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Hey okay so this is the same story that I had before only I changed it up a bit. Because I didn't like the brothers name and I wanted the characters to be human.

"Bella! Finally, schools over!," yelled my BFF Callie. "I'll see you tonight Bells"

"Oh, I know same can you believe it we're finally going to be Seniors!" I replied excitingly running over to my brother jeep. He unfortunately had his graduation party tonight, so I needed to get home.

"Ready to go sis, let's go party" Bryce said while starting the car.

When we arrived home I found that my mom was helping Phil with the food for tonight. Okay so Phil isn't my biological father. My real dad lives in Forks, Washington. My mom left him when I was only five and a couple years later she found Phil. Who like my mom was also a single parent, at the time they met. It turns out that he divorced his wife around the same time Charlie and Renée split up. I only go and see my dad in the summer time.

There were some of Bryce's friends there as well as family members.

Once everyone left, I decided to go to my room and just chill out for a bit. I put my iPod, and in know time I was singing. To my dismay Bryce came waltzing in to my room with his prize possession in hand, his video camera, he's always taping me when ever I'm singing. He say's apparently that its going to be his documentary for his school project for the summer.

"Hey bells look what I got!" showing me two white, rectangle looking pieces of paper. I looked harder and found they were tickets. To where I really didn't know but I think it was to the concert that was tonight.

"Oh my god, Bryce, you did not get two concert tickets for tonight," I was talking to my big brother Bryce even though he's only a year older that me.

"Yeah hey lets go get your jacket on, and hurry up!" Bryce said.

"Bryce we cant go out, remember your still grounded from sneaking out last weekend to go to a party,"

"So come on Bells you have to have some fun, and anyways this is like the last time I'll see you for like three months. Come one bells please, please! I know we'll have fun…" I could see the pleading look in Bryce's eyes as he said this to me.

"Fine! Just tell me how your going to get out of the house."

"Okay let me think…." he really needs to hurry up on think or we'll miss the whole concert.

"Got it! Okay so you just tell your mom that your hanging out at Callie's house, then I'll sneak out your window and I'll meat you in my car okay. Let's get this show on the road."

"Yep, see you in a few, tonight's going to be a blast," I said while walking out of my room.

"Hey mom Callie just called me and asked if I can hangout with her, so I'll be over at her place for a couple hours 'Kay." I asked walking into my moms office. I really didn't like lying to my mother.

"Yeah okay honey, see you when you get back," she replied mot looking up from her computer.

As I ran out to the car, I almost tripped and fell flat on my face. Its not like it doesn't happen everyday but every time it does It still surprises' me. The next thing I knew I was in Bryce's car and we were off to the concert.

The music was blaring in the car as we left the concert. Driving home was fun singing to the song we just heard.

As we going through a green light. I saw headlight coming towards us.

"OH MY GOD! BRYCE WATCH OUT!" I said through my screaming then the next thing I knew I was upside down and slowing slipping in to unconsciousness.

When I came out of my unconsciousness state, I was in a white room and on a bed. That when the memories came back.

"Bryce, Bryce!, Bryce? Are you okay" I was really starting to freak out. Then a nurse came running in, I think she heard me screaming. My mom fallowed her shortly after.

"Oh baby are you okay!" she started to tear up "Don't you ever do that again do you hear me! I could have lost you too!"

"What, is Bryce okay!" by now I was loosing it, and to be honest I think I was going hysterical.

"Oh honey I don't really want to tell you but he didn't make it out, he died instantly," that's when everything became cloudy and my face was hot with the tears that where rolling down.

"No, no it should have been me. Not Bryce how could he die, and just leave me hear!" I said as the tears kept coming down my face. It was as if they would never end.

A couple weeks after the car accident, I'll I did was mope around. I stop singing, even smiling. I lost the closest thing to me. Even if we weren't related by blood. He still was my brother and best friend.

My mom soon became feed up with what I was doing and it was hard for Phil to watch knowing that I was here and his son was not. So she sent me off to my dads house, for the remainder of my High School years. Oh joy.

I was standing at the gate for my plane waiting for first class to be called. Yeah I know first class! My mom got me the hook up and said that I needed it after what I've been through. I said my goodbyes to everyone and boarded the plane. It was only a couple hours before I would be in a whole new state. Now that made me feel anxious. So I took out my iPod and pressed play, the song My Immortal by Evanesance, started to plat, and I soon fell asleep. I woke up about an hour later 'only a couple more hours to go' I thought.

That's when I stated to think about Jake he was my boyfriend about three months ago. We met one summer when I was staying at my dads. He was so nice, until that one afternoon…

He called me saying that we needed to talk. So I said yeah sure, I mean first I didn't really think it was that kind of talk. You know that break up talk. The day before we even discussed that we were going to stay together and that we would try to have a long distance relationship, after I left.

When we got together to talk he had a girl with him. She was pretty, she was tan with dark brown almost black hair, just like Jacob. He told me her name it was Kira. All I thought was pathetic he was leaving me for her! Jake started talking again saying that it would be hard and that our relationship wouldn't have worked out anyways. To me it sounded like he would be in love with her forever. Seriously I should have never gone out with him in the first place.

The only thing that hurts the most is I still like him with all my heart. When I got back from Forks, Bryce was the one who helped me get back on my feet, because I was crying for weeks.

I wish he was here I mean he won't be able to go to college. I remember him asking me to go to a Art School for singing but I really didn't want to leave. I soon started to think of that conversation.


I was in Bryce's room. He was on his piano and I was singing, like we always were. He stopped and I didn't know why, until he started talking.

"Bells, why don't you go to an art school for singing, you know your really good at it?" Bryce asked kindly.

"I don't know. It might be fun. I just don't have any applications for the school."

"I have some right here for you I knew you would want to go if I asked you." grabbing a pile of papers.

I picked up the one that said Breck and began filling it out. Bryce said he would put it in the mail for me, I hope he did.

end flashback

A silent tear ran down my face. I then relized that the plane landed and passengers we getting off the plane.

I slowly make my way out to the luggage claim area. that's where I found my dad waiting for me.

"Hey Char-dad!" nice save.

"Hey honey! So I know that Renee doesn't want you to go here, but I got a letter and I think you should read it." he spoke softly and handed me the letter as he drove to my new home.

"Okay sure," was all I could replie and I took the letter, and opened it.

It read…

Dear Isabella Marie Swan,

Congratulations on being excepted into Breck's School of Arts. (AN. Not a real art school. But it is a real private school. ) We are all ecstatic that we are able to have such wonderful talent at our school. Hope to see you soon.


Principal Mrs. Cope ( I don't know what they put in letters like this so I only wrote the first couple sentences)

"Its from Breck, Bella that's where im sending you! A few months ago Bryce called me and said you applied there, but to not tell Renee because she disaproved you going to an art achool."

"Thanks dad! This means a lot to me but I don't think I can."

"Bella, do this for Bryce I know he would have wanted you to go here and sing."

"Fine I will, are almost there, dad?"

"Yeah honey, just ten more minutes." he said

As soon as we got there I found my room and settled in. I said goodbye to my father and look around the room. I could see that we didn't have a normal room there where two bedrooms. One bedroom was PINK it was like cotton candy exploded everywhere. The other one was white, I'm guessing it was my room. The there was another room which was filled with clothes. I had a kitchen. Along with a huge bathroom.

Maybe this school wont be so bad. I found my guitar and headed off to find where there practice room was. I followed the map that came with my letter.

"Ahhh here it is…." I said quietly