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"Okay, so here's what you're saying," Kirby began. "You tried to freaking assassinate me with a freaking robotic bomb that freaking looked amazingly similar to my freaking cat, Mister Fudge. And though you freaking put the plot into action, freaking someone else gave you the freaking idea?"

"Okay, stop. Not just the idea..." Lucas stepped closer. "The parts, the blueprints, everything... I just built it and set it on you..."

Kirby nodded. "Okay... so... Did you tell the person who this deformed death delivery was for?"

"I sure did... He didn't seem interested at first... But when I mentioned your name, he flipped out."

"Who is it?" Kirby finally asked the burning question. Who was behind the master mind scheme to take him down?

"... Well... It's... Uhh... I don't want to say..." (Ohh, disappointment.)

Master Hand stood up on his... fingers... (Damn, I'm getting tired of doing this.) "Okay Lucas, we'll have to assume it was all you and--"


The smashers heads turned to the tree above them. "Woohoo! DRAMA MURDER MYSTERY!" Captain Falcon screeched.

"Don't you DARE give that idiotic excuse for a boy credit for my plan!" And out of the tree dropped... DIDDY KONG?

"NOOO!" Donkey Kong bellowed as he pounded his chest. "Didn't I raise you right? WHERE DID I GO WRONG?!" He latched onto Fox's shoulder and sobbed uncontrollably. Fox patted the ape awkwardly on the back.

"Hahh..." The tree sighed. "Not the monkey, I'm still in the tree... imbeciles..." And down from the tree dropped... ROY?

"OHMYGAWD ROY HOW COULD YOU?!" A random fangirl screamed.

"Friggin... I'm Pit you dumb-ass!"

Everyone gasped, and the fangirl paused. "OHMYGAWD PIT HOW COULD YOU?!"

Pit was silent, as was everyone else. "Okay, could someone please throw a brick or something? The silence is killer." Despite his request, nothing was thrown. "Okay then, I'll just start my evil explanation. Pit pulled a note card out from behind his back. (I'm sorry, I just had a laughing fit. It's like he hid the note card in his butt or something o.0;; XD) "Ehem," Pit cleared his throat. "And so, today ladies and gentlemen I'd like to make... a marriage proposal... to... Captian... Falc--What the hell?" He ripped the card up, and Captain Falcon sat down. Pit pulled another card from... God knows where. "Ehem..." He cleared his throat once more. "Now, I--" He was interrupted by a brick smashing into his skull. Pit crumpled to the floor, unconscious. (At least alive. :0 Dang... a brick."

"WOO! I NAILED HIM!" Roy emerged from the crowd, break dancing badly. "GIMME FIVE!" He screeched as he turned to Marth, who high fived him... in the face.

"Pfft, jealous loser."

"OMG! ROY'S A HERO!" The crowd erupted into a screaming mass of smashers, who all ran to his side.

"Well..." Master Hand stuffed Pit into a large box. "Let's ship him off to Germany... Roy, you got your job back."

"YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSS!" Smashers continued to crawl all over Roy, congratulating him, hugging him.

"Well..." Lucas sighed cooly. "I'm outta here, this place sucks, Hey hand, think you could ship me off somewhere tropical?" Master Hand laughed and ruffled Lucas's hair playfully. "Of course!" (Shortly after these events, Lucas was shipped to a deserted island.)

"I LOVE THIS DAY!" Roy shot his hands up into the air as fangirls entered the crowd.

Meanwhile, outside the cluster, Ness, Kirby, and the apparently alive Mister Fudge were planning their next attack, just like the best friends they were.

THE (corny) END

AFTER CRAP: Roy went on to bask in his glory, for about two weeks... Then everyone started kicking his butt in Brawl and belittling him again. Mister Fudge went on to birth kittens, (Holy...) who were the most beautiful kittens in the universe. Pit was shipped to Germany, where no one understood a word he said. Ness and Kirby pranked all the smashers countless times, and eventually moved on to reeking their havoc on the outside world. Master Hand continued to have crappy jokes about the same thing made up about him. Captain Falcon remained Captain Falcon. CUE THE HAPPY MUSIC!

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