolf into the nearest tree watching in satisfaction as she crumpled and didn't rise. The fight continued but neither side was winning. Five Wolves were not enough to take out a vampire, and I would have thought Jake would know that. Especially one who managed to take on the Volturi and live.

More time elapsed and I carried on fighting, my concentration was at its fullest when a voice was carried over the growls and snarls. I lifted my head to see Edward.

When you're fighting to the death the smallest thing can distract you. It is so important you don't let it distract you, because if you do that fight might well be your last. It was too late by the time I realized that the time it had taken to glance had Edward had cost me my life.

Death does not mean you are gone never to be seen again. It merely means you no longer live, but that wasn't a problem I hadn't been living for decades. In a way death was a blessing, strange, you'd think being ripped away from my loved ones would be a terrible curse. But it was my blessing. Because I got another chance.

I didn't die, not in the end, I lived.

The End

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