Legend of Spyro: The Darkest Hour

Legend of Spyro: The Darkest Hour

Chapter 1: Meeting Spyro

Mark and his friend Hunter where walking towards the crystal that held spyro. "So this is the Purple dragon of legend." Mark said. "Finally, I get to meet spyro in person" Hunter said. They walked towards the crystal and stood looking at the three sleeping figures inside. "How do we get them out?" mark asked circling the crystal looking for a crack. "Maybe we could break it." Hunter said. "But that will hurt them." Siegfried said coming towards them with Yulie, Revan, and Falzar in tow.

"Then what do we do?" he asked. While they where discussing how to get them out mark put his hand on the crystal, he felt it pulsating as if alive "This thing is alive." He muttered. Suddenly he felt power course through him, he spoke in a language unknown to him "Awaken, it's time to wake up" he whispered.

Then the crystal suddenly cracked loudly, the others stopped talking and saw great big cracks spreading around the crystal and then shattered. The three fell to the ground. "What did you do?" Siegfried asked looking at mark. "I don't know." He admitted. Then they heard groaning and realized they where waking up. "Hey, hey wake up" he said.

Spyro groaned and looked, he saw a human standing next to him, he looked young probably 14, he had a moustache growing in and chin hair, he had hairy arms and wore a red and black jacket with a sword on his belt, he had what looked like a dragon's arm for his right arm. Standing next to him was a cheetah; he had a bow and arrow on his back. "Who… Who are you?" he asked weakly. The boy only chuckled and said "Don't worry, there will be time for introductions, right now, we need to get you back to the temple." He said. "The temple?" he asked getting up, though his legs felt shaky he managed to stand up.

"Don't worry, we'll explain on the way back." He said. Cynder got up and asked if everyone was alright and who they where "Long story" he said walking towards the humans. "Ah man, that must have been one heck of a party, where am I?" Sparx asked and looked at Mark and his friends "Who are those freaks?" "Not now Sparx" he said. Mark led the party towards the exit, after a few hours of walking and with Falzar's guidance they found the tunnel that leads the way out. "Finally sunlight!" Sparx said.

They ran out of the tunnel and found out it was evening, "How long where we in their?" Spyro asked Mark. "For you a few years, for us, a few hours" he said. "Come on let's head home." Cynder said. "I hear that!" mark said and touched the dragon symbol on his palm. They stood in surprise and shock as Mark, Yulie, and Siegfried where wrapped in flames and turned into dragons. "We have a lot to catch up" he said as they flew with the others,

Unbeknownst to them five figures stood on top of the cliff behind them "So they found Spyro" one said. "Yes, our king will be pleased." Another said. "Let's take down their temple before they get there." The third said. "No we must report to the Dark Master first." The fourth one said. "Right." The fifth one said. They disappeared as the wind blew, Mark noticed the wind and looked behind him where the five stood a few minutes ago, he didn't see anything "Hmmm" he said and took off, wondering if there was someone there.