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How many lies will you create?

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Your mind's about to fall

And they are breaking through…




We are losing control

-MK Ultra


"It's you again."

"Always a pleasure to see you, Mrs. McCarty." She bristled slightly at my caustic tone.

I closed the door shut behind me and regarded the blonde with a slight smirk. I instantly realized that something seemed different about her.

As she glowered at me, her eyes flickered to the door behind me and then back to my face.

"The Boss is away on business," Rosalie spoke, her voice sounding distracted, "You will have to come back at a later time."

Her eyes were on the door again.

"I am well aware that He is not here," I told her, "He told me so." Her attention instantly snapped back to me.

"Oh really?" She put a hand on her hip and eyed me incredulously, "He told you of His own plans?"

"Well not entirely, of course," I cautiously answered and then artfully changed the subject, "Is your beloved coming back from a mission anytime soon?" She just stared.

"Considering that you are simply gazing at me with wide eyes, then my assumption would be correct?"

She glared at me again for another moment before stalking off down the hallway. Before following her, I briefly thought about warning her of the consequences from constantly being angry. Frown lines. White hairs. Early signs of aging. Tsk tsk. It would be such a pity on a beauty such as her.

But that really would not be such a good idea. If I opened my mouth she would probably go mad, as women usually do when it comes to talking about their appearances. I honestly did not want to deal with such a troublesome woman.

Particularly because I was currently responsible for one.

One that was incredibly obstinate.

"I don't understand why you are here," Rosalie spoke without turning around, "I am the only one here at the moment."

"I could say the same thing about you," I countered, "Recently, every time I have come to discuss some matters with Him, coincidently, you have also been here."


"Are you here preparing for a mission?"

She hesitated for a moment before answering, "No."

I looked at the pale back in front of me and noticed that her shoulders were extremely tense. My curiosity sparked. Ahh, a touchy subject?

"Then I wonder why you are staying here by yourself," I murmured softly, but loud enough so that she could hear me.

A hand twitched.

I almost smiled.

"I wonder what you are up to." She whirled around to face me, her icy blue eyes flashing with anger.

"I have no reason to tell you of my activities," she said in a voice laced with venom, "Therefore, you have no business in trying to poke your nose around in things that do not concern you."

"Now, now," I chided, "No need to get defens-" I instantly spun around, flashing my knife out in front of me. Not turning around I addressed the woman in back of me. "I thought I heard you say that there aren't any guests expected." I almost felt her body stiffen at the danger in my words.

"Th-there aren't."

"Does it matter?" A man's deep voice asked from the shadows, "Or am I interrupting something?"

"Who are you?" I pointed my knife to where I had heard his voice, "Show yourself now or I will not hesitate to attack."

A heard a soft, deep chuckle in response. I soon found myself looking up at a tall, well-built man with his hands raised in a mock gesture of surrender. I heard a small gasp behind me and then a loud cry.

"Emmett!" Startled by her enthusiastic shout, I narrowly avoided getting shoved out of the way as Rosalie ran to the man. In a flash, she was picked up two feet in the air by his large muscled arms.

"Rose," he murmured affectionately and playfully swung her around.

"You weren't supposed to be back for another day or two," she said looking astonished yet pleased.

"I got through the mission pretty fast," he explained in a laid-back tone, "It was easy."

I suddenly felt ill at ease.

It was so odd to see the blonde this way. It was as if she had transformed into a completely different woman by the man before her. Her eyes no longer held that icy blue color that regarded all with the same frosty glare. Those eyes were now replaced with splendid sapphires; two radiant gems that seemed to shine through the gloom of the hall. This was a new woman. One that didn't seem to want to lash out at you. One that was actually pleased and seemed to be perfectly content in the arms of the man.

I stepped forward an inch. "I assume that you are Mr. McCarty."

He turned his attention towards me and critically looked me up and down. His expression seemed to say that he found no danger in such a young boy.

"You're right," he said with a lazy grin, "And who are you?"

"My name is Edward." The man looked startled at my words.

"You mean the kid He's been talking about all the time?" I suppressed a scowl. No doubt flaunting my name around….

"Yes," I admitted, "I suppose that would be me."

He looked at me with wide eyes, "I heard that you were young, but I thought you would be in your mid-twenties. How old are you?"


He cursed out loud and smiled, "And here I thought you were trying to bed my wife." Rosalie let out small shriek and elbowed her husband hard in the ribs.

"You are disgusting," she hissed at him.

"You know how jealous I can be, sweetheart." She rolled her eyes at him.

"But anyways," he continued, "Boy does this show me to never judge a book by its cover! I've heard of how deadly you are. Everyone's talking about your last mission to get rid of that rich guy. The one who got his money from prostituting young boys. Didn't even take you an hour to kill him and set his entire mansion on fire! Kid, you sure are a killing machine!"

I backed away slightly, feeling even more uncomfortable than before. I wasn't accustomed to socializing with that many people. I was even less accustomed to having such an enthusiastic person address me.

"I must be on my way now," I said, "I have some business to attend to."

"Oh sure," he said, "See you, Edward." I looked away from his face, surprised. Had I seen a bit of disappointment? Rosalie, on the other hand, looked quite pleased to have me out of her sight.

I quickly made my way down the opposite end of the hall. I turned the corner and heard noises. I slowed down for a moment to figure out what it was.


My pace quickened incredibly.

I heard someone cry out in pleasure, "Emmett!" followed by a loud crash.

I turned the next corner, sprinting now, and almost threw myself into the passage that led to the lonely -and quiet- prison cells underneath.


