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I got this when I was eating ramen. RAMEN GIVES YOU CRACK IDEAS, SO EAT IT, FOOLS!! LIKE, NOW.

"Ore-sama has had it!! We should be eating roast beef!!"

"No, I want to eat Asian food."

"It is the same thing! There is still meat, but we just have different ingredients!"

"But I don't like cutting my own food. Food should be fully ready to serve at the table."


It was a nice sunny day. Atobe and (for some reason) Sanada were sitting in Atobe's limo, getting ready to eat dinner and yes…they eat dinner at four in the afternoon, you got a problem with that?

Atobe had ordered his limo man to drive them to a fancy restaurant (five stars and all that junk), but Sanada interjected saying he wanted to eat food that was already made to be served…and well, this whole argument happened.

"Keigo…" Sanada grumbled. "Do not call me an incompetent fool. I just enjoy eating things that are already served on the table."

Atobe twitched. "Ore-sama has said it time and time again, Genichirou. The food is ready to be served, but you cut it yourself! How can you not understand that!"

"I do not understand foreign foods…I prefer chopsticks to forks."

"Ore-sama can not believe he is sitting in his limo and is arguing with…with…a fool like you!" Atobe wanted aspirins…like, NOW.

Sanada adjusted his hat (why do people wear hats indoors, we have no idea). "I am not a fool. You are an arrogant man, you can't decide what I want to eat. I'M supposed to be the man of this relationship."

Atobe gasped, offended. "Are you calling Ore-sama a…a…woman?!" He demanded.

"No…I'm just saying you are not man enough."

"Ore-sama knows you love to talk about Ore-sama…but…we are talking about what we're supposed to be eating!"

Sanada sighed. Why does God hate him so? He just wanted a good meal, a healthy family, a good team, good friends, good…love partner…and etc. BUT GOD SCREWED UP HIS LIFE! He had to deal with KIRIHARA, NIOU, and MARUI. "We were not talking about you…We were talking about ME."

"Ore-sama does not care about you right this moment, Genichirou."

"I just want a decent meal!" Sanada said.

"Ore-sama shall get you a decent meal if you stop it with the complaints about Ore-sama's generosity!"

Sanada sighed. "I just want food I don't need to cut!"

"Ore-sama wants roast beef!!"

"A-ano…Keigo-sama…" The limo driver said. "Can we please start driving? This is going past my shift…"

"SHUT UP, PEASANT!! ORE-SAMA IS TOO SMEXXY FOR YOU!! SO DRIVE!!" Atobe bellowed at the (scared outta his mind) driver.

"U-um…ok…" Squeaked the driver, returning to his seat.

A servant stepped in and said, "Why can't you just cut the meat for Sanada-san and just get this over with?" He asked, annoyed. This overtime is sooooo going in his paycheck.

"Oh yeah…Ore-sama knew that…" Atobe murmured in a low voice.

"I hate using forks."

"Deal with it," Barked the servant.

"You sound like Shishido…" Atobe commented to the servant.

The servant twitched. "I AM HIS BROTHER."

"…No wonder…"

"SHUT UP, LEAVE, AND LET ME GO HOME!!" Shishido's brother commanded.

"Can we drive now, Keigo-sama?"

"Yes…you may drive."

The car speed off. So…Atobe decided to be nice and let Sanada choose…and they ended up in some weird run down place eating "real" food as Sanada puts it.

Shishido's parents wondered why their sons had so many new things and they were so rich. Thank Atobe. YAYS.

"…Why do you work for Atobe again?"

"Because we can get rich, stupid."

"He told me you were fired...last week."