Jasper Hale

I stood at the end of the aisle, waiting. Edward was tense next to me, so I tried sending him some calming waves. He growled at me and shook them off. I assumed he just wanted to spend this day with his own feelings, not ones put on by myself.

I was surprised, shocked in fact, that Edward had still wanted me to be his best man, even though he knew I loved Bella. I'd heard him telling Bella, and she denied it. But him and I both knew it was true.

I supposed he asked me, because there was no-one else, really. Esme and Carlisle didn't want to be involved in the wedding, because they wanted to enjoy the ceremony, the first union of their first son and their latest daughter. And Emmett was performing the service. I was the only one left, really. I supposed he was just trying to 'cure me of my obsession' or something along those lines.

But it wasn't an obsession. I loved them both – Alice and Bella. Bella belonged to me, in a way, now. It didn't really count to her, I didn't think. Well, that was untrue, because I'd felt the love emanating from her... But now I had to endure her marrying my brother. I also had to concentrate on not breathing, too – not because of Bella, because I'd grown immune to her scent, practically, but because of Jacob and the rest of the pack. Alice had gone practically haywire once she'd learnt of their appearance at the wedding. She couldn't see any of the wedding, anymore.

But this gave me an amazing opportunity. I'd pondered it briefly, when I was away from Edward. Alice couldn't see anything of the wedding, obviously. So she couldn't see my plans. They weren't really plans, though. More the stuff of dreams. Something that could happen if I wanted it to, but I wouldn't ever do. I couldn't do that to them all. I hoped Jacob Black wouldn't ruin it either. The emotions that he gave out were flitting away as fast as they had come.

Edward fidgeted constantly, but I knew it wasn't his nerves. He was worried about Bella. Jacob being here...it couldn't be good for her. I thought briefly, as he looked at me, that me being here, at Edward's side the whole time couldn't be good for her either. Walking down the aisle with Alice had been excruciating. It was like a replay of our wedding, though Rose was at my other side. But Alice hadn't been falling apart then. Edward must have told her something, because I could feel her pain, however much she tried to hide it. When we reached the end of the aisle, I kissed her briefly. This seemed to mollify her, and she smiled at me. I smiled back, but it wasn't as full of love as hers had been.

The entire room was suddenly quiet. I couldn't even hear the CD playing – though I knew from countless wedding talks with Alice that it was a slower version of Bella's lullaby. I felt an immense amount of love coming from Edward, and I realized that Bella was walking down the aisle. I turned around, and my eyes met with a vision of beauty. She was wearing a gorgeous cream dress, skimming the floor. It wasn't the one that Alice had picked out for her beforehand, but I thought this looked better. Strapless and tucked in at all the right places. It wasn't very fussy. It was simple, beautiful. It was Bella.

Her hair hung in loose curls around her shoulders, curving around her face. I was sure all the vampires in the room were thankful that she hadn't put her hair up, because her scent was doubled by the decorative bunch of freesias in her hands. Charlie's arm curved around hers, and I felt his waves of pride engulfing me. It took all I had to keep my own emotions in check, let alone his.

Bella walked down the aisle perfectly, gliding across the floor. She was surprisingly graceful today, a vision of beauty. Everything was flawless about her, even though her fingers fidgeted around the bouquet she was holding. I fought back the urge to think about her manicured fingernails, the same ones that had dug into my skin in pleasure, but not making an indent, while we had been...No. I had promised myself, and her, that I wouldn't think about her like that anymore. That night had been a farewell, we had both agreed. She was my sister, my sister. But I couldn't change how I felt about her.

Bella reached the end of the aisle, and Edward smiled at her, taking her hand. I couldn't do this, could I? It would hurt Bella and Edward too much. It would hurt Alice too much.

Emmett greeted everyone, and I waited for him to ask. I prayed I could keep my mouth shut, that I could forget my feelings for her. I hoped Jacob Black could do the same. In fact, I hoped every male from Forks that was in love with Bella could do the same.

But Emmett forgot. It was a narrow escape, for me. He continued, and began with the vows. Rosalie and Alice, standing on Bella's side, looked blissfully happy. I tried to hide the frown on my face.

"Let us begin with the vows, Edward first, if you will?" Emmett was making an effort to be very professional. He'd laugh about it later, but I was sure Alice, Rosalie, Esme and Edward had already warned him that he couldn't ruin this.

"Edward Cullen, do you take Isabella Swan to be your lawfully wedded wife? Do you promise to love, comfort, honor and keep her, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health? Forsaking all others, as long as you both shall...exist?" Emmett stumbled over his words – after all, Bella wouldn't live for long; Edward would be changing her in a few days, and Edward was already dead.

"I do." Edward smiled, and squeezed Bella's hand. His happiness flew through me, and I couldn't control the extent of it, letting it pour out into the room. I got myself in check, quickly, though. Emmett was smiling like a mad man at Edward, who was trying desperately not to laugh at him – his thoughts, even.

"Thanks, Eddie." Rose and Alice laughed, along with Bella and those in the room that knew how much he hated his nickname. "Right then, Bella, it's your turn." After earning an angry look from Alice, his whole professional facade gone, he hissed, "What! I think I've ruined it enough already! Anyway, Isabella Swan, do you take Edward Cullen to be your lawfully wedded husband? Do you promise to love, comfort, honor, and keep him, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health? Forsaking all others, as long as you both shall exist?"

"I do." Bella's voice rang out confidently, and I was surprised. I wasn't sending her any emotions. I was letting her and Edward be. I got ready to fish the rings out of my breast pocket, when Emmett suddenly hit me with a wave of realization.

"Aw, damn it, sorry everyone, I forgot to ask, does anyone object to the union of these two people?" There was silence for a minute, the tension so tangible, you could cut it with a knife. And then I heard my own voice, a whisper. Every vampire in the room turned to look at me in horror, though the humans hadn't heard me. I felt all their crippling emotions, and I realized what I'd done. There was no going back now. I took a deep breath, and said it louder.

"I object."

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