754 sheep. 755 sheep. 756 sheep. 757 sheep. 758 sheep. 759 sheep. 760 sheep. 760 sheep. 76.…Oh forget it!

Counting sheep was not helping me to find a temporary escape from my disturbing thoughts. My brain was too occupied with so many unanswered questions to allow me any moment of respite.

Would I ever get out of this terrible place…wherever this place could possibly be? Who in the world was my captor? Was there more than one individual involved in my kidnapping? What kind of plan could he, or they, want to use me for?

Another great question that constantly kept me preoccupied was that I still did not have a clue of the extent of damage my captor had inflicted upon Jasper.

Could Jasper have died?

The mere thought of that possibility sent violent tremors across my spine. I pulled my legs in tighter to my chest, attempting to suppress the spasms that threatened to overcome my entire body.

I had no idea how long I had been here, for my mind no longer kept track of the hours going by, but I knew that my sanity was slowly deteriorating with the passing time. It seemed that each episode of sheer panic resulted in a layer of my reason getting mercilessly ripped off and its leftover frays getting thrown carelessly away to the dark back corners of my mind.

The frustration at my own self was not helping to alleviate this feeling at all.

I knew that I needed to get out of this disgusting cell.


But I also knew that couldn't possibly escape on my own. Not in a million years. I was just a mere girl. Powerless. Afraid. Without contact with the world outside of this wretched hole.

I was a nobody

…and I was all alone.

I almost growled out loud at how useless I was feeling. If only I could do something and not have to lie in wait for someone to come and save me from whatever future machinations I was to play the role as a pawn in.

I did not want to be used.

I did not want to wait for help like some typical storybook princess.

I wished I had the power to defend my own person and the ones that I hold dear.

A sudden sound made my head snap up from my fetal position. A click of a lock. A thought occurred to me at that moment. What if I didn't have to wait here?

When I heard door slowly creak open, I quickly repositioned myself -well as quickly as I could do while bound with rope- so that I was sitting crossed legged.

What if I actually had the power to help the others who were searching for me? I could be a weak girl…but I knew I had a stubborn personality.

And right now I wanted to get out of here.

I wanted to live.


I was still perturbed from the recent happening, but as I heard my footsteps echo against the stairs my thoughts switched to the lady lying in a dark, dismal cell.

I had not seen her in about two days. After she had refused the food last time, I had not returned. I had wanted to teach her a lesson.

I found the girl seated facing me, with her head held high. Normally I would have scoffed at her show of the typical so called "noble pride", but something stopped me from doing so. Even though she was tied up, blind-folded, and dirty she still held the same look of defiance I saw the other day. The day I had saved her from getting trampled and she had scolded me for looking down for being wealthy. The truth in her words that day surprised me.

I briefly remembered the glare she had given me. "That has nothing to do with social status!"

I had never before seen a woman like her who had dared speak to me in such a way…with such honesty and fortitude.

Her radiance had astonished me.

And now as I gazed at her sitting in this dismal place, I could still see her radiance shining right through.

Isabella Swan…what are you?

Her voice interrupted my thoughts, "What do you want now?"

Edward, what are you doing?

I internally shook myself and felt the invisible walls build up around me. Focus on your task. Nothing could distract me now because I knew that if I played my part right, my revenge would be carried out soon enough.

"I am here for the same reason as last time."

"I'm not hungry," she replied in a flat tone.

"I would believe that after so many days without food you would be."

"Then you are mistaken." So we are going down this road again, are we?

"Pity," I replied coolly, "I was hoping you would cooperate today."

The side of her lip turned upward into a smirk. Oh really now?

"You do not want to get on my bad side," I said, "Believe me."

"What are you going to do," she asked, "You can't kill me."

"Yet." The word was curt and icy. Her bare shoulders quivered slightly.

I brought the tray to her and knelt down. "The soup is cold," I said, "But that is because you did not drink it two days ago." There was no way I would bring her more food until she finished the tray I brought her last time.

"Drink some for yourself," she said, "I do not want any of it."

"You are trying my patience."

"I do not care." She dragged out each word. I think I heard something snap inside of me.

I was instantly on my feet, pulling her up with me by one hand. I held the bowl of soup in the other. She cried out in surprise and I took advantage of her parted lips to jab the bowl between them and tilt it upwards.

"Swallow," I ordered her.

She began to claw at my hands, making gurgling sounds. If she didn't listen to me she would choke herself.

When most of the liquid was gone -or on her dress- I took the bowl and threw it at her feet. The sound of the ceramic breaking against the floor was earsplitting. The girl cried out again and recoiled from me, but I held her close to me with an iron grip.

"Your infamous Swan Family pride will get you nowhere with me," I hissed in her face, "It only makes me lose my temper. If you want to survive you will obey me at all times."

I felt her body shake violently against my own.

I grabbed her face roughly and pulled it closer to my own. "Do you understand?"

Her lips trembled as she let out a small whimper.

A prickling darkness crept over me and threatened to overwhelm me. The disgusting side of me took pleasure in seeing such vulnerability in her.

I let her fall to the ground in order to keep myself from going any more overboard. As I swept out from the room, dark, bloodthirsty thoughts passed through my mind. I struggled to suppress them all. I have to control my temper better, I thought to myself. But it was extremely difficult to do so. I hardly get angry, but once something set me off it takes so much to settle me down.

I breathed in deeply trying to get my bearings, but one thought floated in my mind before I could truly control myself.

Isabella Swan, I will break you.

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