After an exhausting day in the hospital, Wilson pulled his car up in front of House's apartment. The rain was slowly changing to ice on the cold asphalt and Wilson was glad to be already here. He expected another night on House's couch, but he didn't mind, anything was better than driving a long way in this weather.

House cursed when his cane slipped and he almost felt down. "Damn! I bet the landlady used the salt for her sea-baths instead of the pavement!"

Wilson couldn't help but smile, and locked his car. He caught up with House and they were both slowly nearing the doorsteps. Then suddenly Wilson's foot slipped on the ice and he lost his balance.

As he was falling, he automatically grabbed something for a support and unfortunately, that support was House's arm. It could have only one conclusion. They both fell into a big heap.

"Fuck! Wilson, you idiot! What are you doing? Cripple here, got it?!" House scrambled to his feet hastily and looked for his cane, which was lying a few feet away.

Something wasn't right.

Wilson didn't protest at all, and he wasn't picking himself up. House's leg was killing him and he hissed when he moved himself closer towards his friend.

"Don't try this, okay? It's not funny and I'm still pissed." House snapped, but continued in a softer tone, "Next time use something else to hold yourself upright, than your cripple friend's arm." No response. So House tried it again and poked his friend rather less than gently with his cane. "Stand up! I'm not going to bite you. You can make it better by buying me lunch tomorrow."

Shit...Wilson wasn't moving. House cursed and kneeled back down to rotate him. Then it was clear, that Wilson was unconscious.

"Damn! You're an idiot!" House slapped his friend gently onto his cheek and Wilson stirred slightly in response. Only a small cut above Wilson's brow pronounced that he had probably hit himself on the head.

"Oww.." Wilson hissed and grimaced from the pain. House only now noticed that Wilson's left arm was curled under him in an odd angle.

"Lay still you moron, I'm trying to examine you." House ran his hands gently over Wilson's body, but didn't find any major injuries. His friend had only a few scrapes, but House was more concerned about his left hand. He drew it slowly and carefully from its place under Wilson's back.

Wilson whined and closed his eyes quickly as the pain stabbed him. There was no doubt that the wrist was broken, but House couldn't tell how severe. He laid the hand gently down on the cold concrete and fished the penlight from his pocket. Wilson winced, but House managed to check both of his pupils to confirm that nothing serious had happened to Wilson's head.

"It's not a concussion." He stated. "Can you get up?"

Wilson looked at him with a hurt look.

"I'm not picking you up and we should get your hand under an x-ray very soon." House pointed at Wilson's left wrist and he paused. "And lying there on the cold ground isn't doing you much better either." He continued.

He got one slow nod from Wilson in response and his friend started to pick himself up. House grabbed his cane and got to his feet as well. He grimaced when his thigh gave him a clear message that it hadn't enjoyed all the strain.

Wilson caught the look on House's face and started to feel guilty. "I'm sorry.." He took a breath to say something more, but was cut off by House.

"Yeah, I know. Try not to pull me with you next time, okay?" House snapped but he couldn't bear that hurt look on Wilson's face, so he shut up for now.

"Come on! We need to get you back into the hospital." House pointed at Wilson's car, parked on the side of the street. "I assume you won't mind me driving, am I right?" He smirked.

Wilson only nodded and fished for his keys with his - now better - right hand.

Wilson shivered when the x-ray above him moved and stopped. They gave him the pain meds, but he didn't feel well. His wrist was numb and he felt a little bit claustrophobic under this colossal machine.

However, he waited patiently for the machine to stop moving and to finish its work. Then he was allowed to lie down in a hospital room, which Cuddy had managed to get for him in an amazingly short time.

To Wilson's slight surprise, House was acting rather supportive and followed him all the way. Now he was sitting in the chair, legs propped on Wilson's bed and they were both waiting for the radiology to send the images.

"Does it hurt?" House asked casually and pointed at Wilson's hand. It was lying on the pillow and the wrist was swollen slightly. A big purple bruise was forming in the area.

Due to his IV medication, pain was the last thing which concerned Wilson right now, but he knew that House measured his life by pain. "No. It's pretty numb," he mumbled. Wilson could see something foreign in House's eyes. Was it concern? He didn't know and it didn't matter. He was simply glad that he wasn't alone in the room.

"Looks bad, huh?" House pointed at Wilson's hand again. "Can you move it?"

Wilson though for a while but then shrugged. "I don't know, but I also don't want to try it." He answered slowly.

House nodded and they fell silent again.

"I really know how to ruin the evening, don't I?" Wilson asked after a while, turning his head towards House.

"Nah," House waved his hand, "wouldn't be much fun at home. This is better!" He smirked and Wilson smiled too, but only slightly.

After a short while a young doctor emerged from the door. She was holding a large envelope, probably with Wilson's x-ray pictures in it.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Jones and I'm taking your case Dr. Wilson." She glanced at House but he kept his mouth shut and let her talk.

She pulled the x-rays out of the envelope and fastened them onto the shining board. "Here," she pointed at the picture, "as you can see both your capitatum and hamatum are broken in multiple places, and I'm worried about the nerves. The pieces of bone are just everywhere and they could have done some damage."

House got up slowly and limped towards her to see the pictures with his own eyes. When he got close enough, he cursed inertly. The bones were totally smashed up. It would need a very good neurosurgeon. He glanced at Jones and checked her over with his eyes. She couldn't be more than thirty.

"Wilson, you really can fall down and get yourself into the trouble..." House stated still with the slight smirk on his face. Wilson rolled his eyes and House turned back towards the young doctor. "You're going to do the surgery?" He asked almost disbelievingly.

"You...want someone else?" Jones stammered and felt the redness on her cheeks.

"I didn't say that." House snapped but he evidently wasn't very pleased with her either.

"I've read your books and articles Dr. House. I respect you as a very good doctor. If you don't want me here, just say so." She said simply.

Both Wilson and House threw surprised glances on her. Wilson smirked a little, because this woman did the right thing to boost House's ego. Now, she had her place guaranteed.

"Hey, would you mind asking me?" Wilson mixed himself into the conversation. He was numb due to the meds, but he felt that this woman was capable.

House and Jones stopped staring into each other's eyes and looked at Wilson instead. "Well?" She asked.

"Go ahead. You're good, I'm sure." He encouraged her.

She smiled and her cheeks blushed again, but only very slightly. She quickly switched to the professional mode. "Ok. I think we should do the surgery as soon as possible. I'll find a room for you and I'll send a nurse here to prep you."

Wilson nodded and closed his eyes when she left. House shifted closer to the bed and sat down again, this time onto the bed instead of the chair.

He threw the blanket away and Wilson protested immediately. "What--"

"Hot pants! I knew it." House smirked and put the blanket back down. Wilson blushed. "House, stop this, please." He whined.

"Looks bad." House pointed at Wilson's hand.

"I know," Wilson answered in a tired voice.

"Bad thing is you won't be able to open the beer bottles for a couple of weeks." House said dramatically and Wilson couldn't suppress a laugh.

"Oh yes, that's it, I think the life will be terrible." He answered.

A nurse came in, interrupting their conversation. "Dr. Wilson? I should prepare you for the surgery." She put down her tray with the sedatives and helped Wilson to change into the surgical gown.

A few minutes later, the nurse was slowly pushing Wilson's bed out of the room and in his drug-induced state, Wilson was only slightly aware of House's figure, which was limping slowly behind them.

They stopped by the elevator. "Sweet dreams, darling!" House smirked and waved with his hand at his friend. He was already limping away when the lift beeped and Wilson closed his eyes, smiling.


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