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Chapter 24: Fathers and Sons

Mark, Sedro, Revan and the others went back to the palace after the fight against Tyrael, it was getting dark and the sun was setting. Mark was covered in gashes, cuts, bruises, and had a scar across his chest. Though he managed to defeat Tyrael, he was wounded. When they reached the council rooms The Chronicler, Elva, Falzar, and Leon came running towards them.

"We heard about the fight, tell us what happened, and why is Mark covered in scars?" he asked looking at Mark. They told them about what happened and what Tyrael said to them. "It's a good thing no one was hurt" Elva said with a sigh of relief. "Speak for yourself, and I just got this cleaned." Mark said showing them his torn cloths. Leon couldn't help but chuckle "Don't worry; I've taken care of the cloths problem." He said and left with Mark following him.

"Though, I am beginning to wonder if perhaps Tyrael was working to get rid of Mark for the Order." The Chronicler wondered. "Maybe, but when he said King that proved that he was working for them." Sedro said. "Yes, maybe he was sent here to spy on him then kill him." Falzar suggested. "That's a good possibility Falzar but we need to worry about the Order, if we don't stop them they will certainly resurrect their King soon." Spyro said.

"Yes, but we'll talk about it in the morning, right now we all could use some sleep." The Chronicler said with a yawn and went to bed. After saying good night to them they went to their rooms also, they noticed that Revan and Sedro weren't there with them. "Probably talking about stuff" Sparx said. "Man I'm beat" "Since when? You barely did anything today." Spyro said to his friend. "I know but watching all that fighting has…" he yawned "…made me sleepy" he said drowsy and fell asleep.

Spyro shook his head "Same old Sparx" he said to himself. Just then he heard a knock on his door. "Come in" he said. Falzar entered the room. "Hey son" he said. "Dad" he replied. "Can I talk with you for a minute?" he asked. "sure" he said. They walked out towards the garden near the pool of water. "So what's up?" Spyro asked his dad.

"Spyro, your mother and I are worried about you" he said. "Worried? About what? "He asked lying down on the grass. "Well, it's just that you've been hanging out with Mark and well." Falzar passed for a moment. "Go on" Spyro said looking at him. "It's just that since he's Sedro's son and famous around here he'll be a target for the Order, and we don't want that to happen" he explained. "So you want me to watch him? I can take care of myself dad" Spyro explained. "I know but, I just don't want to lose you again…" he told him. "What do you mean?" Spyro asked.

"Ever since Ignitus and the others died I was worried it would happen to you, he was like a father to you I know and a brother to me." Falzar said fighting back tears. "I don't want that to happen again" he said breaking up into sobbing. "Dad" Spyro told him. "I know how you feel; When they died I felt the same way Mark felt when he saw his fake parents get killed." He explained.

"He told you that?" Falzar asked. "Yeah, before we came here Revan explained to us about his past. What he said, it was horrible to imagine." Spyro continued. "I'm sorry son, I didn't know" he said. "You know, even if you where the Dark Master" Spyro said looking at his father. "You're still my father to me" he finished. "Thanks…" Falzar said teary-eyed "…Son". Both then hugged each other, realizing that even though they didn't knew each other before, they where father and son now.


Mark was star struck when he saw that his closet was filled with cloths, after Leon and Mark left the council room he showed him his closet with dozens of cloths. "How did you…" He began. "Since you needed cloths I decided to go ahead and buy you a few" Leon said proudly. "A few, you gave me a wardrobe full of 'em" Mark said looking at the cloths. Leon scratched his head embarrassed "Being ruler of this place does have its advantages." He said and left. Mark looked at his new cloths, they where a mix of different colors, some red and gold, others blue and red, many shades and many to choose from.

Mark soon changed into a colorful nightshirt from his drawer. "I look like a parrot" he said admiring his cloths. He heard a knock on the door as Sedro entered. "Mind if I come in?" he asked. "I don't mind" he said and sat on his bed. "Where's Revan?" he asked looking around. "I just talked with him. Speaking of which I have to tell you something." Sedro explained. "Sure, let's talk on the balcony" mark said and walked towards the balcony.

"Son, I never told you why I had to abandon you when you where young" Sedro said as they got outside. The night air was warm; a small breeze was blowing from somewhere. "I didn't want to tell you, but I didn't have any other choice" he explained. "When the Dark Master was defeated and sealed away, you two where born, I knew that we had to place you somewhere to be safe" Sedro told his son. "So I was to be taken care of by strangers all those years huh?" he asked his father. "In a nutshell yes, I didn't want to do it but your mother insisted that as long as you two where safe, it didn't matter." He said with a shameful look on his face.

Mark was listening to every word he said. His mother, who he never met, really cared for them. These revelations about his past made Mark choke up with tears. "I want to show you something." Sedro said "Climb on my back" he told him. Mark turned into his dragon form and climbed up; Sedro took off and flew over the palace. They passed by the mountain and headed to a small clearing a few miles from here. They landed and mark turned back to his human form, he saw a lake with a tree just near the edge.

"This place, I've been here before." He said walking towards the tree. "yes, this is where we would meet before, remember?" Sedro asked. "Yeah, but why did you want me to see this?" he asked looking at his father. Sedro touched the dragon mark on his hand, Mark saw a bunch of golden flames cover him and disappear. There then stood a tall, middle aged man with a golden dragon's arm on his right side, similar to Mark's. He had golden, mead colored hair that flew in the breeze; he had a similar colored goatee.

"Surprised?" Sedro asked his dumb-struck son smiling. "Sorry" he apologized "It's just that I never saw you in human form, safe for my torture by Falzar." He explained. His father chuckled "It's alright" he said and sat under the tree. "Tell me, why wait so long to tell me?" Mark asked. "Because I didn't know if you'd take it, but what you said at the arena back there, it proved to me you're strong." Sedro told him.

The tears he held back soon began to flow "thanks, dad" he said and hugged him. "There's another reason why I brought us here." He said after they hugged. "What?" Mark asked. "This is the place where your mother was buried." He explained. Mark looked at him in shock. "Mom's buried here?" he asked looking at the ground. "Yes, this was her favorite place when we where your age, when she died I thought it would be a good idea to bury her here." Sedro explained.

Mark looked at the tree over their heads "I didn't know" he said. He put his hand on the tree and smiled. "thank you, mother" he said. Sedro looked at his son with a small smile. "Your mother would be proud of you, and your brother for what you are now." He told him. "Thanks Dad" Mark said and hugged his father. Sedro hugged him back "What was mom like?" mark asked after hugging his dad. "She was just like your girlfriend Yulie." He explained to his son as the two looked out towards the lake.


Meanwhile at the Order HQ they had begun to disscuss about thier plan when a portal appeared. A black robed man stepped through it. "Tyrael has been killed" he said. Zardus rose from his chair "What?! how did this happen?!" he yelled. "Mark killed him, i saw it" the man said. Suddenly a pair of blood-red eyes appeared in the pool, the man walked over to the pool. "I turst this isn't all you came here to say" the eyes said. "Am i right...Revan?" he asked. The man removeed his hood revealing his dirty-blond hair.

"Why did you send your elite to kill Mark, and leave me to watch?" he asked. "So, the demon lord returns" Tyranus said. "shut up Ronno" he told him. "Don't call me that!" he yelled. "Enough!" the dark master commanded. "Continue your operation, be sure they can't mess our plane further." he ordered. "It will be done my lord" Revan said bowing and left through the same portal he entered.


That concludes Part one of my story, Part 2 will be up soon. Peace out!