Hi peoples! This is just a little fic about well, the title says it all. The first chappie is Edward.

Note: I won't take all the credit, my friends MistHeart13, Snowstorm25, Leafdrop, and xNymphadoraxTonksx helped out a lot. About half the ideas here are theirs.

Disclaimer: Seriously, if I owned Twilight I wouldn't have to write fanfiction!

10 ways to annoy Edward Cullen

1: Don't think.

2: Buy him a dog. Name it Jacob.

3: Knock on his door and the second he opens it, start singing Christmas carols really loud and off key.

….make sure you do this around Easter.

4: Make him go out with you to a fancy restrant for his Birthday when it isn't his Birthday. Get all offended when he won't eat anything. Start crying.

5: Send him love letters and sign them "You dearest Victoria".

6: Set him up with Jessica.

7: lock him in a room with Mike, Tyler, Eric, and Jacob. Give everyone except him a picture of Bella. Do the math people.

8: Tell him you think Mike x Bella is a WAY better couple than Edward x Bella. Then tell him that the reason you think that is because Mike and Bella just got married. Run really fast…

9: Force him to read Jacob x Edward slash… over and over and over….

10: Constantly think about kissing Bella.

Ok thanks for reading! Hope you like it! If you have any ideas feel free to share! Next chapter will be Jacob. BWHAHAHA!!

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